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Today I had lunch with this funny, spunky lady. My gramma, 91 years young. Every time I see her she tells the same story about how I made us exercise with Jack LaLanne when she babysat me as a toddler. As a kid, she taught me how to pull fresh carrots from the garden, snap beans and shuck corn. She's not the best cook in the world, but her German potato salad...oh, so yum! And, she never turns down a fireball shot. 👱‍♀️ ❤️ 👵 #grandmasarespecial #memories #ilovemygrandma #reminiscing #sharingstories #jacklalanneshow #fitnessforlife #gardening #germanpotatosalad #fireballshots
To be in Grand Turks right now!!!!!! I need me some Island sun & water @manofgod2010 #grandturksandcaicos #cruiselife2019 #reminiscing
But all I really know You’re where I wanna go The part of me that’s you will never die #illalwaysrememberusthisway #lovethissong #reminiscing #destiny #life #enestano
Mannnn!! I honestly wanna take the time to remember and talk about these people on the video... hands down one of the best times of my life was being around all these individuals lol honestly great fucken vibes great fucken people I miss you all and love you guys! I will always remember the awesome times we shared and the great energy we created, cuz it was US shittt!!! Lol wish I had more vids to share with you guys but sadly all my shit got deleted 😏 @michelle_jp3 @janhelyy_g @slikkspanky_k24 😁 #tagyourself #lol #coworkers #greatpeople #greatvibes #awesomeness #live #love #laugh #roadtrips #workflow #crazyshit #arizona #tucson #phoenix #vibes #memories #trowback #tbt #reminiscing #blessed
The Feels... #Reminiscing
I’ve been writing in journals since 7th grade! It’s fun to look through them sometimes and see old doodles and random thoughts. It’s also been kinda sad though, not gonna pretend my journals are full of happy times. Regardless, they’ve inspired me...so, I decided to share this with you! #reminiscing . . . also, I wasn’t going to add the second panel...sometimes some art work doesn’t make it to the final display, but I dunno, I decided to just throw it in there! Hope you guys are having a nice week so far!! #goodvibesalways #journalart #randomthoughts
That moment when you're ready to pop and just look back and old photos before pregnancy. Thought i was fat back then 😂 Dont get me wrong pregnancy is amazing, but i sure do miss the body i spent my time hating. #throwback #brownhair #brunette #reddress #beforepregnancybody #fashion #seeicanlooknice #l4l #f4f #likeforlikes #pregnantlife #almostthere #reminiscing #pregnancyproblems #6moreweeks #august29 #34weeks #34weekstomorrow #rockingthemombod
28 years strong, first friend in the states... 😆🥰💜😶 #a1 #bff #childhood #nostolgia #oso #teddybear #home #bestie #heknowstoomuch #thehomie #reminiscing
Mom was the type of person who would hold onto anything and everything. Just in case. You never know. When she was diagnosed with her first cancer she decided it was time to go through some of those “just in case” things she had kept throughout the years. Digging through our attic she rediscovered a box of all our old blue jeans. Among these jeans were my favorite red rose butt patch sisterhood of the traveling pants-esque elementary school jeans. I had received my first love letter in those jeans. One by one we pulled out jeans and told a story about each pair, reminiscing on a time when those jeans were the epicenter not just of our wardrobe but of our lives. After hours of storytelling and allowing the smell of old jeans to fill the room, she began to tell me the story of Grandma Sunny’s jean rug. I had commented on it plenty of times but never knew the story behind the rug. She had collected all of her kids’ jeans, had them cut into strips and woven into a large, beautiful rug. Mom recalled falling in the love with the idea and decided to carry on the tradition that my dad’s mom had started. We grabbed her laptop, cuddled up in bed and began our search for the perfect rug weaver. We soon discovered that jean weavers are difficult to come by. Mom found a woman on Etsy who appeared to weave every kind of fabric under the sun except jean. Mom sent her a message with a proposal to try out jean weaving: if it was successful she would purchase the rug, and if not she would still reimburse the woman for her time and effort. To our pleasant surprise she responded within a day honored to take on our family history project. Mom dropped off the jeans and then we played the waiting game. She would send mom updates and progress notes. A couple weeks into mom’s chemotherapy we were notified that she had completed the rug. She met mom and I in the parking lot of the hospital. We hurried outside after her treatment to see the rug. It was everything she hoped it would be: living room size, unique, and it took every single pair of our jeans to complete. Now, the jean rug lays on the floor of our cabin living room continuing to be a part of our stories.
#reminiscing about summer. Thankful for so many of the laughs this far into the summer. Always happy. Missing my man, but keeping the positive vibes flowing.🌊❤
Nostalgia 🤩!!!!!!
Grieving the loss of my friend. If you want to learn more about him check out my FB Page. Link is on @knowbienation page #reminiscing #celebrationoflife
So lovely to have reconnected with @minoucha11 and @jessicads01 ❤️Aren’t these kiddos beautiful? If we only knew then what we knew now 🙏Life is so wonderful 😍 . #ourkiddos #friends #childhood #childhoodbestfriend #reminiscing #babyloves
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