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I know I’m in Paris but it’s Father’s Day and I sure do love my Dad. Happy Father’s Day to the world’s most unassumingly adventurous father. What a blast we’ve had being adults together. Thank you for teaching me all about how to be a respectful, loyal human and a somewhat athletic but very sportsmanlike competitor. Powder 8s were flawless with you as the lead. Love you very much even though you’ll never see this because #flipphone . #moregarnish #mikewiegele . . . . . #skiculture #heliskiing #ventureout #canada #skicanada #ski #goski #hellobc #explorsecanada #travelbc #lifeisgood #skiviews #choosemountains #optoutside #forthedirtofit #outdoorwomen #radgirlslife #alpinebabes #wildernessbabes #andshesdopetoo #justanoutdoorgal #mtnbabes #nomadgirls #unicornvibes #tothemountains #forgirlswhoride #skiordie
Great Northern Snowcat Skiing in BC Canada is ideal for those who want to play in the powder & don't need to go on a max vertical powder feeding frenzy or ride gnarly terrain. Some availability for the 19/20 season including limited dates in Jan & a couple of dates in February. See our review & availability on Powderhounds.com. #greatnorthernsnowcatskiing #bccatskiing #cruisyterrain #powderskiing #snowcatskiing #catskiing #skicanada #bccanada #greatnorthern
Respect ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_WILLIAM ➥ Via : @baldfacelodge
“LISTEN TO THE EYES” @bigairmare @hibeams @leannepelosi ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_STEVEN ➥ Via : @jpminibike
Get some! ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_CHARLES ➥ Via : @mtnapproach
Season passes are going off sale one week from today! Not a single pass will be sold after 11:59pm on January 18th. If you’ve been procrastinating buying a pass this year, now’s your last chance! This season has been awesome so far, with more to come! ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_TIMOTHY ➥ Via : @sugarbowlresort
if you aren’t following @thesnowclub then you’re missing mayhem like this 😂 @thesnowclub ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_ROBERT ➥ Via : @skiing
We were honored to host @TorahBright while she met up with @jeremyjones here at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe. This clip is from @outofboundsimax. Out of Bounds is the upcoming Giant Screen, 3D documentary following Torah & friends along their mountain journey from Antarctica to Alaska. ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_TIMOTHY ➥ Via : @squawalpine
We can’t complain that it’s Monday morning in the office 🙃 ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_JAMES ➥ Via : @mintsnowboarding
It’s mid May and we are not even close to being over it! Anybody else out there stoked on these spring storms? Here @elenahight enjoys some amazing conditions yesterday at @mammothmountain on her women’s Flagship. 🎥: @weavsworld // ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_CHARLES ➥ Via : @jonessnowboards
Last year @tjrogers walked away with a stack of cash after landing a ton of switch tricks in the @boostmobile Switch Jam. Watch him and 9 other skateboarders throw it down again this Friday, June 14th, at 5pm. Admission is free. If you can’t be here watch it on DewTour.com/Live. ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_JASON ➥ Via : @dewtour
💣 @candidethovex would you?could you? ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_EDWARD ➥ Via : @mountainlifenut
Well why not black and white Friday, some old some new . Chile 🇨🇱 Chile 🇨🇱 May I visit 📸@somerstuff #skicanada #skibc #oldphotos #skichile #skitheworld #snow #pow #flying
Need to cross a wind-scoured face, or have full bite on firm ice and snow? Our lightweight crampons are now available and easy to use. Skin with more confidence ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_JOHN ➥ Via : @mtnapproach
It’s starting to feel a bit like up here today! • Sun’s up, birds are chirping • Cruise on up for some Sunday sliding • A little goes a long way • • • ➥ Follow me : @snowboard_timothy ➥ Via : @borealmtn
Sticking with the spring skiing kick... according to the Spring Skiing Connoisseur, “only friends on a spring day!” Couldn’t agree more... An honor to share slush spays, pole taps and slow motion hair tossles with this fine posse! I’m pretty sure this is proof that I was born in the way wrong era... aka @jordanbasile you are 🔥! Sweet vid by @whiteroomfilms and @squawalpine ! PS my dad @skicamguy is in the actual old chairlift shot, circa 1990! ➥ Follow me : @Snowboard_JASON ➥ Via : @aengerbretson
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