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Slowly but surly I’m getting back to everyone’s messages don’t forget that for May it’s 50$ off all full sets! Text (775)276-3664 to book! #renolashes #volumelashes #renovolumelashes #lashout775 #lashartistreno #lashboss #salonreno #renotahoe
Would you believe me if I told you that the only difference between these two sets is one millimeter in length? That’s right! Same products, same technique, same curl, same shape. So why do they look so different? THEIR NATURAL LASHES! And eye shape of course. The set on the left has super straight and tame natural lashes. They all lay and grow the same way. The set on the right has rather unruly natural lashes. They all grow in different ways, cross crossing into one another. That’s what gives that set a more textured look. A lot of lash correction is involved in lashing eyelashes like these. This is a perfect example of how no two sets of lashes are the same. Your lashes will never look exactly like someone else’s and that’s the beauty of it. 🤩 FUN FACT! The lashes on the left are my moms and the lashes on the right are my cousins. They’re family and their lashes are so very different!
Schedule your appointment today! ✨✨✨
Gorgeous lashes on my sweet momma. Who else loves lashing their family?! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🥰🥰🥰 @borboletabeauty Volume .03 D curl 7-11mm.
⚠️UPDATE: BOOKED⚠️This space usually fills up quickly so if you are wanting any of these services, please contact @atelierbeautybar promptly to snag it! 💕 #atelierbeautybar #midtownreno #renolashes #renolashextensions #renomicroblading #renobrowboss #renovolumelashes #renolashartist
Gorgeous full set on the lash queen herself! @amandajeannn_ @midtownbeautybarreno 😍 Took her from super light natural lashes to voluminous af!!! Using @borboletabeauty .03 D curl 8-11 mm.
This was too good to not to share! Thanks to @blackstarpremium for a perfect demonstration of how much little movements can affect your lash service. Staying still for your lash tech can mean shaving off half hr to an hr or more from your service! If your tech has begun application please stay completely still. You can warn them that you need to readjust, cough, etc or wait until their hands are not touching you. All movements affect your lashes and we need to be extremely accurate to do safe and aesthetically pleasing work. Less than a millimeter off and the lash must be redone. We want you to have proper lash placement to ensure good retention and to make it a beautiful set. For you to receive the best service possible in the shortest amount of time, all things like chewing gum, talking, squinting eyes, readjusting legs constantly, talking, etc should be limited. If not for your own service quality but you can save your lash tech’s back as well. Lashing is an amazingly satisfying job but holding awkward positions for extended periods is hard on our bodies and can cause lasting injuries🖤 • • • • • #volumelashes #russianvolume #russianvolumelashes #renolashes #renolashextensions #775lashes #lashtip #renonv #lashtech #renovolumelashes #volumelashes #lashartist #lashhacks #lashes #eyelashextensions #wimperextensions #lashtipsandtricks #lashmaker #lashartist #lashartistry #lashlife #lashtechnician #megavolume #megavolumelashes #lashextensions #lashtips #lashsupplies
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