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Le dimanche c'est #funko . Aujourd'hui première figurine d'une nouvelle collection consacrée au film #StarWarsSolo . Han Solo est le premier personnage mis à l'honneur 😍 / Sunday is @originalfunko . Today first figurine of a new collection dedicated to the movie #StarWars #Solo . #HanSolo is the first character honored 😉 #instafunko #funkopop #instafunkopop #instastarwars @starwars
Can I say what an honor it was to have been given the opportunity to add this custom set to my avfigures collection? I remember when they just first announced these custom sets. The first thing I remembered asking myself out loud was “Who in their right fudging mind would pay $80 for this snickerdoodle?” A few months later I finally realized just how costly it can be to produce all of these premium stuff. I saw that this wasnt for your average Lego collector, but it was for a collector that draws immeasurable power from the exclusivity, the premium quality that this offers. Half a year later I’ve been given an chance to experience what it’s like to own a now very exclusive set from @avfigures. I want to thank Thomas @tnrcustoms for all your hard work designing it with Andrew! And I also want to thank @vortexbattalion because after talking with him earlier this morning, I found out that this extra set originally belonged to him. So thank you for your selflessness on relinquishing this beauty to me :). Unfortunately no instructions yet! So I don’t think I’ll be building it until I get home from my vacation! So stay tuned for my review on it. #legoarmy #legoclonearmy #legostarwarscollector #grandarmyoftherepublic #afol #minifigs4u #solidbrixstudios #clonearmycustoms #rougeone #imperial #galacticempire #theforceawakens #legostarwarsminifigures #firstorder #starwarsrebels #legostarwarscollection #legostarwarscollector #avfigures #ebayengineerio #lego #legostarwarsmocs #starwarssolo #thelastjedi #legomania #clonetrooper #clonearmy
Hello everyone! What a busy and an exciting week I’ve had! Receiving packages left and right and my instagram page blowing up in followers thanks to the support of AV team members as well as many many others! I’m excited to finally show everyone up close and personal about what I’ve been working on for the past few days! It took a lot longer than I expected. Because AVfigures doesnt precut the cloths and they don’t provide printed helmets yet. I had to go the extra mile and provide all the tools and had to do some things myself. I have 0 experience working with my hands, so it was quite the challenge! I took everything very slow, so I would avoid messing up the cutting process. Ps: I STILL MESSED UP ANYWAYS. I have developed quite a lot of respect for companies who produce their own cloths and have the man power to cut them out and hole punch them for their customers. So I understand why the small team over at @avfigures , can’t precut cloths for us atm 🙏🏻. Anyways the wait is finally over! Here is the showcase of the entire AVfigures haul I placed. Rocking the printed CAC helmets, helmet accessories, and weapons temporarily. With that said stay tuned and look out for my detailed review where I will be discussing the following: the good, the bad, my opinions, my concerns, and comparisons between avfigures and my past custom figures if possible! The big question is: Should you trust avfigures with your money to deliver premium and top notch quality product and customer support? If you’re interested in picking up the figures yourself there are a select designs left in stock so head over to @avfigures for the figs and helmet if you wish to decal your own. If you need temporary printed helmets and don’t want to decal avfigure helmets, head over to @clonearmycustoms . #legoarmy #legoclonearmy #legostarwarscollector #grandarmyoftherepublic #afol #minifigs4u #solidbrixstudios #clonearmycustoms #rougeone #imperial #galacticempire #theforceawakens #legostarwarsminifigures #firstorder #starwarsrebels #legostarwarscollection #legostarwarscollector #avfigures #ebayengineerio #lego #legostarwarsmocs #starwarssolo #thelastjedi #legomania #clonetrooper
I’m extremely excited to be bringing YA’ll along for the ride. If you have not already heard the whispers across the galaxy about some crazy dude who dropped $430 over at avfigures recently then you should keep your ears open 👂🏻 and your eyes 👀 wide open, because I’ve been the one who has been buying up all of Andrews printed figures. It starting with the presales on April 23rd and I followed up with the gigantic May 4th releases. I received my AVfigures order last Friday, but I had to wait for the Clone Army Customs helmets to arrive before I could take pictures and do my reviews. Now that everything has arrived KEEP your eyes 👀 peeled as I have a lot to say in the upcoming reviews! Thank you everyone for being patient! I will try my best to finish taking photos tomorrow, so that way I can do gradual posts and reviews as I go out of town for vacation on Saturday! In the mean time enjoy my little teaser! Also Head over to @avfigures and check out Andrew and his teams amazing work for any thing clone related! Yes yes yes, I decided to go with CAC helmets temporarily as, avfigures does not currently have printed helmet options yet! I figured this would be the most convenient and cost effective way to showcase my haul while not breaking my bank and spending time doing decals when the av printed helmets are ON their way soon. When the time is right I will be doing a full AV transition. Utilizing AV cloth’s are the first transition taking effect right now! Take one step at a time. PS: I do not own Star Wars The Clone Wars, and I don’t own the music! Credit goes to the respective people! #legoarmy #legoclonearmy #legostarwarscollector #grandarmyoftherepublic #afol #minifigs4u #solidbrixstudios #clonearmycustoms #rougeone #imperial #galacticempire #theforceawakens #legostarwarsminifigures #firstorder #starwarsrebels #legostarwarscollection #legostarwarscollector #avfigures #ebayengineerio #lego #legostarwarsmocs #starwarssolo #thelastjedi #legomania #clonetrooper #clonearmy
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