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Customers of the shop are always surprised to hear that I also have a personal stash of fabric, especially batiks, but I was a quilter and fabric collector long before I started the quilt shop. My batiks are the last section of the stash cabinets that remain to be organized. These are all of my batik fat qtr, one third yard and half yard cuts. They used to be sorted by color but that got lost after the last move. I still don’t have tons of energy but I do have enough to sort fabric 🙂. #stashorganization #stashmanagement #organizing #batiksarethebest #personalfabricstash
Wow! Who's a spoilt girl then? My beautiful cousin bought me these amazing fabrics. They came all the way from Chile! #spoilt #lovemycousin #softestfabricever #personalfabricstash