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repost via @illest_edm_drops @vansecoo and @bboycrx crushing it at !! ⁣ ⁣ Who’s your shuffle buddy?? Comment below!👇🏼⁣ 🔎Track ID: Like Dis - Volac⁣ ⁣ @volacmusic
Ugh. I’m scaring myself just prepping this post. #cooperblack #stephenking #pennywisethedancingclown #it . Big props to the uncredited designer/illustrator, I couldn’t find any info about ‘em.
wow this looks really good. also sorry the sound cut off at the very end.
ahh the trailer for danger close is here! so so proud of my boy nic. he’s gonna kill it like always.
Day Two: #ITMovie ~You’ll Float Too~ An ancient alien, billions of years old, that is a shapeshifting creature (known as a “Glamour”)— no one knows the true form of IT, but they do know that this creature can lure you in by shape shifting into someone they love & then turns into what they fear most. most commonly known as “Pennywise the Dancing Clown”, IT resurfaces every 27 years to eat because the only goal of this ancient alien is to eat & sleep— but whenever the 27 years is up a violent act occurs (a murder or extreme weather event) to prove Pennywise is either surfacing or returning to hibernation 🖤🎈 #makeupartist #horrorinspiration #horrorinspired #ITmovie2017 #pennywise #pennywisetheclown #pennywisethedancingclown #youllfloattoo #weallfloatdownhere #horror #scary #horrormovie #scarymovie #spooky #makeup #facepaintmakeup #photogenic **** the second photo does not belong to me ****
Just got this French Stephen King Blu Ray double-feature.
my queen [via @jakelilliss ]
. . 🎈🤡🎈 . ANIME BOSTON — LAST CURSED PHOTO SET! . Ah, Pennywise. There’s not much to say about these other than more special Pennywise videos are to come soon. Very, very special videos. . (Pennywise actually came before Dippy Fresh, but that’s fine. I got “pretty eyes” after I tried to take off all the Pennywise makeup to transform into the etherial light that IS Dippy Fresh, but the sunglasses covered them, so no one got to see them. Which is good, because mortal eyes can’t comprehend the “pretty eyes”.) . We entitle the photos once more: . 1. Normal Pennywise. (“Normal.” Also this was taken in October — I didn’t have any ones of me alone at the con!) 2. Cursed-llage. (Like, y’know, a mixture of collage and cursed.) 3. Prequel rave to the Dippy Fresh rave. (A semi-circle formed around me with their cameras, not to tape the power I exuded, but to catch me accidentally kick an unsuspecting passerby. I did not. Fortunately.) 4. Shaggy threatens me with his 1% of power, but Velma holds him back. Dick Tracey interrogates me shortly after to retrieve the details as to how I survived Shaggy’s power. 5. FRIENDS! LOVE YOU GUYS! Also some sweet cosplayers! 6. Spooky. (Hotel room. Some coffee cups. Nice view of the roof.) 7. Disapproving glare. Makeup melting off. “Ok” sign. (Also more friends. Love you guys so much. 💙🤙🏻✨) 8. Lonesome. (My pom pom fell off my shoe and the latex on my neck decided to rip and show off my mortal skin.) 9. High-fives. 10. Pretty eyes. (From, y’know, trying to remove Pennywise. He didn’t want to come off. He never wants to come off.) . Fortnite coming soon. (Yeah, that’s not unsettling at all.) A “tea-filled” Pennywise video also awaits its arrival. (Haha, “IT”s arrival.) . Rock on, pals. . 🎈🤡🎈 . #AnimeBoston #AnimeBoston2019 #Pennywise #IT2017 #PennywiseCosplay #ITCosplay #Cosplay #PennywiseTheDancingClown #PennywiseTheDancingClownCosplay #IT2017Cosplay #GeorgieDenbrough #StanleyUris #RichieTozier #BillDenbrough #EddieKaspbrak #BeverlyMarsh #HorrorCosplay #StevenKing #StevenKingsIT #StevenKingCosplay #Animation #CosplayConvention . 🎈🤡🎈 .
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