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(please read!!) goodbye, gotham <3 - here’s a simple edit, reflecting back to s1, where it all started. i could write a very long paragraph abt how much this show has affected me, how much i love this cast, crew, ect. (all of which i do!) instead, i’ll say this: all art (especially theatre, film and tv) is political at its core, and must reflect the human condition. if it does not, we cannot expect change. any form of entertainment must present us with issues, problems, and hardships. it should prompt us to look for answers and take action to change what we see reflected back at us. gotham does this very well, whether we see it at surface level or not. that’s one of the many reasons i love this show, and will for years to come. thank u, gotham.
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I really tried to give it a chance, I really did.
Oof where to start :( I’m sobbing typing this out so I’m sorry if there’s typos💓 this show is over after an amazing 5 seasons, this show means so much to me and so do the characters and actors, it’s helped me through the toughest times of my life and made me smile when I never thought I could, it’s going to be really really hard to move on from this show but I want to say thank you to the entire cast and team who made Gotham possible, every episode of this show has always put a smile on my face,laugh, cry, love and many more emotions I love every single cast member of this show but a special special thank you from my heart to @cameronmonaghan he’s made me love this show even more from the second I saw Jerome come out of that trailer to Jeremiah getting put in the chemicals, Jerome Valeska has a very special place in my heart he made me laugh, cry, smile, basically every emotion out there, his death has made me sob even to this day I miss the little ginger everyday :( and Jeremiah also has a special place in my heart from him being adorable to absolutely terrifying I love those characters so much, the entire cast have done an amazing job working their asses off and it paid off but I’ll stop now there is a lot more I could say about this show and cast but this isn’t a book so I’ll stop rambling on and again a MASSIVE thank you to everyone I love you all so much and I’ll never forget you or the show ❤️😭💔 brb I gotta sob forever now
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The Bruce that’s a big ol’ softie > the Bruce that left Selina a LEtTeR ⠀ [ ac: silverjoon ] [ dt: @arkhqm ] [ ty for the scenes @gothamlogoless ]
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