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[ Blue || Stucky/Evanstan AU  Angst Short ] *** I remember the day I first saw you but I did not know then what you would come to me, not that day, and sadly, not until many days afterwards when it was too late. My days had steadily been coloured blue for a while now, I had started to lose hope, the optimism I had always prided myself on waned under the weight of my heavy heart. One day was exactly like the other - I couldn’t tell them apart if I tried, the worry, the sadness blended them all in the same shade. But the day I first saw you? I still remember that day. Your hair was long enough to be falling into your eyes when you talked to me, you kept pushing it back. I didn’t realise then how much I would miss the gesture when you were gone. You had paint on your nose from when you had been working on your new house earlier that day, some on your clothes and a little had found its way to the tip of your ear, too.  I remember every little detail about the day when I first saw you and yet I hadn’t been smart enough to realise why I did. I had been living in those blue days for so long, I couldn’t show you that there was more to me, like you kept telling me day after day. I was drawn to you every day like a moth to its flame, and every day afterwards is coloured different. The brightest are the ones where you made me forget everything else except you. I had started to forget what the blue days looked like, I thought I did, I swear. But you turned those ocean eyes to me last night - blue, sad, so sad it broke my heart like she had never been able to. You said you couldn’t stay around just to help me forget her anymore. That you loved me too much and not enough for that. You told me we couldn’t be together anymore. And today I’m a blind man - I cannot find you anywhere. You took away every colour from my life when you left, the last bit of light I had went with you. Now there’s only blind darkness, how could you say I did not love you, too? #stucky #Evanstan #steverogers #captainamerica #buckybarnes #wintersoldier #whitewolf #chrisevans #sebastianstan #roleplay #au #stuckyroleplay #evanstanroleplay #stevengrantrogers #jamesbuchananbarnes #bucky #steverogersrp
I don’t know why but this is super funny 😂 - Stevie
— 𝘣𝘦𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘨𝘰 steven grant rogers you mean a lot to me. i love you. [please share on your story] rm michonnestark | sp @marvel.scenepacks
We have math next 😭 - Stevie • • • • Credit to artist!!
Our one and only Captain America... Chris Evans at the Avengers : Endgame premiere in Hollywood 🔥😭 | #chrisevans #stevengrantrogers #captainamerica #avengers #avengersassemble #avengersendgame #marvel #marvelstud10s #stanlee #marvelcomics #marvelsavengers
@marvel JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY! - Stevie • • • • Credit to artist!!
🌹 › ┊ Here’s Chris on the red (PURPLE) carpet at the Avengers: Endgame World Premiere, yesterday in LA! ♡ My gorgeous baby, he slays ✨ I was hoping soooo badly for a pic with him and Robert but nvm! 💙 ╱ © ( gettyimages.it ) . . . . #chrisevans #sebastianstan #captainamerica #steverogers #robertdowneyjr #civilwar #buckybarnes #infintywar #marvel #ironman #buckybarnes #theavengers #stucky #stony #steverogersedit #teamcap #stevengrantrogers #marvelcomics #mcu #scarlettjohansson #marveledit #marvelcast #marvelfan #tonystark #chrisevansedit #wintersoldier #avengersinfinitywar #captainamericaedit #l4l #instadaily
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