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me waiting for death to come
“Betty Boop in Snow White” 1933
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I’ve known these gays for a total of 24 minutes but I would already lay down my life for them . . . . . #devilmancrybaby #ryoasuka #akirafudo #anime #gay #yaoi #anime #animememes #reactionpics #reactionvideos #reactionmemes #reactionpic
this is for rachel you big fat white nasty smelling fat bitch why you took me off the mother fucking schedule wit yo triflin dirty white racist ass you big fat bitch oompa loompa body ass bitch i’m comin up there and im gonna beat the fuck out of you bitch and don’t even call the police cause imma come up there unexpected and wait on yo motherfuckin ass bitch i’m coming to beat the fuck outta you bitch cause you did that on purpose with ur urgery racist white ass bean head bitch watch i’m coming up there to fuck you up bitch i know what kinda car you drive. i’m gonna wait on you and i’m gonna beat yo ass bitch cause imma show you not to play with jasmine collins money bitch that's the first thing you did and bitch you got me fucked up cause bitch i told you what the fuck was goin on you white motherfuckas hate to see black people doing good or doing anything for themselves ugly fat white bitch watch i’m telling you i’m coming up there to beat yo motherfucking ass bean head white smelling wet dog smellin ass bitch watch i come and fuck you up cause you got me fucked up gon sit up there and try to do that urgery ass shit bitch you urgery the first day i came up there talking about the bitch that had on pajamas but you had 10 dollar ass jeans on dirty dusty white bitch sitting behind that counter smelling like cheese stinky fat white ass bitch and you gon try and not answer this phone i’m going to fuck you up and you betta remember to run when you see me cause i’m going to fuck you up bitch wanna sit up here and play with me about my motherfucking money wanna play about my money bitch you gon sit up there and try to do that bitch little do you know i know enough people watch i’m coming to fuck you up i promise you that i promise I'm coming to fuck you up you fat stinky white bitch bean head yellow yuck mouth nasty mouth ass bitch you stink you smell like fucking cheese and you got that trifling ass attitude imma beat that attitude up out you bitch you treat everybody like that all these black people that you do like that you in the wrong position you trifling ass racist ass bitch that's why dont nobody fuck with you cause you trifling and racist bitch gon sit up th
if ion post nun mya ain't post shit -😼
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