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15 years strong and you're still sick of everyone's shit. Happy Birthday to my fluffy ride or die! 👑
Freddie is ready for the weekend. #catsofinstagram #tabbycat #seniorcats #friyay
My friend @followtheredcat tagged me to tell #tenfactsaboutme Here they are: 1. My real mum was a farmcat in Poland, but i moved to Germany as a baby. 2. My polish and german language skills are still limited, but i am fluent in nonverbal communication 3. At the age of 8 I was adopted by my current mum, she is also a ginger. 4. The new territory was hard to conquer, i fought every night and was often injured (don’t ask about the destiny of my rivals) 5. Protecting my garden is very easy now, intruders flee when I appear 6. Don’t think I am a cruel dictator. I have some friends, but we meet on neutral ground 7. My mum is a single mother with 4 boys, she is responsible for me, my two human brothers and my hudad 8. My mum believes that I am too old for hunting and that I would never kill birdies or mousies. I let her believe that. 9. I don’t use a litter box, i always go outside for that business 10. Usually I stay outside at night, even in winter. What I do at night stays a secret Thats it, for now, feel free to participate! Sending much love to you all😻🧡
I don't want to get your hopes up furiends, but that's definitely the weekend I can see so I thought I'd accept @arohathebrave invitation to share 10 things about me 😸 . . .1. As this photo shows, I love going to the park and walking on leash. I've done so on and off since I was a kitten (I'm now 16) . .2. I am VERY vocal because let's be honest, who doesn't love the sound of my voice? 😹 . .3. Brushies are great but brush me under my chin and I'll love you furever! In fact, just put the brush under my chin and I'll do it myself! . .4. Allegedly I'm very stubborn and righteous, even when I'm caught doing something wrong but I say what you think is wrong is quite acceptable to me so I guess you're wrong! . .5. Not all cat food tastes good. Or maybe tomorrow it's yummy but if it's not what I feel like today I'll sit beside my bowl and refuse to eat. Because I can. I have medication in my food mum needs me to eat so I have the power! . .6. I have chronic health problems which mean I need a capsule twice a day 30 mins before I eat, plus fibre and a laxative added to wet food. Whatevs, we all have something we're dealing with right? . .7. Up until a few years ago I could catch biscuits, corn kernels and treats in my paw and eat them. Every time! . .8. We have 3 litter trays - I usually only use the 2 in the bathroom. There's one I exclusively pee in and the other is good for 💩. . .9. I communicate really well with mum - when she doesn't do what I want it's not because she didn't understand. . .10. I am a huge snuggle bunny, even in summer. @akello.co use CHAKOTAY15 for 15% discount @kittycornerstore use CHAKOTAY15 for 15% discount @arthemisclothing use FUNKY15 for 15% discount . . #catbandana #catswearingbandanas #meowfeature #dailyfeature #catfeaturesdaily #allcatphotos #daily_kitty_cat #purrfect_meowdel #seniorcats #seniortabby #handsomekitty #cutecats__oftheworld #cats #tabbysofinstagram #tabbycats #cutecat #australiancatsofinstagram #meowdel #catstagram #catsmakemelaugh #meowdelcat #meowdel #catsofinstagram #catsofworld #catlovers #catstagramcat #cheekycat #chakotaythefunkyfeline
Bandit is one of HART’s two great office cats available for adoption (we see you, Bear)! This senior lady is a gorgeous gray tuxedo kitty with sparkly green eyes. She has the very important temporary job of greeting visitors, though she has been known to sleep on the job. She has a laidback personality and is always up for cuddles, and has become a staff favorite- she needs her furever home ASAP! We are running an adoption special - the adoption fee for Bandit and the other great cats and kittens here at HART are half off for the month of May. As always, senior cats will be matched with seniors for free, as part of our special Seniors for Seniors program! Feline companionship can be intensely rewarding, take less energy, and be less time-consuming than owning a dog. Senior cats are great companions for seniors given their lower energy levels, relatively low maintenance care, and generally easy-going personalities. #seniorcatclub #seniorcats #seniorsforseniors #hartcambria #meowfornow #cagefreeshelter #catsofslo #cambria #sanluisobispo #morrobay #centralcoastcalifornia #centralcoastca #adoptdontshop #rescuecat #sheltercat #catsofinstagram #cats #catsforadoption #slocatsforadoption
