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Oh hey there buddy 👋🏿
Next time you pass through Atlanta, stop and stay a while! 🛫🚗 From Centennial Park to the Coca-Cola museum, there's plenty to see for all ages. (#OrbitzPic : @beccamcgirney )
At the east end of Seattle’s International District (sometimes referred to as Chinatown), there’s a small Vietnamese enclave between King and Main streets. The Little Saigon sign you see lies adjacent to the Seattle Streetcar stop at 12th & South Jackson. @phobacseattle opened here in 1982 and the area developed west from the boat-shaped pho 🍲 noodle house at the corner of Rainier & Jackson. Today, there are dozens of small Vietnamese cafes and stores (mostly) east of Interstate 5. For more info on how Asian cultures have shaped the development of the Pacific Northwest, check out the @winglukemuseum
من الأشيااااء اللزييييييييزة إللي أشتاق لها 😋🇧🇭
ذكرى جميلة جداً في أحدى ليالي شهر رمضان المبارك الفائت🥰🌙✨🇧🇭
باب البحريـن♥️ دار الزين🇧🇭
Once upon the time 🇧🇭 🥰
After saying bye to friends and family, the next hardest thing about moving abroad might be picking shoes to fit into two suitcases. See you in the morning, Ireland 🇮🇪
Sometimes when you visit an essential-but-touristy spot like Niagara Falls, you just have to go with it. Take the boat tour, buy the snow globe and dine at the Skylon Tower revolving restaurant for views like this one! 🛥️💦🍴(#OrbitzPic : @pimpyourjourney )
Que hay pa’ hacer en cali? Bueno muchas cosas, pero hoy les voy a compartir una de las imperdibles, Pico de Loro. Guarden este post para que se acuerden cómo llegar cuando se animen a ir o para cuando estén de visita por Cali. . Pico de loro esta en el PNN los farallones de Cali, un lugar montañoso hermoso y con unas vistas preciosas. Puedes llegar en carro o en bus colectivo hasta el topacio, de ahí caminas unos 10 min hasta la entrada. No es recomendable ir sin guía, y el costo de un Guia es 20,000 pesos por un total de 9-10 horas, yo fui con Steven de @caminantes_sin_limite2 su número es 316-890-7307. En este lugar puedes tocar las nubes. Estás a 2800msnm entonces la subida se torna un poquito difícil y se requiere de buen estado físico. . Recomendaciones, llevar unos tennis de buen agarre, especialmente porque en algunos lugares se pone resbaloso, protector solar, manga larga, gorra, agua, yo lleve algo de comida para compartir, lo cual tuvo sus frutos al final de las 9 horas 😂 . No se olviden guardar la publicación y me etiquetan cuando vayan. Yo fui con mi pareja de crimen @elenaester8 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ . . . . . . #travel #travelgram  #family #travelpics #travelphoto #arountheworld #team  #backpacker #Beautifuldestinations #paciencia #wanderlusting #worldtravel #mochileros #nomadlifestyle #instagram #nomad #lifestylers #beautifulmatters #girlslovetravel #girlsborntotravel #exploringtheglobe #travelawesome #forbesttravelguide #travelstagram__ #instatraveland #orbitzpic #thetravellerspage #amazingtravelbeauty
Proof we were in the Niagara Falls State Park. ✌ . . . #niagarafallsusa #exploreniagara #wanderlust
An update to last week's Dear London letter: you gave me a Tom Hardy sighting last year and just the other day you gave me a conversation in a movie theater with Emilia Clarke who was also in the wrong theater.😱😱😱 Jack and I played it cool so there is no photographic proof but she did laugh at a bad joke I made sooo if you're looking for a standup comic, I'm your girl. 😉 • Now back to the scheduled program. • Just sitting here waiting for Jack go get back from work 😅 • I'm the type of person who normally hates to have an unproductive day, but that being said sometimes a productive day is simply one website post written and an entire season of The Heist watched 😅 • What type of person are you? Hates an unproductive day or loves a well deserved relax?
We can't count how many cool trends started in Japan but urban Mario Kart tours are definitely one of the most fun, like this one in Kyoto. 🏎🏢🇯🇵 (#OrbitzPic : @panfilaboo )
Without a doubt, the most awe inspiring of our National Parks. It truly is a land before time. #grandcanyon #grandcanyon100 #grandcanyonnationalpark #grandcanyonsouthrim #rimtrail #visitarizona #see_arizona #wonderfularizona
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