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These @rockshox Lyrik Ultimates has had an unfortunate coming together with a rock, damaging the stanchion at a point the fork spends a lot of time going over. All better now though, new stanchion fitted and good to go again. #slickandslidesuspension #lyrikultimate #rockshox
Yep that’s definitely not meant to be like that! Off for Warranty they go. #slickandslidesuspension #getslickedtoday #mondayjustkeepsongiving
Another mega weekend with @ardrockenduro ardmoors is the nuts🤘 suffered with passenger side leg cramp for last two stages but still came away with 4th in vets.. shout out to matt at @markanthonybikes for the support this year and rick @slickandslidesuspension for keeping the bouncy bits plush 🙌 @lewisgregoryphoto 📸@santacruzbicycles_uk #activesport #slickandslidesuspension #ardmoorsenduro #ardrockenduro #mtb #mtblife #santacruznomad
There is a whole lot of amazing engineering on the workbench this morning. Thanks to @saddleback_ltd and @pushindustriesuk things just got slightly AWESOME! Cannot wait to get this @pushindustries ElevenSix and ACS3 on my bike and hit the trails. Such beautiful design and engineering goes into this kit. #slickandslidesuspension #pushindustries #elevensix
Scared or concentrated!? 😅
Full service on this @ridefoxuk DPX2 that’s on a @santacruzbicycles V3 Bronson. It’s also been fitted with the new bearing eyelet hardware which is a great upgrade and a shorter valve stem to make fitting and removing a shock pump easier. #slickandslidesuspension #getslickedtoday #ridefox #kashima #rollerbearing
We had a great day yesterday down @saddleback_ltd while they showcased the premium products and brands they distribute. @pushindustries is obviously a brand of huge interest to us and to meet Darren from Push was great. Saddleback have some great plans for the brand here in the UK so it’s very much a case of watch this space! #slickandslidesuspension #pushindustries #elevensix
SALE! 2020 RockShox Pike Ultimate RC2, 27.5, 140mm travel, gloss black £680. Marzocchi Bomber Z1, 29er, 160mm travel, black, £580. Cane Creek IL coil shock, 216x63, no spring included £285. Cane Creek Helm Air fork, 27.5, black, 160mm travel, £650. #slickandslidesuspension #rockshox #canecreek #ridefox
Do you own a bike that used to run a RockShox Deluxe or Super Deluxe shock with 30mm bearing mounting hardware? Fitted with a Fox shock now? We have the new Fox bearing mounting hardware arriving tomorrow to increase sensitivity. Get them while they are hot for £34.95. #slickandslidesuspension
This @ridefoxuk 34 stanchion had seen quite a bit of wear. No problem though, new one fitted. #slickandslidesuspension
Welsh gravity last weekend didn't go as planned as i would've liked it too, but got a 4th amongst resorting to flat pedals after my crank bros decided to depart from my bike😂, happy with a 2nd in the overall an onto the final round at Easty, big up Rob for the pedal lend💨
#ndtunedexcenduro #slickandslidesuspension Massive thank you to @slickandslidesuspension for the fast turnaround The steerer was to short for the new frame so Rick pressed me a new steerer tube in
Revs slippy as ever...
Blew my shock on the last day absolutely gutted 😩😩 #foxdhx2 #morzine #mtbbeds #bikemorzine #mtblife #gutted #slickandslidesuspension
Creaky or clicking CSU? Out for of warranty? We got you covered! This @rockshox Pike will shortly be better than new. #slickandslidesuspension
@ridefoxuk DHX2 getting a new eyelet due to a hairline fracture allowing oil to leak out. #slickandslidesuspension
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