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The TWA Lounge at One World Trade Center primarily serves as an event space. Several rooms are filled with bygone-era paraphernalia. The room you see in today's picture is just inside the front door. I've been to the landmarked TWA terminal at JFK Airport, so can confidently say that this room perfectly replicates one of the waiting areas. The red carpet, small tiles above lounge sofas, and gate departure board make you feel like you stepped back to the 1960s. Let's walk around, and take in some of TWA's history. Happy Tuesday. 🙂
Se un anno fa qualcuno mi avesse detto che sarei andata a NY da sola avrei suggerito a quel qualcuno di cambiare pusher, eppure 🤷🏼‍♀️ #oneworldtradecenter #nailedit
One World Trade Center #manhattan #newyork #oneworldtradecenter
Não me canso desse lugar nunca.... #oneworldtradecenter
One world trade center observatory elevator #newyorkcity #oneworldtradecenter #oneworldtradecenterobservatory #ilovenewyorkcity ❤️ I like this animation...
Just like in the movies. #nycskyline
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