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I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone! As we grow in our uncomfortable 😣 zone! I invite you to do so I definitely am practicing what I preach. ❤️ Yesterday, I had my very first ever professional coaching session with @adelefrasercoaching and it was enlightening And she is amazing. I highly recommend her. Now, I know why very successful professional people have coaches. I realized I was actually allowing my fears of what others thought of me prevent me from being ME. The second was the Fear of Rejection as I personalize everything and waste time over analyzing what I did and how I could fix or be better when it wasn’t about me at all. Today, i has my first personal training coaching session with @nicoleharrisfit which was soooo amazing, educating and empowering. Truthfully, close to 3 years ago I was told by a doctor that I needed to stop strength training (so I quit orange theory fitness) and since then I have been scared too as I didn’t want another extreme flare which would take me 2 months to get back to okay. However, two years ago tomorrow was my first dose of #liquidgold which forever change my chronic pain (past car accidents and surgeries) and endometriosis. So now I am able to do the things I love like spin, trail running and begin strength training because balance is so important. 2 years ago all of these things were off limits because of my extreme pain and flare ups. I was a hot mama mess. One choice can change your life... so I invite you to reach within and take the next step to investing in YOU however that looks like for you. Reach out anytime! You got this . We got this! We have one life so I challenge you to live it to your full potential ❤️ #momlife #lifelonglearner #mompreneur #findyourfire #sothankful #soblessed #enterpreneur #coaching #lifecoachingtips #hardworkpaysoffs #bossbabe #showupforyou #kamloops #believeinyourself #collagenlife
My girl is seriously teething 😭 but still she is smiley & happy. #soblessed
The last couple of days we have loved having these beautiful girls while their parents welcomed baby number 3! Thank you @maryjanelle for a glimpse into being a grandma! . . . #lifegoals #littleredheads #soblessed #familytime #newborn #baby3 #family #newgoal #grandmahereicome #love
It was such an honor to meet @kimholdenauthor at book bonanza. She is such an amazing human and her books are just as amazing. One of my favorite quotes ever comes from her book Bright Side. “I hear the love for him in her voice. It makes my heart happy when people feel that kind of love. It’s rare. People don’t take the time to find it. Or they let it go too easily. Or they don’t know how precious it is when they have it.” -Kim Holden, Bright Side. #RomanceReader #AmazingAuthors #MeaningfulBooks #BookNerd #BookLover #SoBlessed
Powerful, a powerful message without words. I'm excited to see what kind of man my son will turn out to be. Hopefully a Good fearing, Wise, confident, kind and driven one. #SoBlessed #teampitty #fatherhood #dadhood
There is infinite peace to be found under the shade of trees, in fields of soft grass, under blue skies, warm sunshine, so many gifts we have been given 😇🌿 thank you universe 🙏
A todas las personas qué me demostraron su cariño ayer, les confieso que fue algo increíble; En serio que me hicieron sentir muy querida y afortunada...de que nivel #soblessed de #influencer ... 😌✨ Ya en serio, GRACIAS a esas personas nuevas en mi vida por llegar y a tantas por seguir. Me hicieron sentir muy especial💖 los quiero y que siga la mata dando💁🏼‍♀️🤘🏻
My sweet babes threw me a bday party last week & I was feelin all the love 😍💕🦄 #swipetoseemore #soblessed
Welcome Margaret Anne!!!Arriving Tues morning after Mama Dianna did her workout in the hospital instead of the gym. Weighing in at 7.2lbs is the most perfect of baby girls!!! We couldn’t be happier to add a new member to the Lean and Fit family!. . . . . . #blessed 🙏 #mama #mamababy #healthymama #healthybaby #walkinthepark #leanandfitbaby #familycomplete #babyboy #babygirl #soblessed
Welcome Margaret Anne!!!Arriving Tues morning after Mama Dianna did her workout in the hospital instead of the gym. Weighing in at 7.2lbs is the most perfect of baby girls!!! We couldn’t be happier to add a new member to the Lean and Fit family!. . . . . . #blessed 🙏 #mama #mamababy #healthymama #healthybaby #walkinthepark #leanandfitbaby #familycomplete #babyboy #babygirl #soblessed
Late night shopping with this hottie! #soblessed
As I’m finishing up on preparations for our first day of school, I got a surprise visit from a Woodbury teacher delivering a “first day of school” gift. To add to my joy of welcoming all our cyclones tomorrow, Woodbury teachers gave me the sweetest surprise - a basket filled with letters. Each letter written by a Woodbury teacher. As if my first day with Cypress Village students isn’t enough to be excited about, I get to look forward to opening my “Day One” letter! So happy there are so many teachers at Woodbury because I get to open letters for over a month! My bucket has been filled! Now to fill the buckets of 1,000 students tomorrow! 🥰 #joy #soblessed #bucketfilling #kindness #assistantprincipal #principalsofinstagram
Best day ever! #soblessed
When your husband surprises you by sending lunch to you at work! On a day I needed it! Baby your best! Thank you so much! And beautiful flowers from my amazing husband. Tucker, I love you so very much! On a workday that was difficult, this was a wonderful surprise! LYFE!!! I have often said nursing is one of the hardest yet most rewarding job there is. Some days are hard, you are pushed past exhaustion but you keep pushing, keep going. Today was a hard day for my team. Some days are hard because there are days that no matter how much you do it’s not enough and some days are hard because it’s hard to say goodbye when you gave the best you had and cared as much as you could, when you allow that patient enter your heart and life and you become a part of theirs. Those goodbyes are hard and those patients will always stay with you. These are the ones that you feel honored and blessed to have been allowed to play a small part of their journey here. You feel blessed that they allowed you to see into their world and take a small part in it. Today, while I am sad to say goodbye, I am grateful for the reminder of why I do what I do and how I want to try to always do it! #sweetsuprises #lovemyhubby #rnlife #proudtobeanurse #soblessed
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8yr old 9k Follower Blessings-to say Audrey’s softball journey has been BLESSED would be an understatement🙏🏽Just this past month she was able to experience PGF for the 1st time coming in 13th place with @ohanatigershernandez08 Thank you OHANA💚🤙🏼She accepted an offer to play with coach Daniel @ohanatigersbustamante09 for the fall season💚🤙🏼She was featured twice alongside some real ⚾️studs on the @mlbnetwork #SandlotToTheShow being analyzed by @markdero7 Joe Girardi and Billy Ripken⚾️reppin’ it for that🥎🥎nation💪🏽❤️Yesterday she was blessed to reach the 9000 follower mark.When we 1st started this page we never thought she’d have 90 followers let alone 9000🙏🏽It will never be about the likes or follows.But always about following and loving her journey❤️Audrey would like to send a huge shout out and THANK YOU to each and every one of you following her journey and her love for the sport🥎She’s inspired every day by each and every one of your kind words and messages.We’d also like to send a huge THANK YOU to all you 🔥🔥coaches🔥🔥sharing that great stuff w/all of us watching and learning!! Rec practice started Monday-Ohana practice yesterday.Right back at it!Here we go......Thank you Albert @lasvegassotogloves for making us part of your glove fam!Can’t wait for the custom!!#blessed #soblessed #thankful #grateful #thankyou #9000followers #softball #softballife #softballgirls #fastpitchsoftball #fastpitch #workhard #demarini #demarinifp #fortheloveofthegame #workhardplayhard #grind #numbersdontl1e #ndlambassador
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