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This is for you. For me. For all of us. As I tell my students who struggle, this is a brand new moment. A new beginning right before us. You can be brave and move forward. You are not what/how {you think} others define you. You are you. ✨✨✨✨✨✨ If you are hungover today, this can be your last time. There are miracles and strength within you and around you. ✨✨✨✨✨✨ Listen. ✨✨✨✨✨✨ #wecandohardthings #serenityprayer #mentalhealth #sobermom #tellbetterstories #dryjuly #jointhetempest #thisnakedmind #recoveryhappyhour #brenebrown #macklemore (artwork🌺 @morganharpernichols )
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It's Monday!! Which means I survived my biggest sober scary... Sunday funday!! If that water monster was Sunday funday, yesterday I was def homegirl in the red. ... Most of you know I'm trying to go a year sober ( in hopes maybe I'll want to be sober 4eva). I was a big party girl in my 20's and honestly just wasted a lot of precious time and hurt my already sensitive mental health ( I mean I had a lot of epic memories too but the bad was starting to outweigh the good). Anyway, Sundays are a big trigger for me. I usually work weddings on the weekends so Sunday funday always had to be epic and never end. ... I'm getting so much more energy these days and all my lost brain matter is coming back so my boyfriend constantly finds us in a game of "what's next?! 🤩". I'm like a curious toddler who needs to be entertained and is so fascinated by the world. ... So yesterday I kept finding myself getting knocked down by my idle boredom and urge to rage. Each time I got over myself, we ended up doing something really cool or finding another activity that brought me true zen ( hence all the hair jewelry I've been making 😂). ... I'm learning this is all habit replacement and I'm starting to replace my bad habits with ones that only bring pure joy and bring me to my most authentic self ✨ so bring it on future #sundayscaries #sundayfunday . I'm armed with beads, glitter, wire, hair pins, face masks, books and you're not so scary anymore, bitch. 😘 ... Hair and makeup: Me! Photo: @ramonanicolaephotography
The dreamiest Sunday with my babes. Epic nap by one of us (in a big kid bed!). Sunshine. Tacos. Cozy sweaters. And (after *someone* is asleep) an episode of Queer Eye and some ice cream. The point is: dreamy. ✨ This week is full of so much that’s coming into the world. Things that have been simmering under the surface will be seeing the light of day. And yet I’m savoring this moment here, full of completely ordinary sweetness. This is where the action is. ✨ Take care of yourselves and each other. I love you.
Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. I know this is from #fridaynightlights 🏈 but I think it’s fitting here. 🙂 Happy Sober Sunday ya’ll.
Have you ever felt that need to give something up but were afraid that if you did, you would lose a key part of who you were? Be inspired by @jodi_lynn_doodles and remember that removing a negative aspect from your life will only make more space for positivity to GROW.⁠ ⁠ Today we are honoring five recovery warriors, who are taking steps towards greater health and wellness and we want to remind you that saying yes to recovery will only bring more room for LIFE.⁠ ⁠ @waytobesober@tayloranhouse@veganbeauty.blog ⁠ @⁠soulshifterbeauty⁠ @sobersecondwind ⁠ ⁠ As you move towards recovery, health, and wellness what do you expect to see EXPAND and GROW in your life?⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #recoveroutloud#soberlife #sobermovement #hipsobriety #sobriety #breakthestigma #soberissexy #endthestigma #addictionrecovery #selfcareisntselfish #selfcarematters #cleanandsober #wedorecover #rethinkthedrink #sobercommunity #recoveryispossible #tellbetterstories #sobrietyquotes #recoveryquotes #soberquotes #inspirationalquotes #quotestoinspire #recoveryrocks
Friday Van Vibes! As you shift into weekend MODE where will your thoughts and travels take you? If you are anywhere near MT Hood Meadows on Saturday or Sunday come see us at the MT Hood Adventure Van Expo and let's swap stories... . . . #storytelleroverland #livefree #exploreendlessly #tellbetterstories #freedom #love #nature #vanvibes #beauty #wonder #wander #mode4x4 #greatoutdoors #gooutside #homeiswhereyouparkit #sprintervanlife #mercedesbenzsprinter #modetrip #roadtrippin #campervan #experiencelife #joy #real #storytellerlife #modelife #modetrippers #homeiswhereyouparkit #letsgo #vanclans
