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Some #sleeping positions are comfier than others
I had a good day at the Wiggle Waggle walk. We supported our local spca and 50 shades of spay. It was a fun outing sniffing lots of friends and eating some yummy treats.
Just a recent photo of me and my family who I boss around. I am really enjoying my brother as he is always trying to play with me. I'm still quicker than him at getting the ball. He still doesn't understand much as he tries to walk around with my ball when I'm clearly asking him to throw it 🙄 but I love him and my parents tell me he's my brother/ best friend so I am trying to be patient ❤
Woofwoof from Pisa! • My dear friend Blanco needs support for a very expensive cancer treatment. if you want to make a donation please go to his account there you will get more information @mizuno.blanco.and.nao Thank you 🙏❤
🎥 from @ami____5 ❤ double tap ❤ #lovelycatonline
📌 Испугался за мячик. 😇 🐼
Mother let me up! “No Fred we’re not at home. People are going to look at us” This ain’t about you! Stop rubbing me and let me up!
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