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Я никогда не терпел Старался принять все рационально Я не пережил потерь людей Ни бедность, ни предательство Ведь был осторожным с людьми Даже с теми кто близкими значится Но и ни это было важным для меня А нега моя, что от меня вечно прячется...
2019 has been a crazy year so far! Our company has bought our dream camera! We're getting a bigger studio. So many new things heading in great directions! S/o to everyone who's there for me and my team and our dreams. This is a shot of me at one of our weddings lol. #Palamora #Shootersonly
listen to the rhythm of the falling rain🎶
Como la Flor 🌸 lol Starring @marked_since_day1
Some B&W action. I think this is the most difficult for me. I can never seem to find the best picture to turn black and white, or photograph something with the intentions of it being black and white. Oh well, I'll find an eye for it eventually 👁
“Will you defeat them, your demons, and all the non-believers?” Name that song 😏 • • • Shot by: @abelinsane In frame: @bb.curl Edited by me #PortraitFFA (Swipe ➡️)
Do you play an instrument? 🎹 Photo by @jesusxvix Model @saltykitty Selected by Fiona Join the #portraitsvisuals family for a chance to be featured!
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