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This started out as a very short post; the standard pregnancy books don’t go into much detail about Placenta Accreta. Basically, they say that it is a rare but very serious condition where the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall, and that hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) is the typical course of treatment. ⁣ ⁣ I wanted to know more, so I did some extra digging online. Wouldn’t you know it, there is lots more to know! 👇🏻⁣ ⁣ From what I learned, “placenta accreta” is the blanket term for the condition, but there are varying degrees. It is classified by the extent of the invasion into the uterine wall.⁣ ⁣ Let’s back up: during pregnancy, the lining of the uterus changes, and a layer called “decidua” forms - this separates the placental villi from the inner, muscular layer of the uterus (the myometrium). The decidua protects the pregnancy from the maternal immune system, as well as facilitates the exchange of nutrition, gas and waste. In occurrences of placenta accreta, the decidua may be deficient and the villi of the placenta attach to or invade the myometrium. ⁣ ⁣ The 3 distinct types of placenta accreta are:⁣ ⁣ 1️⃣ Placenta Accreta Vera⁣ ⁣ The placental villi attach to the superficial myometrium, rather than being restricted by the decidua. (75-80% of cases).⁣ ⁣ 2️⃣ Placenta Increta⁣ ⁣ The villi adhere to the body of the myometrium, but do not penetrate its full thickness. (About 17% of cases).⁣ ⁣ 3️⃣ Placenta Percreta⁣ ⁣ The villi penetrate the full thickness of the myometrium, and can even invade neighbouring organs such as the bladder or rectum. (About 5% of cases).⁣ ⁣ [Continued 👇🏻]
Remember when I posted about the placenta? (See Jul 10 post). I mentioned that the doctor or midwife will examine the placenta after it is delivered, and there is a very important reason for this - they are checking to make sure it’s all there. ⁣ ⁣ In some cases, fragments of the placenta are not expelled from your uterus. When this happens, they can disrupt the postpartum contractions. These contractions serve to shrink down the uterus and close off the blood vessels inside; when they don’t occur as they should, the blood vessels at the placenta attachment site continue to bleed. If undetected or not treated, this can lead to excessive blood loss (hemorrhage), or infection. (Hence why that placenta inspection is so critical!)⁣ ⁣ This situation is typically managed by injecting synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin) to help contract the uterus - sometimes this is given preventively immediately after the baby is born; alternatively, it may be administered only if deemed necessary. (This often comes down to caregiver preference and/or hospital policy). The uterus can also be stimulated to contract by performing fundal massage, and through breastfeeding (which stimulates oxytocin release in your body). ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ Did you receive the Pitocin shot? If so, did you get it right away, or as needed?⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #pregnant #birth #waitingforbaby #placenta #retainedplacenta #hemorrhage #oxytocin #pitocin #healthcare #oakvilledoula #miltondoula #GTAdoula #mississaugadoula #haltondoula #doulalizdaher #PCN
REAL TALK! ☝🏼You know guys I post vulnerable parts of my life along with triumph moments because they all are part of life! Yesterday postpartum appointment ended up unexpectedly and we found out on ultrasound that I have a retained placenta and need a surgery to remove it. It has scheduled for a next week. Has anyone experienced that after labor? Recovery part, frankly speaking, has been the most challenging so far. I had an easy pregnancy, easy labor but recovery has been tough. Everything can’t be perfect right, there should be hard chips somewhere. At least yesterday I have received an answer on a heavy consistent bleeding. Interesting fact, there’re a lot of supportive talks on labor but not much talks about recovery. On another hand, I’m glad to see a light at the end of tunnel as placenta can affect milk production which I haven’t had a lot so far. So I’m ready to get rid of that to get back to normal life without daily bleeding and start producing (hopefully) enough milk for my baby boy. Wish me a good luck moms 😊🤞🏼Together we’re stronger! Shouldn’t be any serious, my friend had that procedure after miscarriage, she said it was in and out and no pain! . . . . . #retainedplacenta #retained #recovery #recoverywin #surgerytime #postpartum #postpartumlife #motherhood #mombloggersofig #newmommylife #postpartumrecovery #mominfluencer #influencingpeople #influencer #instainfluencers #chicagoinfluencers #chicagogirls #womenhelpingwomen #empowermentwomen #followmyworld #followmystory #followmyday #likeforlikes
○○○Fact of the week●●● . Umbilical Cord Clamping + Retained Placenta . Not only is it super important to understand the benefits of delayed cord clamping for babies, but for the birthing parent too! . Delayed cord clamping is essentially the process of simply waiting until all of the blood has left the umbilical cord and gone into the baby's body before clamping and cutting it. There are no risks to delaying the clamping of the cord and your baby will have all the oxygenated blood and iron it needs. You will notice the cord is thick and a dark purple color when it is filled with blood, and when there is no blood left, it will be white and floppy! . Delayed cord clamping is also a way to prevent retained placenta. Retained placenta is when the placenta does not detach from the uterine wall properly after birth, and can lead to serious problems, like infections. The placenta is the "filter" that the blood goes through to then enter the baby through the umbilical cord. So if the umbilical cord is cut and clamped with blood still in the placenta- the placenta may not detach properly. . . . . #birth #childbirth #umbilicalcord #delayedcordclamping #placenta #retainedplacenta #birthdoula #birthworker #childbirtheducator #berkscounty #berkscountybirth #berkscountybirthclass #berkscountydoula #berkscountypregnancy #birthwithoutfear #educated #informedconsent #informedbirth #informeddecisions
