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Gotta love Polaroid photos (don’t mind our faces). ☀️💕
Back to back shots of the hubs doesn’t happen too often on the gram but he’s the real star of our show. ✨@sdmichnlaw
base coat ⚡️
moving forward, all hot dogs must have pickles and fried onions laid on as toppings. thanks, management.
Old San Juan 3/3
Old San Juan 2/3
What are you looking at? ~~~ Well for starters my life in the woods and how amazing #nature has given me so much #peace and #serenity in my late twenty’s as I prepare my self for the real adult life for my 30’s. HASHTAGS: #islandgirl in the #philippines made in #iloilo out to see the world to #travel starting with #europe and currently living in the #forest in #germany
There’s obviously no better way to cure those Sunday scaries than with some shopping, and this gorgeous planter just hit the store 🌿
How I manage to complete hundreds of tasks at work, but can’t manage to post instant pictures is beyond me 😂 Here are some serious #latergrams from Puerto Rico. Discovered @valija while in Viejo San Juan - they had THE best tropical-chic collection of clothing. This skirt is going to be on heavy rotation this summer! [ Old San Juan 1/3 ]
Don’t do it...
no one else i’d rather be stranded at the airport for 7hrs with 🤣. as long as she’s got her momma and daddy with her, she’s good! 💗 been such a trooper for this nightmare of a travel day! prayers our flight into dallas doesn’t get cancelled tonight 🙏🏻 @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2CBJd #liketkit #LTKfamily
good for my soul 😌💕 #tseparfaittravels ||📍@ancientmoon_hk
When Lazy Sunday turns into productive Sunday, this outfit is your perfect partner in crime. A satin skirt may not have traditionally been on your “must have” list, but the versatility of this beauty is CRAZY good. Pair with a tee and sneaks, with a lacy tank and pumps, or with a sweater and booties (come fall) for totally unique looks! #rockinRollick 👩🏽: @gabybutler3 📷: @karyaschanilec
Freedom is worth more than any amount of money or status you could obtain. It’s worth more than anyone else’s judgement, perception, or impression of you. It’s worth more than any familial pressure, social obligations, or religious upbringing you may feel the need to live by. It’s worth more than the rat race of keeping up with the Joneses ever could be.⠀ ⠀ Seriously. Let all that shit go. LET ALL THAT SHIT GO. Because it’s exhausting and boring and who has time to live their life confined by anything that doesn’t make them happy? Hang out with people who may you happy, not those you need to impress. Make your own damn money and spend it on exactly what you want. Go to school for what you actually love, or don’t go at all and create your own path. Love who you love regardless of gender, background, or income. And just live free.⠀ ⠀ Because if you’re not free, what the hell are you even doing? 💙⠀
I will never forget when we were dating, how patient he was, I knew he was going to make an amazing Dad to our babes. I count my blessings for him everyday, he works so hard for his family, is always up for an adventure with his girls, and makes us laugh and smile everyday. Thankful for this Man, I am lucky to call mine. Happy Father’s Day, babe! #fathersday #happyfathersday #fathersday2019
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