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Anytime there’s a rocky formation at the beach, you can count me on scaling it and finding fun perspectives 😎🤘 . We get older, but sometimes our soul remains young and that’s something we all need sometimes. 🙌 . Driftwood scattered about all over the coast here and interesting enough, this large piece created a nice bridge to a bigger rock on the other side with astonishing views 🌊 . What are your favorite Pacific Northwest experiences? 🌲🌫
There was a time I could only dream of the life we are living— It’s hectic & at times emotional, It’s busy & chaotic, It’s beautiful, It’s full of love & laughter, It’s messy, crazy & loud, But it’s ours🙏🏼🌊 #thisisus
This guy! Seeing this ball-o-fluff happy in the woods fills my heart with joy. Not sure who enjoys the trails more, me or him. 🐶❤️🥾 Thanks @risa_santa for the 📸
watch for gators 🚣‍♀️
When I started getting into taking pictures I found a quote while I was scrolling through Pinterest that resonated with me. Something along the lines of “If you wish to know what a person fears losing most, look at what they photograph.” I obsessively take pictures of my girlfriend, dogs, friends.. but I also take pictures of lots of nature and places I travel to. I wondered what some of the things I photographed meant in terms of being something I’d fear losing. For some pictures the concept seemed a little more abstract to me. What nominal value do these pictures hold for me in my brain, what are they representing. Well I’ll tell you what, I know now. My humanity, my privilege, and my overall spiritual well-being. 📍Angel’s Rest📍
ba·salt /bəˈsôlt/// a dark, fine-grained volcanic rock that sometimes displays a columnar structure. It is typically composed largely of plagioclase with pyroxene and olivine.
‪It’s a beautiful Lord’s day morning in Bandon, OR: “He tinted skies with heavenly hue and framed the worlds with his great might.”‬
Star Wars battle on the Portland waterfront. Swords are ready.
dreaming of golden summer sunsets. ✨ #pnwelopementphotographer #washingtonelopement #rlpelopements
"Real freedom lies in wilderness, not in civilization". ⛺🌲 - Charles Lindbergh 📸: @rxse7en #Camping #ThreeFingers #GoatFlats #SleepUnderTheStars
Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, 'Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.' - Jesus Christ (John 7:38)
Olympic mountains beneath a nice soft color show this morning.
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