Today is officially Ellie’s due date. Boy oh boy did you surprise us with your early arrival. I’m not going to lie when you ask me what motherhood looked like as soon as Ellie arrived. Our plan was 1-2 days in hospital and then get little one home to start our new chapter and be in the comforts of our own home. What motherhood really looked like was the first 7 days being in hospital hooked up to multiple IV’s and transfusions, having my vitals checked on a constant basis and fighting a fever as I try to care for this precious little one. Nothing went to plan post delivery. Emergency surgery, a very severe infection that scared everyone and ongoing changes to my care to try to get me home as quickly as possible. As difficult as that first week was I am so grateful for all the help and support I received from Tom and my parents as well as the amazing team of nurses at St. Paul’s Hospital. As hard as it is to talk about because it was quite traumatic I need to talk about it to grow from the experience. We need to embrace our journeys even if they are not picture perfect and we need to not hide from sharing the difficult times incase someone else can learn and relate to that experience. So here is to the bright future, a healthy baby girl, a new family adventure and to being open with the struggles that life throws at us. 💗💗💗 #momlife #newborn #ellie #theoneills #postpartum #infection #strongwomen #motherhood #hospital #traumarecovery #wegotthis #family #newchapter #hyperemesisgravidarum #retainedplacenta #postopcomplications #fever #support #junebaby #loveher
Story Time: Why something I thought was normal led me to urgent surgery (this is a reminder to bring even the minor things up with your GP and not be afraid to mention anything even if you think it’s unimportant/normal). Today I had a D&C due to some of Hayden’s placenta being stuck in my uterus, causing an infection that could have lead to me haemorrhaging (having a massive bleed) at any point. And I wouldn’t have known this if I didn’t go to my GP for what I thought might have been thrush. I was only a week and a bit postpartum, so I thought it was normal to have prolonged bleeding ‘down there’ and lots of swelling and pain as well. But then it started to get itchy, and I was frustrated with my symptoms enough that I went to my GP to see what I could do to manage it until I healed. The GP gave me an exam, and determined that I had an infection. I was put on antibiotics and referred for an ultrasound ASAP. The ultrasound came back that I had retained product (placenta) from the birth, and my uterus hadn’t shrunk like normal. I was referred to an OB, who wasn’t able to see me within a few days so I was told to present to Emergency. So to ED we went. They booked me in for surgery the following day, which is what I got done today and now I’m home recovering from the general anaesthesia. A bit of pain in my abdomen is starting to kick in, but I’m excited to get rid of the symptoms I’ve felt for the past two weeks. On the road to recovery. Also, it was amazing to get put under for the surgery, it was the best sleep I’ve gotten since before bub was born 😂 I was out for a solid two hours! So good haha. But I’m sharing this story because I thought pain down there was normal after pushing out a baby (makes sense) and I wouldn’t have seen a doctor if I wasn’t a sook when it comes to itching. But if there’s any concerns you have, even minor, don’t assume it’s normal. Because it might be normal, but it also might be something to get checked out. It’s always better safe than sorry, especially when you have a little bub relying on you. #D &C #postpartumproblems #2weeksold #2weekspostpartum #retainedplacenta #placenta
GOING HOME This was me right before we were released from the hospital after having my daughter. I felt more terrible than I looked. And clearly I look wrecked. Absolutely wrecked. I can assure you that you are NOT supposed to feel this miserable. I had hemorrhaged at birth and was on the cusp of needing a blood transfusion but the doctors thought I’d rebound on my own. I am all for minimal intervention. But clearly I was in need. After nearly passing out in my daughter’s first Peds appointment at four days old they wheeled me down to the ER where I was admitted and had a CT scan, a blood transfusion, a D&C and another blood transfusion. I was sent home two days later. And six weeks later came rushing back to the ER hemorrhaging again. I had another D&C. This is your PSA: Advocate for yourself. If something doesn’t feel right, say something. Tell every nurse and doctor. Some one will eventually listen, hear things differently and get you the help you need. I’m a people pleaser. I was told I was fine so I told myself I was. I was so so far from it. The first two months of my daughter’s life were excruciating, both physically and emotionally. And for any mama with retained placenta who literally feels like they are on death's door, you are not alone. And there is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I promise. Let me assure you that the darkest days which are “supposed to be” your most magical will end. Progress is slow. It took me weeks to walk up stairs, and stand in the shower. It happens, slowly, far more slowly than I would have liked. But each week I would realize that I was doing something I hadn’t been able to do the week before. I held onto hope by imagining myself making tiny, tiny progress each day. I also kept imagining myself two years out chasing my daughter in one of our local parks when I got really scared and really dark. The days when I thought I might actually die I held onto this clip. And guess what, here we are. Two years later. And I’m chasing my daughter around that park. And damn it feels good.
