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#TeamworkThursday coming at you! What's more fun than core work than with friends?!🔥💪🙌 I mean really?! ❤ * * * * * #hicfitness #livethefitlife #fitchicks #ladiesthatlift #core #sixpackabs #fitness #personaltraining #HuntingtonBeach
ABS workouttt🔥 let’s get that core on fire! Let me tell you, the third exercise is INTENSE🥵👏 the perfect combination between balance / coordination and strength if you ask me! If you aren’t able to do the push ups yet, you can modify it by performing the exercise while keeping a high plank - DOUBLE TAP ❤️ for more ab workouts!! And TAG someone who needs to try this - 1️⃣ side plank knee to elbow | 3 x 12 per side 2️⃣ single leg reverse crunch | 3 x 10 - 12 3️⃣ running man push ups | 3 x 1 rep short of failure - 💪 my complete training & nutrition guide: @gainsbybrainsguide song: for the record - ooyy remix
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