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Rise up in a balloon as the sun rises in Göreme. ©️ . . . . . . . . . . . . 📸 @tadaetadae
Yesterday I left the “Secret of Happiness” somewhere out there on the South Ridge Trail in Idyllwild. I found this little gem on the Kitchen Creek Falls trail in 2017 during my #sixty60journey . Just felt like it was time to hike it forward. LMK if you find it! . . . #secretofhappiness #southridgetrail #idyllwild #wwhmember #womenwhohike #adventure16 #hikingtoheal #hiking #hikingadventures #griefwork #wehiketoheal #traillife #trailtherapy #gogalavanting #52hikechallenge #mountainlife #traillife #gratitude #california #socal #myhomeiscalifornia #sheexplores #badasshikingwomen #sixtyisthenewthirty #idyllwild #forceofnature #trees
What is it about the early morning heading into the sunrise? It’s like a wave of lightness & wonder.⁣ •⁣ I was reliving thoughts & feelings while having this experience this morning... flash backs of the open road from my early twenties flowed over me. The exhilaration of excitement and newness filled every ounce of me. ⁣ •⁣ Remember some of your firsts? Remember that feeling? ⁣ •⁣ There is a new spark in me that needed this metaphor this morning to really let it sink in. Life has its challenges along with its glory. We couldn’t experience one without the other, so today I am grateful for both because that’s what makes the journey ❤️
Love. I am a woman full of love. I am a woman full of fight. Full of passion. Full of curiosity, adventurousness, doubt, conflict. I’m a woman who can move mountains. . I’m outspoken. I’m confrontational. All my life that’s been sold to me as a bad thing. It’s born out of a place of love. It comes from fighting for what’s right. Fighting for what, and who, matters to me. I don’t give up on anyone, except maybe myself sometimes. I’m messy and human and loving. And I aim to live my life guided by love. For the world, for everyone in my life, and most of all for myself. . I’m not a quitter, and I never will be. . #nature #getoutstayout #nature_obsession #awesomeearth #doyoutravel #passionpassport #opennyworld #radgirlslife #choosemountains #womenwhohike #choosemountainswomen #idhikethat #naturebabe #alpinebabes #andshesdopetoo #hikingbangers #outdoorwomen #shemovesmountains #wanderwomeninc #sheexplores #alaska #alaskalife #explorealaska #ipreview via @preview.app
Got to spend the morning following around a beginners ladies' ride organized by @wecangetdown with @ragecycles and a fire hose of a informational clinic by @rideitoutmtb. Speaking of - any one who knows a veteran should check out the @rideitoutmtb non-profit organization - getting vets on bikes for an outdoor/adernaline therapy! First time with dirt on the tires for some of these ladies. Blood, bumps, and bruises included - but hey, that's mountaining biking for ya.
Its only been six months since finishing my thru hike of the PCT, but the trail feels distant to me now, and the girl who lives in the woods as well. I know this feeling; my quiet low grade panic settling in when it’s been too long since I’ve sat in silence under the stars. But this feeling is met with excitement and determination... because I know it’s time to set out again. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about my trek this July! Hint*** I’ll be on the look out for huldufólk as I make my way across the Island ...
"Spent some time in Elora again last weekend. It was a great day for hiking! It was nice to see the Elora Quarry so empty and peaceful too. Last time I was here it waa the middle of summer and it was filled with swimmers! Also did you know the Elora Quarry has been in over 20 films? Most recently It in 2017. " If you haven't checked out Elora Quarry, it's a beautiful spot for a day trip, and the town of Elora is adorable as well! * * 📸@burdickjoy
Pine Point Rapids 📍I love the landscape of the Canadian Shield. It’s amazing.
.fair weather mountain season is back 🙌
I impulse shopped Amazon today... & will be the happy owner of the a new ultralight inflatable SUP in approximately 2 business days. Once I alter the backpack, there will be backpacking, PLUS paddleboarding. This is shaping up to be a pretty stellar summer. 🏔🏞🏕 . . . . #womenwhoexplore #womenwhoexploremontana #theladyalliance #summitwithin #montana #forever406   #stayandwander #staywild #hikingdaily #lovelifeoutside #rei1440project #getlostmt #visitmt #forceofnature #exploremontana #mountain #paddling #celebratewild #sheexplores #sheisnotlost #wearethewild #liveyourwild #getoutstayout #bestofmontana #wildmt #distinctlymontana #beboundless #wildmontana #outdoorsforall #livebravely
"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." ~ David Bowie #chooseyourownadventure #womenwhohike
Maybe we love mountains so much because it gives the notion that you’re “up in the clouds”. And being so high is like a sense of dreaming. A journey unreachable. But when you’re on top a mountain. You’re there. Smiling with the sun, moving with the clouds and dancing with the stars.
Years ago, @donttellsummer slid into my DM’s here. We then took our relationship to the next level by texting + eventually meeting up in person when she attended my Boho Bliss retreat. Since then we’ve traveled, collaborated, laughed, cried, gotten lost, eaten heaps ( we’re prone to walk so long to find the perfect spot with good vibes that we end up hangry in the pursuit of food ) , watched lots of trashy TV + supported each other through big life shifts while playing + working in 3 countries together. She’s the kind of friend who gets on board with my crazy ideas + clears her schedule to hang out when I take last minute trips to Sydney. I was prepping for a SUPER important meeting with a world leader + said to her “ I’m grateful he’s made time for me, he’s a really imporant person.” She stops me and replies, “ Yeah, but so are you + your time is also really valuable “. Be around people who see you, get you, love you + push you to be more of that. Happy Birthday to my favourite BIG Dreamer, you’re magic Liv + I’m so grateful for you. The ripple effects of your Rad Livin Festival are endless + I also know this is just the beginning for you. Love love love. Ps Have you made any real world friendships from this media we call Social? Lemme know.
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