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you‘ll belive god is a woman🖤✨ #arianagrande #godisawoman #sweetnertour #sweetnersessions #arianasing
look how beautiful she is my angel 👼🏻. i love her sm 🖤, but i hope that one day I will meet her 🥺! Hope is what make us live ☁️🌫.
don’t play w her ac selenatimothee / my coloring / dt tagged
[ use headphones] my cutie ac_ib brokenlor / cc mine
If you don’t get the fact. R.E.M is a masterpiece don’t change my mind. goodbye. 🖤 #arianagrande #sweetener #sweetnersessions #rem
No more self promo unless ur willing to follow me back ☹️ ur account ain’t flopping hun #purple #sweetnersessions #sweetnertour #nopromos #sweetner #a #ari #arianagrande
Hαρρყ Ⴆιɾƚԋԃαყ ƚσ ƚԋҽ Ⴆҽʂƚ αʅႦυɱ ҽʋҽɾ ✵.
woah. cannot believe today marks sweetener’s 1st birthday. 1 year already? i remember the day it was released so vividly as if it were yesterday. i literally stood up until 12 am waiting for her to release it since i missed ariana sm. after hearing ntltc , i was so impatient for the album. when it finally came and i clicked on raindrops i thought i could cry just hearing her beautiful voice. when i finished listening to the whole thing, i was a bit skeptical since it was something different. but the next day it already grew on me and i honestly never knew it’d become my favorite album that ariana has ever released. this one is just so special to me. with songs like gws and breathin helping me sm with my anxiety and depression. songs like sweetener and successful making me feel like a bad bitch. each and every song does something to me and i just love all of them so dearly. this album was shitted on many times and even called one of worsts. but, it will forever be my favorite. thank you ariana and ariana’s team for this work of art. happy 1 year to sweetener 💜. #arianagrande #sweetenerworldtour #thanunext #happy1yearsweetener #sweetener1year #sweetnersessions
I love the beginning of the sweetener era, omg she just popped out perfectly it was flawless 🤣 : : : : : #arianagrande #ariana #arianagrandeedit #sweetner #sweetnerworldtour #sweetnersessions
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