#retainedplacenta is today’s topic. . . . Manual removal can make it more likely you may experience retained #placenta . . . And incredible piece of art and life giver, a scan is usually needed to rule out or confirm the retention and some different treatments might be required to remove it, or it can pass on its own after a few days, but it can cause complications like #lowmilksupply . . .. . . If you think you may have retained@placenta speak to your #midwife or #hcp ASAP. . . . . #queerdoula #doula #whatdoulado #lifeofabirthkeeper #fatdoula #lgbtdoula #love #londondoula #birthdoula #essexdoula #essexbirthworkers #hertfordshiredoula #kentdoula #abueladoula #redtentdoula #breastfeedingcounselor #chestfeeding #support
Applying the Solar 7th to my immune points for post surgery care and infection prevention. . . Birth is so much more than birthing the baby. There is also the placenta that needs to be birthed afterwards. Something that is rarely spoken about. Mainly because it is meant to be so effortless and easy to birth the placenta, that it is almost void of any conversation. . . For me, the birth is relatively easy and I emphasis relatively, because no birth is easy. I’m talking relative to not being able to birth my placenta. Something I have now attempted twice and both times ended up in Emergancy surgery for removal. There is nothing quiet as disheartening as a healthy pregnancy, quick and drug free, uninterrupted home birth to only be transported for a full blown 30 hour field trip into the medical system. (Although I am incredibly grateful because without the medical support I would not have survived.) . . So as the solstice sun at 00” Cancer bursts through our bedroom window I self nurture and protect myself with an acutonic tuning fork treatment to further strengthen my immunity for post surgery care. . . #postpartumcare #postsurgery #prevention #healing #acutonics #postpartumhemorraghe #retainedplacenta #theunspokenpartsofbirth #treeoflife #birth #adishakti #solsticesun #gratefultobealive #gchospital #amazingstaff
10 weeks old today and big smiles for both of us as we have just been discharged from the maternity unit for my retained placenta, which thankfully didn’t need surgery this time round! Happy days, that’s these appointments ticked off 😁 Now just to get that DVT and bladder sorted still #rainbowbaby 🌈 #breastfedbaby #fragmin #postnatal #injections #retainedplacenta #dvt #maternityleave #tenweeksold #ultrasound #nhs #happydays #birth #finallydischarged #babysmiles #babysmilesarethebest #grateful
My yoga partner, this time outside of my belly ♥️ feels so good to be back at it (and to see my feet... Even though I loved that big belly)! My body has taken a lot longer to heal than I anticipated so slow steps are what's in order. #newmom #postnatal #4thtrimester #3months #retainedplacenta #pregnancy #babygirl #breastfeeding #yoga #momandbaby #exercise
Happy 1st Birthday to my littlest. Super sassy and such a happy little babe! And thank you to my sweet friend who always takes time out to allow me to step IN FRONT of the camera with my babies 💕
Since having my baby girl 9 weeks ago I have been through hell with my health. I anticipated been out for 6 weeks after having poppy and I would be able to get back on my fitness and start to get healthy again. Everything just seems to be working against me. I've been in and out of hospital, I have been misdiagnosed, I am still waiting to be treated and I'm on countless meds all because one doctor gave the wrong decision 1 hour after having my girl! I am now in a dark place and just want to climb back out and get my body back and my life! Trying to stay positive. #postnataldepression #postbabybody #slimmingworldfamily #retainedplacenta #9weekspostpartum #tryingtobepositive
Learn homeopathic remedies, holistic therapies, mental health care techniques, amino acids and herbal medicine from my online course on health.drameet.com . Become a really good doctor or take care of yourself and your family by treating the root cause ❤️🙏 #homeopathy #herbalmedicine #holistictherapies #naturopathicmedicine #adrenalfatigue #mentalhealth #placenta #retainedplacenta #loveismedicine
Little update, we’re back in hospital with a suspected retained placenta . Little man is sleeping better in the hospital plastic rocker crib than he does at home! I’m shattered, feeling sorry for myself as I feel that I’ve let my middle son down who is starting his GCSEs today and so tired from a 6 hour wait in A&E. We were offered an ambulance which would’ve come within 2 hours. But we thought we could get there quicker ourselves, makes you think. 🤔 #mum #babyboy #hospital stay #retainedplacenta #oldermum #northeastmums #followingroman #ninedaysold
