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4 grown women with big plans! One of my biggest dreams of my life has been achieved! 💥 The best part? We’re a part of each other’s dreams in one way or another. That’s my dream! To be a family of dream makers and achievers! Today we said good bye to high school for my last daughter and she’s now a fabulous little entrepreneur letting nothing stop her from achieving her dreams ❤️ today is the brand new start of many big things and the best part is “the journey” 🤜🏻💥🤛🏻
It is okay to not be okay. You are more than enough. Hold your head up, take a step forward, breath and GO for your life. . I CHALLENGE EACH PERSON TO NAME THREE POSITIVES THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF. LIST them below.
Transitions can be rough! Going from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school is hard sometimes! Bloom aims to help girls build a foundational truth about themselves, so that no one can convince them that they are anything other than who they know themselves to be. Our Bloom program is for girls ages 10-12, 13-15 and 16-18. Our next session starts this fall at the Bethel Enrichment Center in Kannapolis, NC. The cost is $30 per child and the first ten sign ups will receive A Look in the Mirror canvas tote bag! For more info visit our website: www.alitm.org #selfconfidence #selflove #alitm #selfesteemproject #kannapolis #kannapolisnc #charlottenc #concordnc #SelfWorth
سلام دوستاي عزيزم اين خيلي مهمه كه ما زندگيمون رو چه جوري ميبينيم چه روايتي از زندگي خودمون داريم ميخوايم به كجا بريم و چي كار ميخوايم بكنيم و چند سال ديگه ميخوايم چه جوري باشيم كجاي اين كره ي خاكي و با چه پوزيشن اجتماعي ميخوايم ظاهر بشيم ميخوايم چه دستاورد هايي رو داشته باشيم و ارزش هايي كه الان داريم رو بازم حفظ ميكنيم !؟ اصلا ميتونيم به اون چيزي كه مد نظرمونه بهش برسيم و تبديل بشيم به همون ادمي كه الان ميخوايم كه در اينده باشيم !؟؟!اين سوألا خيلي سوالات مهميه كه واقعا هر هفته كه نه دست هم هر روز بايد بهش فكر كنيم و واسه جواب دادن به اين سوالا وقت بذاريمو ببينيم چه طوري ميتونيم سناريوي كه بايد بازي كنيم و بنويسيم با دستاي خودمون بنويسيم و برنامه ريزي كنيم و به برنامه اي كه ريختيم پايبند باشيم .ثبات ،ثبات و باز هم ثبات مهم ترين عامل رسيدن به اهدافه كه بايد با درايت و صبوري بهش پاييند باشيمو عمل كنيمو نتيجه مطلوبو بگيريم و دقت كنين كه تو دام اهمالكاري نيوفتيم . #موفقيت_فردي #اهمال_کاری #اهمالكار #اهمالكاري #اهمالكاري_ممنوع #ارزوها #رسيدن_به_هدف #رسيدن_به_خواسته_ها #نيروي_فكر #سناريو #سناريوي_رهبري #من #پيروزشو #تفكر #فكور #selfcare #salfconfident #selfawareness #selfaffirmation #igo #underwater #instagood #corporation #selfesteem #selfesteembooster #selfesteemproject #selfesteembooster #selfaverness
5 am shift mornings!!! Means aftershift breakfast with the hubby... . . . . #beautiful #bereal #berealbeyou #selfesteemproject
🗣Self Love is the Key to Beauty x
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Got home from lunch and crawled into bed only to have my boyfriend force me out saying “Come on! It’s Monday..... 21 day fix time!” 🙄 I sluggishly rolled out of bed, wanting my nap first, but knew I’d feel tons better after the workout.... fast forward to after the workout and whew! That sucker kicked our butts 😓 we may have Kat as our girl to follow (modifier) but I’m excited to commit to these next 21 days with my partner in crime! If y’all want to jump off the sidelines and join us, let me know! It can take a village to keep motivated..... especially for my pregnant behind 🤪🤫
A morning DOSE of Happiness.☕❤ Let's talk self-esteem, without it we cannot truly Happy.❤ Dont allow others to dictate your happiness!❤ Hold onto your power and teach others how to treat YOU. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2267068103558902&id=100007672038438
Seja o responsável pelo próprio destino e simplesmente aproveite a caminhada! 🏆🙏🏻🍀😎 #lifeproject #loveyourself #destiny #instagood #instacool #selfesteemproject
Positivity is not automatic in most people. It’s something you inculcate in yourself. It’s daily work. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes it’s just too much to ask. And that’s okay. You need lows to appreciate highs. As long as you keep on moving. Even if moving means just getting through the day. . The key is to remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Do not let society, or inner negative beliefs about yourself, tell you otherwise. Because that’s when you start losing. . This is an example of a positive affirmation that you can repeat to yourself. Parent your mind to unlearn negativity that you have been fostering. Reassure it. Encourage it. Validate it. . Lots of positivity and love.