Finally I did it! I can check Suguru's weight everyday!😆 ミルちゃんの体重が日々減ってしまっていた頃に導入したペット用体重計。まあ、二匹ともここにじっとしていてくれるわけもなく(キャリーに入れて量り、キャリーのみを後で量る方法もあるけど…キャリー見ただけで逃げてくコたちには無理!)、お蔵入りしてました。 そうすると人用体重計で私がダッコして量り、私だけを量りって方法しかなくて。正確ではないし、何しろ自分の体重を見るのもオソロシーのでどうにか使いこなせないか考えて、ついに攻略! ご飯の分、増える?いやいや、食べ始めたくらいにはすぐに数字はホールドされるので大丈夫!私がダッコで量るよりは正確であろう。スグル、少しずつ体重戻るといいねー。 #ねこ #シニアねこ #cats #seniorcats #kočka
Day 65. Admit to Mademoiselle that I am pining after dear Rose to Mademoiselle. She advises Thinking about Other Things, and also to try Keeping out in the Fresh Air—which makes me feel like an 18th century plough boy. Tell Mademoiselle that I intend to take Rose under my wing and show her how to become A Lady, as am seriously exercised in my mind as to probable standard of deportment with which she will grow up under bachelor Robert’s (human) tutelage. 🐾 . . . For any newcomers to this saga: I am Gypp, domestic cat of 16¾ years. As a Libertarian Feline of Modern Ideals and Fearless Attitude, I read improving books, mostly classics, and I quote E.M. Delafield’s Diary of a Provincial Lady rather aptly and regularly, but My Humans do not pay any attention to my colossal literary achievements. 📕 •••Characters: 👫 I refer to My Humans in a detached way as Female Human and Male Human so as not to appear too fond of them. 👱🏼‍♀️ Helen Wills—next door neighbour, with an appalling dog and a purebred French cat. 🐈 Mademoiselle—Helen Wills’ elitist cat. 👵🏻 Mrs B—cat-fanatic cat-sitter. 👩🏼‍🌾 Miss P—friend of My Female Human, vociferous dog-lover / cat-hater. 🧶 Rose—my darling little protégé, a stray kitten rescued by My Humans and living in flat upstairs with her Human, bachelor Robert. #catcomedy #emdelafield #diaryofaprovinciallady #alifeinbooks #readersofinstagram #bibliophile #catsbookstea #booksteacats #teacatsbooks #booklover #catlover #tuxedocat #funnycatsofinstagram #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #geriatriccat #elderlycat #seniorcats #rescuecat #adoptdontshop . If you love: 📖 #janeausten Feline Pride & Human Prejudice 📖 #suetownsend The Secret Diary of Gypp the Cat Aged 16¾ 📖 #sophiekinsella Confessions of a Feline Bookaholic 📖 #wnpbarbellion Diary of a Disappointed Feline 📖 #georgeandweedongrossmith Diary of a Cat of a Nobody 📖 and if you love #pgwodehouse .... then you will love this #catdiary
My velcro lap kitty. Her new spot everyday now. Over the last year she wants to be super close at all times. #seniorcats #catsofinstagram
Getting some Stinky cuddles tonight! He’s looking pretty rough this week & had an accident in the floor yesterday. He’s still happy & eating though. We will watch to see if there’s anymore & take him in if there is. He’s really picky about his litter box so I’m hoping that’s all it is 🤞 #seniorcatsofinstagram #seniorcats #felinerenalfailure #felinerenaldisease #felineglaucoma #blindandblack #blackcatsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #myboy #lovethisoldman #thestinks
Throwback to healthier times and unintentional winks. Please be ok, Schmeenster Teeny. (She picks her paw up when she wants pets but doesn’t want to be too obvious) #catsofig #catsofinsta #teenyandferdie #seniorcats
#Repost @whiskersutah • • • • • • MEET PHENIOUS! ASSISTED LIVING CAT 10-12 years old Phenious is absolutely a tender, sweet soul.We wish he could tell us what he has been through. Phenious has blossomed with us! Phenious is all four declawed, he has an old break on his front right paw that healed wrong and shortened the tendon, that doesnt stop him from running, jumping and finally playing! Phenious requires a gentle home and a monthly Adequin injection to keep him feeling well. Phenious needs to be pampered,he needs lots of loves, lap time and good quality food. Phenious eats both canned and dry. Phenious is a really good boy, he deserves someone who adores his sweet hugs as much as we do <3 His perscription will be provided and we will teach an approved adoptor how to do his monthly shot OR we would be willing to come visit and do this monthly (because we LOVE him) Phenious has great bloodwork, FIV/FELV neg too. Please let us know if your that special human! Beautiful photo by @nikkisevy Interested in adopting Pheniois? Fill out our adoption form here: https://bit.ly/2UFWrj7 Want to foster for us? Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2HP1DzP Help us save lives and Donate here: https://bit.ly/2Rf9nKN Or send a PayPal donation to: donate@whiskersutah.org Can’t adopt or donate? Volunteer! Learn more and sign up here: https://bit.ly/2Glv2PA Please share this post, repost, tag your friends and help us Save Lives!
Covfefe, living her best life. #catsofinstagram #seniorcats
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