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SWIPE (photos) This was the toughest assignment... 9/11... I was a young journalist not prepared to deal with what was happening... looking back I remember walking miles carrying 20 pounds of cameras... streets were closed, the only way to get through was to walk, there were areas that were nothing but ash and rubble... very few stores were open to buy water and maybe a candy bar... and they were dusted over. I remember the second day realizing the dust on my water bottle might be partial human ashes... and then not eating or drinking after that until I got back to my hotel. walking the streets in the dark, coming across people handing out flyers of missing loved ones... It was a defining moment in life. I can't forget and don't want to forget... for many reasons. not just the obvious bad, but for the good. The People that gave their all to help. I was reading today that there is only 1 living rescue dog from 9/11... It made me think of PorkChop... that's the name of the rescue dog in my photo, his focus was so intense. I remembered his name, I didn't have to look it up, he was beautiful, an angel.... sad to know he passed. This day always gives me a heavy heart, I think of all of the lives lost and ruined because of pure evil people... but then I remember the searchers, I remember unity, I remember Pork Chops eyes and the eyes of everyone that were there to help... and I can only think one thing... Evil failed. We never gave up... we never lost hope... and we still move forward fearless... Photos By Denise Truscello #denisetruscello #wtc #911 #neverforget #porkchop #erickrobertson #porkchopwtcsearchandrescue #porkchop911searchandrescuedog #dog @denisetruscello