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There is a “thing” happening on Wednesday, June 12, at the flagship REI store. Washington Trails Association is hosting its annual Hike the State event. Six (6) hiking “experts” will talk about hikes to explore throughout the beautiful state of Washington. One of said *speakers* is me! *screams* (I am not quite ready to embrace the term “expert.”) Tickets are on sale now: see link in bio. Come give your support, meet fellow hikers, and say hello. || Happy weekend adventures! . . . photo: shon’t. || @thatgirlshont
"And I am all the things I have ever loved: scuppernong wine, cool baptisms in silent water, dream books and number playing." Toni Morrison ♥️ I hope ya'll have enjoyed the photos i've been sharing and thanks everyone who voted in my story! On the horizon we've got Artemis, Goddess of the wild, wilderness, and the hunt. 🏹🌲 Here's to your Memorial Day weekend! 🌊⛰ 🤟
Happy weekend Strays! Remember to tag us whatever youre up to this memorial day weekend 🤟🇺🇸🍂 Sail Tees and more goods up online now @stray_together 🌊⛰🌲 Ambassador: @ansawoo
Heres to the weekend!! When the mountains are calling, where do you go? Bike, climb, hike, or ride? 😎 Let us know and remember to tag us @stray_together 🌲⛰🌊 Oregon road photo by @aows #StrayTgthr
In the stillness of the woods there’s hardly a quiet moment. That’s what I love about it. Everywhere there’s life happening. A plop in the stream, the rustle of leaves, birds in the air and all of their calls. And we can sense it all in the midst of it. 🍂
At the forest’s edge. Have you ever enjoyed a good hike through the woods and at the break in the trees you can see a beautiful view just steps away? Here’s to that. 🍻🍂 Remember to tag us! @stray_together Photo by Phillip Deus
Alone in the arms of lonely, Muffled Silence glistens clear, Free to dance her unsung songs Of fear and confusion, Hope and dismay, Desired dreams And possible realities. “Stay awake,” she screams; “Final call. You are missing your cues. The act will end With or without your participation.” . . . photo + poetry: shon’t. || @thatgirlshont . . To learn more about the Summit Prairie Lookout go to @summitprairie. Dude and I had the pleasure of calling this magical haven home for 3 nights.
Photography frustrates me more than anything else; it’s definitely one of those hobbies that gets into your blood and then makes it boil. You get to a point where you say to yourself “I’m no good at this but I’m going to keep doing it...it pisses me off and makes me wanna throw something but I’ll keep doing it even tho I know it’ll make me feel this way.” . I was talking to @nickpalastro the other day about Milky Way season, photography, and landscape captures praying for some advice (if you’re not following him you’re missing out on some top not photography) and he handled the whole conversation like I was talking to myself: super humble, super ‘I’m nobody, just a guy who’s trying’ Seriously, follow him. . Tonight I was peeing at an undisclosed location and the moon was perfectly framed by 2 trees, that of course changed once I brought my camera and tripod out, go figure, I tried. . 300mm 1/125 sec f/11.0 ISO 100 . . . , #shotoncanon #canonphotography #canonusa #optoutside #rei1440project #virginiaisforlovers #exploreva #loveva #blueridgemountains #blueridemoments #lunarphotography #straytgthr
Strategically place yourself at tables in the sun 🍂☀️ Here’s to a beautiful day for all of us✌️🌲 #saturday #goodmorning #artwork #adventure #betheadventure
Breathtaking 🍂 Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park by our friend @tristansadler Remember to tag us! #StrayTgthr
“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” Carl Sagan. Sun shore and waves design now up at StrayTogether.co with worldwide shipping Link is in my bio 🍂 @stray_together
Sixty-five steps, 40-feet up. Home for 4 days, 3 nights. Intimate connections only. No wires, no feeds. The quiet hum of the sun, The wonder of the moon. Unsolicited peace; unwelcome emotions. The truth of presence In the lookout. . . . photo + poetry: shon’t. || @thatgirlshont
50 packets of @originaltopramen came in today, y’all know I had to stage a photo with them before throwing them into resupply boxes 🤗 ‘Tis the season to prep resupplies! 📦 . 49 more days! Eeek!! . . . . . #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #at2019 #sobo #trektheat #thetrek #sobolivesmatter #southboundersarenothomeschooled #straytgthr #withguthook #mainetogeorgia #mainetogeorgia2019 #shotoncanon #canonphotography #canonusa #hikertrash #rei1440project #optoutside
Remember to prop your feet up and enjoy the moment. Views for your Tuesday from Shi Shi beach @olympic_nps from @nocarsgo nothing short of gorge 😌🌊🍂 Remember to tag us while you’re out there. @stray_together 🌲🌊⛰🍂
Here's a #panoramic shot of The widowmaker in kananaskis from yesterday's wander. What a beautiful weekend spent with beautiful people. #mountains #nature #getoutstayout #canadianrockies #optoutside #landscape #outdoors #straytgthr #beautiful #explore #explorealberta #adventure #familyfun #waterfall #wanderlust #roamtheplanet #kananaskis #keepitwild #mothersday
Closures: Of doors, Of days, Of opportunities, Of lives. Growth chilled. Openings postponed. Until tomorrow. . . . Wood-burning hot tub courtesy the incomparable Summit Prairie Lookout. Dabney: Thank you for the respite, comfort, and support. . . . photo + poetry: shon’t. || @thatgirlshont
Back on that 7-day-a-week work grind...get up, go to job number 1, get off and head straight to job number 2, go home, watch tv, go to sleep, repeat. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have 48 days until I drive to Maine and 51 days until I start the Appalachian Trail then I would have gone crazy forever ago (in all fairness, if I wasn’t thru hiking this year then I wouldn’t be working hours like this to close out the final stretch). . Today I ordered 50 packets of Ramen, 72 instant coffee packets, 24 Carnation instant breakfasts and 16 rice crispy treats from Amazon for resupply boxes and pro-dealed $100 worth of permethrin, picaridin, and deet (perks of working in a gear shop: it didn’t cost me near that much). . I plan of doing mostly resupply boxes up north to save money and I’m beyond stoked to begin putting those together. . More than anything I’m just ready to hit the trail; and in the **right** direction for that matter😉 #sobolivesmatter #southboundersarenothomeschooled . . . . #trektheat #thetrek #sobo #at2019 #appalachiantrail2019 #thruhike #optoutside #rei1440project #straytgthr #withguthook #shotoncan #canonusa #canonphotography
“I have this idea, that we can’t escape the emergence of our subliminal selves in the things that we create.” It’s about map time, an intensive, what will be grueling (but that’s the fun part) project to plot, describe and illustrate the landscapes and well known plant and animal life of the contiguous United States (maybe Alaska and Hawaii and territories) on federally protected lands as they pertain to the natural world and the inhabitants of those areas. #ittooklongemough more on this as it happens 🙏🙏🍂🍻✌️
“Follow me,” said the boy. “Let me lead the way. Eighteen miles we will go, For eighteen years Through 18 stages Across 18 moons In 18 galaxies newly explored By you, By me, By us. After we get there, I will show you a secret. I will show you the wings You helped me grow And you will see me fly.” || Hello to motherhood. . . . photo + poetry: shon’t. || @thatgirlshont
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