Went for some retail therapy..... felt extra “frumpy” today and really just brought my self esteem down to nearly nothing. Decided to turn things around and hit up Target for some work essentials and window shopping down the baby aisles! One stop at the Maternity section and I found this gem! I’m quickly learning that bodycon dresses and “tighter” clothing seems to make me feel better about showing off the baby bump than “circus tents” of baggy clothing and “regular” jeans. I feel curvy, sexy and confident in this number and can’t wait to wear it out and about soon!
How do you handle FEAR? I’m ready to face it head on! #BRINGITON #summertimebusinessplan
Negative body image and diet culture starts with YOU moms and dads (and other influential people in a child’s life, such as teachers). Be careful what language you use in your home when it comes to body image, appearance and food. DON’T make comments on your child’s bodies and DO educate your kids about how inappropriate it is to comment on other people’s bodies as well. Focus on your child’s internal qualities like being funny, kind and caring. #Repost 👇: @moreloveorg ・・・ The rhetoric around childhood weight is deeply disturbing and heartbreaking 💔 . Our kids’ bodies are not a problem. We have a problem with a lack of emotional caregiving, childhood trauma, and a messed up society that thinks it’s OK to criticize other people’s (including kids!) bodies. . The problem is that we teach our kids that their body size and appearance is the most important thing about them and that appearance determines health. By focusing on outside appearance and weight, we miss critical signs of emotional pain and suffering that can lead to all of the diseases blamed on weight: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and more are all linked to adverse childhood events and emotional trauma. . And guess what? Telling kids that their bodies are a problem and teasing kids about their weight causes tremendous trauma and leads to the very diseases people are supposedly trying to avoid with weight-based comments and advice.😤 . The problem is not our kids’ bodies. The problem is our kids’ emotional landscape and how we treat them. We need to learn more and do better. ❤️❤️❤️ Still think weight is the greatest risk facing our kids? Check out our research database for the science behind my statements ... link in profile xoxoxo
Body shaming is simply NOT okay. It’s time for celebrities to start speaking up to the media bullies and speak the #TruthinSocial . Swipe 👈 to read more and see what @camila_cabello has to say about body image, especially for young girls, in today’s society. . . . Image 1 repost: @entertainmenttonight Image 2 & 3 quotes: @camila_cabello via @teenvogue . . . Camila Cabello is clapping back at the body-shamers who made horrible comments about her appearance in those poolside photos with Shawn Mendes. 👏 Click the link in bio to find out why she chose to take a stand. (📸: Getty Images)
After a year-long relationship with a man who systematically destroyed my self-esteem, three pregnancies and births, my positive body feeling was gone. And of course I realize that my body does not look like it does at 23 anymore. And it does not have to, I decided. Today I live according to the motto: If you have a Body, and If you are on a beach, you have a beach- body. #bodypositivity #againstbodyshaming #selflove #beachbody #summer #ginger #dreadgirl #balticsea #enjoylife #selfesteemproject #howtosurviveanabusingrelationship #singlemum
Biddi biddi bom bom 🍍🥥
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