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This #cbd topical has a miscalculated blend, resulting in a very solid final product. The Planet-3 team can help you guarantee your product formulations are perfect 👌
Exordium is my second favourite planet so far that's why I'm super happy to have this postcards in my collection ❤ Minseok looks so freaking good in a white suit and white in general, doesn't he? . . . . . . . #EXO #엑소 #kpopcollection #exocollection #Xiumin #시우민 #collector #goods #music #kpop #exogoods #postcards #exordium #planet3
Very excited to be a part of this bee apiary project over the summer 👌
Happy Earth Day from Planet-3! • Our industry was born from a special plant grown from our Earth. As we thank the Earth for everything we receive, we continue to look for more sustainable practices, to keep this place green and flourishing. • 🌿🌎💚
Earth day 🌍🌎🌏 • • • • • • • • #earth #day #outerspace #pixellab #milkyway #planet3
What a beautiful day!! 🐰☀️ Spending all the time with family 💗
Happy 4/20! As we celebrate this holiday, we also look back at the historic events that brought Montana to its current medical marijuana program with over 32,000 patients. • “The People’s Plant, Part 4: Where Do We Come From, Where Do We Grow?”, the final installment of our history of Montana cannabis series, covers marijuana legislation in Montana from 2004 to present, everything from firebombings of dispensaries to the “cannabis caravans”, and the backlash against SB 423. We end on a green note with the recent development of SB 265 and the bright future of the industry. • Link to the story is in our bio!
In 1971 when Nixon announced the War on Drugs, it brought a new chapter of criminalization to the cannabis industry. With rampant drug busts throughout the US, including Montana, from 1971 to 2004 saw thousands jailed and incriminated for “drug trafficking”. Montana did not escape and the bust of the Kurth Ranch in 1986 marked a low point in Montana’s cannabis history. • “The Peoples Plant, Part 3: Kurth your enthusiasm” is up on Planet-3 blog! It covers the Nixon's 1971 “War on Drugs” to the Montana landmark drug bust of the Kurth Family in 1986. Link is in our bio!
Planet 3! Some quality boy time #p3vestal #planet3vestal #planet3 #trampolinepark
These are Federal Bureau of Narcotics agents burning a field of cannabis in west Texas in 1938, on the heels of the Marijuana Tac Act of 1937. • Read more in ‘The People’s Plant, Part 2: the Road to Prohibition’ up now on our blog. Link to Part 1 is in the bio.
*Link in Bio!* • It’s the week of 4/20 and we’re celebrating the history of cannabis from the very beginning up to where we are now in Montana. • The People’s Plant Part 1: From India to Indica is up on our blog now! Go read it and keep an eye out for Part 2 tomorrow • 👌
Had so much fun bouncing off the walls with you, love you endlessly; p.s. thanks for sharing your friends 🌈✨
SB 265 would change both canopy sizes and fees for providers. • Currently, the system has 3 tiers (not including the Caretaker Relative Provider option), with the top tier being for providers of 50+ patients. As you can see, the current system is not set up with small providers in mind with small providers paying substantially more per patients than large producers. Canopy allotted to each provider depends on their patient number. • This bill would change the system to 10 tiers, hopefully spreading fees out more fairly. A provider’s tier and canopy allotment will be dependent on sales. • This infographic is meant to show (very simply) how fees may change for individual providers. This representation was calculated assuming canopy size does not change with the bill passing.
Kids had a blast at @planet3duluth today for Cam’s birthday! #planet3 #duluth
⏰New Hours!⏰ 🛑Also, we updated our system on Monday & everyone will need to sign a new waiver. Waivers can still be signed online or in park!🛑 #Planet3 #planet3muskegon #ijumpmuskegon #muskegon #westmichigan #trampolinepark #jump #trampoline
Senate Bill 265 would untether patients from providers and allow them to go to any other dispensary in the state. Patients would be limited to how much cannabis they can possess (up to 1 oz) and purchase (up to 1 oz/day and a max of 5 oz/month), and sales would still be tracked by the state. • What are your thoughts on the potential untethering? How do Montana providers prepare?
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