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Shine through the Darkness with your Archi 150cc #SuperPower #Archi To find dealers around you please visit http://piranigroup.com.pk/products/super-power/order/
Shine through the Darkness with your Archi 150cc #SuperPower #Archi To find dealers around you please visit http://piranigroup.com.pk/products/super-power/order/
I know it's hard. But we need more people who are brave enough to bring some light to the world even if they are hurt. So many people behave like plastic dolls or robots trying to act like they don't have any feelings or just thinking about themselves. Change. #brave #feelings #emotions #strength #strong #shine #use #love #superpower
Today’s @thesundayindo column. Are you happy in your unhappiness? One of my clients remarked the other day that most people are "happy in their unhappiness”. Now that's a quote, I said to her, and it's true. A lot of people settle for less in this life, for a number of reasons — either we have lost our zest for life, our self-esteem has diminished, or we become numbed and bored by life. We can also feel stuck and stagnant by various life experiences and challenges along our path. I do what I do because I believe everyone can live their best life. Granted, you have to actually want it, and it does look different for each person, but you know when you've hit that sweet spot. The best way to begin this process is by connecting with your heart. In doing this, you begin to allow your true guidance system to turn on and begin to operate for your highest good. When we continually connect with our heart, we begin to experience the world from a different space and place. We don't have to settle or become happy with our unhappiness. We can begin to do our best to feel great every day. Don't let anyone talk you down from this either, because some people just want you to play small so that they can feel better. They will happily push their excuses on to you so they can feel better about their own choices. We always know what's best for us. Deep down, our truth is crystal clear. But we can only access this truth through silence, space and living from our heart space. #wellbeingwriter #coach #Sundayindependent
Every task is super easy with my assistant 😎 #superpower #wonderkid
We are Mom's angels (not Charlie's angels 😂). Miss my dad so much (rest in peace in heaven) . . #sisters #momangels #womenpower #happyfamily #ohana #superpower
Feeling deeply is indeed a superpower. Experiencing life in all of its shapes, colours, scents and sounds... To feel deeply is to be ALIVE!🔥 . So do not let anyone convince you 🥴that you are too sensitive 🥴that having intense emotions is a weakness 🥴that keeping it down makes you a sensible adult . Begin highly sensitive and even feeling the emotions of others (empath) helps connecting to people on a much deeper level. And connection is what all of humankind is craving for!🙌🏻 . Allow yourself to feel. So you will connect with yourself. To feel aligned, in yourself. And from that place, connect to others. . It is beautiful to feel it all so deeply. If you allow yourself to get passed your set belief systems. Lean in! Surrender. Be proud. . Sensitivity to the world around you and the people in it will have us tap into ONE ness. Connection. With all. ❤ . Go feel. Enjoy. Be you!😘 .
Five years ago today- Madison was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Life changing, scary, and it’s for a lifetime. Every day she impresses us all with her diligent work pricking her fingers to check her blood glucose level, giving herself insulin shots, and still being an amazing 16 year old! Not easy, but congratulations Madison, you’ve shown the world your super powers! We love you so much!! To help us raise funds to find a cure, follow link in bio. #shesourhero #shesourworld #type1 #superpower #maddiesmarchers #juvenilediabetes #jdrf #jdrfonewalk
Unleash your SUPER POWER . Set your GOALS. Unleash it with CLEAR ACTION and NEVER GIVE UP! . #unleashyoursuperpower #teamrichdolly #positive #trudollysquad #superpower #trudolly #trufitz #jdt #johor #johorbahru #agentwanted #malaysia
The time you enjoy wasting, is not a waste of time (Can't believe I kept quiet during this video 😆) Actually by stepping out of your daily "oh there's all this stuff I need to do", you create space to relax, enjoy, and be present in this moment. To just have Fun! Always pushing and pursuing is always pressure. Make sure to create some time to do nothing you should be doing, whether it is resting, taking a nap, just lingering with loved ones, or doing completely irrelevant fun stuff! (I feel so lucky to have kids that grant me access to this!!) Stop feeling guilty for wasting time like this. Realise how essential it is for your well being, to cultivate. I just know it will bring you unexpected insights and energy to pursue the actions you intend to take. When you allow your mind to relax, beautiful things will unfold for you. Time is never wasted. Relaxing will help you align. Time always works for you, not against you. I wish for you to enjoy some relaxing moments today! 😘
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