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My most valuable assistant, Dorothy, filling up the manuscript for the new ebook (coming next Wednesday!) with all the good energy. ✨ We can’t wait for you to read it once the new site is live! 💖
This is the power of @shamebooth - Share your stories. Be heard. Rise up. Thank you to SHAMEBOOTH for being a supporting sponsor of the ‘Creating Connections’ Tour. Our next stop is Nashville where you can have a chance to meet the creator of SHAMEBOOTH, Paula Williams, play the Shame Game (trust us it is AWESOME) and so much more. Want to join us on August 3rd? We would love that. See link for details. ✨See link in bio for details ✨ #expressyourself #womenmarch #womensrightsmatter #humanrights #courageous #sherecovers #shespeakstruth
Three years ago today I was a few months sober, so lost, and so very sad. I was crying in my car on my way home from a job that I knew wasn’t right and in a life that had not yet become what it is today. Fear, shame and anxiety drove me. But there was a fire in me then, even still physically shaky, that said: more will be revealed. And I trusted the people who told me that. I saw people pulling over to photograph these rainbows. A sign that there was still beauty and curiosity in the world. I pulled over and met new friends and for a moment, felt less alone. I’m sharing this for three people who need to read it today. If you are struggling please keep going. Look up. Find community. Only connect. More will be revealed. #tellbetterstories #progressnotperfection #latergram #sober #recovery 👉👉👉” I cried many times today, for the news that's overwhelming our world and because selfishly, because I'm not sure of my place in it. When I walked out of the office the sun was shining and rain coming down and felt a deep sadness. I tuned on a street I don't usually drove down and was struck by this double rainbow covering our city. And I got out, white shirt and all (hi Birmingham!) and stood in the rain with the biggest smile on my face. I was met by the bigger smile from another woman who had also pulled over. And another. And a man. And some teenagers. Pulled over on the viaduct stuck by the beauty , taking photos and talking. Sharmain and Ree, and I talked about this moment being an answered prayer. We ran around in the rain and took photos and exchanged email addresses. When in times of doubt I look up, stay open, listen to stories, tell stories.”
3 days’ clean. Back on track. Hopefully, this time forever. 🙌🏼
Now you can learn & share about the practice of recovery with other recovering women in your local community. SHE RECOVERS® Sharing Circles provide supportive, non-judgmental spaces in communities across the world where women from diverse backgrounds can come together to learn and share about the practice of recovery. The Sharing Circles are led by SHE RECOVERS® Coaches. This page is a work in progress so please check back to see what new circles are popping up in your area as we grow and evolve. https://sherecovers.co/sharing-circles/ #sherecovers #recoverycoach #sobercircle #sobersisters
October 2017 | Beruri, State of Amazonas Brazil. Beach day in Beruri.
#wellnesswednesday (and every other day ever) will begin + end with being s o b e r. i don't stay sober for my kids or my husband or my parents. i stay sober purely out of an abiding love for myself 🌼 . . . . #sober #soberlife #soberwomen #soberaf #sobermama #sobriety #tellbetterstories #mentalhealth #ocd #livingwithocd #motherhood #parenting #momblogger #momblog #plantbased #cleanliving #nontoxic #vegan #plantpower #pnwlife #pnwmom #wellnessblogger #greenbeauty
I would say by nature I am a “rule follower” but lately I’ve become a bit of a rebel by society standards. The rules of our culture say ... 🌟you need a drink to have fun 🌟you need a drink relax 🌟you need a drink to dance at wedding 🌟you need a drink to transition your day 🌟 you need a drink to network at a happy hour 🌟you need a drink to celebrate 🌟you need a drink when you’re bored 🌟you need a drink at every holiday 🌟you need a drink to ease your stress 🌟 you need a drink to fit in . . . Listen, I’m not a prohibitionist or legalist. I believe everyone has the right to choose. Personally, by choosing the skip the drink, I realize I am breaking all the rules that media, marketing and culture promote. I’m a new kind of rebel😎💟 . . DM me if you’re looking for a tribe of women who feel the same and are #sobercurious or maybe just want to take a break.😉 We start a new reset group August 1st 👯‍♀️
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