Blood test to deal with retained placenta... in the same room that we discussed the ectopic pregnancy 1 year ago... it brought back a lot of memories. #retainedplacenta #ttc #ttccommunity #epu #bringsbackmemories #postnatal #pregnancystruggles #birthissues #ectopicpregnancy #ectopicpregnancysurvivor #ectopicpregnancyawareness #rainbowbaby #rainbowbaby 🌈 #somedaysarehard #selfpity #gladtobealive
My first moments with my baby weren’t recovery and immediate breastfeeding. My first moments of motherhood were not the sweet skin to skin that everyone talks about. My first moments with baby were the doctor continuously working. My first moments with baby were the announcement and fear that after spending the night in labor I would be taken to the OR and put under full anesthesia. I remember asking after she was born how much longer, and the doctor saying “about 30 minutes” I watched the clock and saw 30 minutes pass, then an hour, then an hour and half. I remember the scared glances we exchanged as Jonathan held Bethany when the doctor quickly explained retained placenta and said “One more try and if it doesnt work we are going to the OR” Link to full post in bio • • • • #happymotherday #thankadoctor #thankanurse #mybirthstory #retainedplacenta #retainedplacentaawareness
Happy Birthday my son. Today’s blog post is for you! http://kurrentkhaos.com/blog/
Two years ago I lost over half of my blood. I received a blood transfusion, which is where donated blood is given to you via an IV(pictured)in order to save my life. It is something I don't talk about much because I don't really know how to deal with it. It's been a very difficult time for me and I'm doing my best to overcome the trauma that has come from this whole incident. Even though it has been an awful time and experience, and it still affects me so much, a lot of good has come for it. Right now, it is very hard to focus on those good things, but I know they are there and God is present. #lifewiththenewtons #blessed #bloodloss #bloodtransfusion #blessedwife #blessedmom #celebrate #explore #fitmomsofig #fitmom #family #fun #godsarmy #happy #healthy #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolmom #homemade #instamom #jesus #love #momsofinstagram #momlife #mylife #mom #southern #sunny #retainedplacenta #texas
I had my 6 week check up today (how time flies!) and it really hit me again how much my body went through after this birth. I’ve been feeling great for the most part but my blood pressure is still really low and I’m still at risk of blood clotting due to the PPH. My GP went through all the discharge notes from the hospital with me today and was shocked that I was doing so well considering what happened. I often forget that I’m still in the fourth trimester and recovering from such a hectic experience. I only remember how great the birth was and forget that only a few weeks ago I was like this ☝🏻 I love those beautiful birth photos by Belle and have only been looking back on them, while forgetting to look back on these images. Trent took these while I was in ICU and I’m so glad he did. I bet he’ll whip these out if I ever even mention the thought of being pregnant again 🙈 (Don’t worry Mum, I promise no more pregnancies!) . . . . . #surrogate #surrogacy #surrogacyjourney #surrogatemother #surrogacyrocks #ig_motherhood #postpartum #postpartumbody #motherhoodrising #mothershape #maternity #empoweringwomen #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum #birthbecomesher #channelmumvillage #pregnancydiary #ivfjourney #ivfsuccess #bumpdated #empoweredbirthproject #motherhoodunplugged #postpartumhemorrhage #retainedplacenta #icu #6weekspostpartum #1weekpostpartum #hospitallife #mynameismama #birthstory
Friday night IV party. This mare developed a toxic metritis secondary to a retained placenta and foal. Dystocia was attended to and a large emphysematous foal extracted. #gmvs #greenmobile #greenmobilevet #drgreen #adayinthelifeofaveterinarian #horsevet #equinevet #foaling #dystocia #toxicmetritis #metritis #uterineinfection #retainedplacenta #fridaynightparty
So glad to report that Buttercup is doing great since she lost her #lambs . I gave her a shot of #antibiotic and a shot of metacam, an anti-inflammatory, and apparently #sheep and #cows are very good at reabsorbing a #retainedplacenta . #whoknew ? #thingsyoulearn #sheepfarming #lovemysheep
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