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I will spend the rest of my life loving this face... I never thought we would end up together let alone him being the love of my life... What they say is true.... You never see the one you're meant to be with coming. I thank God every day that you were the one I never saw coming.... I couldn't imagine life without you Eli I love you more than you could ever dream possible... You're my once in a lifetime❤️❤️💋💋💋 #onceinalifetimelove #oneandonly
The hardest thing in life is having feelings in your heart that you can't put into words...Something very special is always dwells into the heart which belongs for someone very special as the way they are. And you have that great abilities what irreplaceably mesmerizes over and over again. No words can express such true feelings. You are awesome in every thing undoubtedly with a great positive approach. Your personality reflects your inner beauty of a true soul and a real person, simply that amazing and so rare to find. You are one and only, no one is comparison with you of nothing. Your every talks, every done and all about you motivates a lot in life. Am truly blessed to know and have someone like you. You are forever very very special and close by those real heart to heart connection. Keep glowing brighter and keep shining with your unchangeable simplicity. My heartfelt wishes and endless love to you always and forever!!! 😊😊❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 @ishashankvyas #mostadorable #mostcharmingpersonality #oneandonly #shashankvyas #supertalented #inspiration #kingofheart #manofdreams #greatperson #foreverloving
Transformation 👰🏽💘 from Miss to Mrs 💍... still Mum to this handsome wee dude 💙 #myboy #likemotherlikeson #loveyou #oneandonly #weddingday #memories
I know I look like Tibo but with an inspired look of Mommy or Daddy?#tirasbeau #tibo #jetsetterbaby #oneyear #maldives #oneandonly
The @kocrams win 4 IN A ROW!! The Turkish Champs are HERE!!!
Love is just a word until you find someone who gives it the definition! 💖 . . . . . . #definitionoflove #myperson #hubby #oneandonly #happy #blessed #grateful #feelingspecial #lookinghandsome #weddingdays
Update: 16 #oneandonly
My lil Girl Alanis melts my heart 💖 #mydaughter ❤️ #mumslilangel #mylilgirl 🍎 #oneandonly #diva 👑 #mypresiousgirl
🙏Find someone who keeps you sane, but also drives you crazy in all the right ways. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#love #happy #soulmate #vietnam #instalove #couplegoals #hanoi #trainstreet #blessed #happy #oneandonly #mymen #numberone #trainbar #istrainspo
i liked when me and my crush’s eyes met but it scared me and i looked away like a coward 😔
SoBella ❤️ Jenama yang Syu bina 3 tahun dahulu . So (sangat) + Bella (cantik) : Maksunya Sangat cantik. Bertepatan dengan moto kita SoBella Solawa . Namanya mudah disebut dan senang diingat . 100% idea Syu sendiri dengan bantuan Pet9 yang merangka konsep seni dalam SoBella . Idea dan konsep kita buat from scratch , dari sekecik-sekecik idea sampailah kepada end-produk semuanya idea Syu sendiri . Melalui USP yang strong dan kelainan dalam market syukur alhamdulillah dah menghampiri 2 juta pcs lipmatte dah terjual . Banyak yang dah Syu korbankan untuk SoBella , masa , tenaga , wang ringgit untuk perbaiki kualiti dan mutu SoBella. Syukur alhamdulillah 98% feedback yang kita dapat sekarang semuanya positif malah customers SoBella ni bukan biasa-biasa . Mereka jugak dah bertukar kepada raving fans di mana apa sahaja edisi yang kita ada , mereka akan beli dan beli. Kata mereka "Mesti collect semua warna , semua edisi kerana setiap edisi ada makna yang tersembunyi". Syu sayang SoBella ni macam sayang anak sendiri sebab tu syu jaga SoBella bagai menatang minyak yang penuh . Setiap keluaran Syu akan make sure Syu all out bagi 200% untuk SoBella , dari kualiti produk, tekstur , packaging , konsep semuanya akan diteliti dengan berhati-hati supaya semua pengguna dapat manfaat dari SoBella . Paling penting, SoBella ni bukan sekadar lipmatte tapi dia jugak boleh merawat bibir kering dengan bantuan formula kita yang unik dan lain daripada yang lain. Sebab tu la walau apa yang jadi Syu tetap kuat dan selagi ada upaya , Syu akan jaga SoBella dengan padu . #nomatterwhat Boleh CikNur tahu siapa peminat SoBella sama macam CikNur ? 🤚🏼 #OneAndOnly #TheOriginalSoBella
It’s so crazy how someone can be so beautiful! I love you so much, your an angel sent from heaven your so amazing and wonderful! You truly complete my heart, and my soul! Your my everything truly! I love you baby!! Forever and always ♥️😍😘 #oneandonly #myeverything
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