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We don't always break , sometimes we shatter... #poemofthenight #omypoetry 📖 #writterscommunity #poetry
Through the storm and the rain there comes lightning, blue sky on one side, and hell on the other, a bitter truth, but eye opening and enlightening, through what is frightening you see a silver lining, a pain followed by blissful gain, what was lost gives way to something new, a hidden truth to set you free from the suffering, stormy skies and a calm but breezy horizon to lift your mood, time to move on, where some things are lost others will gain, what kept you awake, will now set you free, to see a better day with warmth and blue skies... BH #poetry #hopeinpain #hopeandpain #hope #pain #closure #closer #recovering #recovery #perfection #imperfections
Sunday, October 20th, 2019. Feature poet Queen Sheba plus Open Mic. Born in Detroit, MI, and now living in Atlanta, GA, Queen Sheba is an  International 4 Countries Slam Champion, two time National Poetry Slam Champ, three-time Regional Poetry Slam Champ and a WOWps Final-Stage-ist. Sheba is also a featured performer on season two of Verses and Flow, Spoken, Lyric Café (BET), 106&Park, the Apollo and the feature-length film Spit. Sheba has six albums, two Emmy nominated, and she is a two-time NAACP Image Award Nominee. Her works have appeared in numerous anthologies, magazines, and journals. Queen Sheba is the author of two books including From Foster Care to Fame. Produced by Wits End Poetry. All poetry styles welcome. Coffee Underground. 1 East Coffee Street. Greenville, SC 29601. 7:30 pm. $7. Join us for the longest-running poetry showcase in South Carolina, celebrating 17 years of exciting poetry programming since 2002. Wits End’s Say What Sundays Poetry Events are at Coffee Underground at 7:30 pm in Downtown Greenville every Sunday night. 1 E. Coffee Street. Featured poets and poetry slams plus our weekly open mic. All poetry styles welcome. Shows often sell out, so get their early or buy tickets at Eventbrite! http://witsendpoetry.eventbrite.com. Follow our social media @witsendpoetry across all platforms. Produced by Wits End Poetry, these poetry events are made possible in part by the generous support of the South Carolina Arts Commission and the Metropolitan Arts Council with funds received from the City of Greenville, BMW Manufacturing Company, Michelin North America, Inc., SEW Eurodrive and the South Carolina Arts Commission. More information at www.witsendpoetry.com. #yeahthatgreenville #gvlarts #greenvillesc #poetryslam #poetry
anyone intimidated by the love you hold for yourself, isn’t a person capable of loving you back. recognize, move forward & conquer.
High Hopes snippet #rap #newartist #poetry #highthoughts
One more before sleep. (Food posts tomorrow.) #poetry
You can’t compete with someone whose just being themselves Muse: @syd.yvonne #myinsidethoughtsarepoetry . These hoodies are comfy and cute like the queen in this picture 🌷#linkinbio . . #beautygirl #hoodies #author #poetry #poetryofinstagram #explorepage #shop #fashion
La próxima semana realizaremos sesiones de escucha con las voces más importantes de la literatura y la poesía mexicana. La cita es en la librería del @fcecolombia , en el centro de Bogotá, desde las 5:00 p.m. de lunes a viernes. ¡Acompáñennos! Tendremos desde la lectura del Popol Vuh (en su lengua original y traducido al castellano), hasta la voz de Juan Rulfo leyendo algunos de sus cuentos. . . #literatura #poesia #mexico #literaturamexicana #poetry #literature #juanrulfo #popolvuh #eventos #cultura
Escarbando archivos, hace más de 10 años, cuando me daba por escribir en un cuaderno, escupia pendejadas como esta: "El pasado nos condena, el futuro nos preocupa, y el presente nos es indiferente… La vida se nos va mientras hacemos grandes planes, vivimos en modo futurible, enjenados, en posibilidades paralelas, simultáneas, instantáneas… y al final solo tenemos el hoy, y el presente es eso: “el presente” que precisa ser el tiempo que tardamos en verbalizarlo, y al terminar de decirlo – el presente - ya fue pasado, y la idea de lo que intentábamos explicar ya evolucionó sin que lo supiéramos aceptar…Dejamos ir la pasión del momento, como en la fotografía de un instante único que no alcanzamos a obturar… ahora solo es posible asumir la levedad de nuestros pasos y de nuestro ser consiente. . @unprofeguerrero . . . . #frasemotivacional #frasesmks #quotesaboutlife #quotes #frasesdeamor #profegeo #relaxtime #bogota 🇨🇴 #arte #poesia #poetry #poeta #art
We call upon the cast aways, the misfits and the lost. Those who are chipped and broken, those who have been loved then tossed. We call upon those collecting dust, left in shadows and full sun: come creeping from your corners - there is work to be done. Together we are something the sky has never seen, a masterpiece in disarray, a wonder unforeseen. So my fractured, damaged friends remember this I say, we are the mortar between the cracks - we keep the world from eroding away. . . . . #poet #thoughtinword #dailywriting #poetryinthemaking #poeticimagery #poetrylovers #righttowrite #instagood #writeaway #poetry #writtencollage
I wanderlust into their pretty little city And they want my little kitty. Concrete jungle boys want to save me, bathe me, glass house domesticate and tame me. And watch from afar ~ Frantic to take my wild, suits And ties try to cage the fire in my eyes Too far from pretty, they close their eyes When neon signs Turn at night ~ And when you and I look up at the sky You see glitter and I see everything Gold Run now and be a flower child. Be a flower. Child. ~ #poetry #MonaLisaPoetry #goodnight #wildchild #free #yogi
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