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SILVER BIRCH TREES 2 // Painted this 10m x 6m gauze in two days last week for Hansel and Gretel @derbytheatre. Lots of atmospheric blacks and 5 shades of grey to build the depth and texture of the tree bark. Via :@jamiesimmons_ #communitytheatre #theatrefamily #dancetheatre #livetheatre #theatrephotography #theatredistrict #theatrelove #theatredesign #bolshoitheatre #theatrelife #nationaltheatre #mariinskytheatre #instatheatre #worldtheatreday
Title: Body Dysmorphia, Being Sven, and Working with Your Own Body On this episode, Andrew Pirozzi was interviewed. Andrew is an actor, dancer and singer who is currently playing Sven in Broadway’s Frozen. He has appeared on Television in the NBClive musical broadcast Hairspray Live! and Michael Bolten's Big Sexy Valentines Day Special on NETFLIX. Other TV credits include Crazy Ex Girlfriend(CW), The Real O'Neals(ABC), Teachers(TNT), Greys Anatomy and 90210. Film Credits include Seth McFarlane's Ted 2 and A Million Ways to Die in the West, Rock of Ages starring Julianne Hough & Tom Cruise. Petals on the Wind (Lifetime) and most recently as Officer Kent in the Lifetime movie I Know Where Lizzie Is. Award Show appearances include: The Academy Awards opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones & Seth McFarlane, The Tony Awards opposite Neil Patrick Harris, The Kennedy Center Honors with Sutton Foster & Patina Miller and most recently The MTV Video Music Awards opposite Taylor Swift. Andrew has toured with several Broadway shows, most notably the lead in Movin’Out by Billy Joel & Twyla Tharp, Dirty Dancing, SILENCE the Musical, and Follies(CTGLA). Commercials include: Dove with Lea Michele, Jordache Jeans with Heidi Klum and Neuro Sonic Drink with Neil Patrick Harris. Andrew happily married to his talented wife, Stacey, and is a proud father of two young daughters. Show Information: Mission: On Physiotherapy Performance Perspectives (PPP), Dr. Jenna Kantor, performer and physical therapist, interviews individuals on health in the performing arts. In this monthly podcast, we aim to help performing artists gain a better understanding of how their body works, how to reduce risk of injury, what Physical Therapy for performing artists entails, and how to maximize performance potential. Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment purposes and is not medical advice. Website: http://ptperformancepersp.wixsite.com/home YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCITo3xiKNBOq20jM7ExlRNw Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ptperformanceperspectives/ Email: ptperformanceperspectives@gmail.com Host: Jenna Kantor Music: Bret Autrey vs. Ella Fitzgerald - Puttin on the Ritz (Irving Berlin
We are a day late, but we would like wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day!
After their smashing success “Run for your Wife” last August, Lights Up Productions is proud to bring “Key For Two”, another hilarious British comedy to the Studio Theatre. Key for Two Tickets: https://burlingtonpac.ca/events/key-for-two/ Box office: 905-681-6000 August 9-10, 8pm start August 15-17, 8pm start August 17-18 matinees: 2pm start In this wickedly amusing play Harriet, a divorcee living in an elegant flat in Brighton, solves her financial problems by entertaining two married gentlemen callers on different days of the week. The scheme faces collapse when her friend Anne, whose marriage is tottering, arrives at the flat hotly pursued by her husband, and when one of Harriet’s lovers turns up unexpectedly. This comedy builds to a rich complexity of mistaken identity, splendidly farcical situations and a climax of comic wizardry. DATES & TIMES August 9-10, 8pm August 15-17, 8pm August 17-18 matinees, 2pm VENUE Community Studio Theatre TICKET PRICES Regular: $39 (All in) GROUP RATE Groups of 10 or more: $34 each (All in) Please contact the box office to purchase group tickets, as they are not available online.
#SceneryBangles and @sixthemusicalus ?? Talk about #SceneryStyle !! Thank you for sharing @wishuponastarrynight !! Have you seen /listened to @sixthemusical yet? #SixtheMusical
Our closing night was completely incredible, but this picture is from opening night because we were both super messy after feeling every single one of the feels during yesterday’s show. Some people go their entire lives without giving or experiencing a performance like this guy gave yesterday - it was absolutely perfect. It was the culmination of months of extraordinarily hard and specific work on one of the hardest roles in the Shakespeare canon, made even more incredible by the fact that it was his first time performing Shakespeare outside of school. As an actor, it was so rewarding to be fully present in each moment and met with complete trust and support from my stage partner, which allowed me to lean into our scenes together as well as set me up to do some of my best work in an incredibly challenging and emotional role. And as a deeply sentimental human, it was thrilling to hear this performance unfolding and know in my heart that my friend was absolutely nailing it and was going to be so happy and so satisfied with his work. What a rare gift that is to experience as an actor, and what a joy to see a person you love experience that gift. I’ll never be able to express how thankful I was to live as Othello and Desdemona with one of my best friends and have a front row seat to something so very beautiful and heartbreaking and powerful, night after night. I could have taken so many more trips between Venice and Cypress with my noble lord, but I will treasure our time there forever. Love you dearly, Adam. I am crazy proud of you, and I am truly sad for anybody who missed their chance to see your stunning performance. It was a wonder to behold. ❤️ #closingblues #othello #shakespeare #desdemona #mcm #mancrushmonday #fancy #kindredspirits #theatrelife #theatrelove #latergram
PHANTOM OF THE OPERA TAKEOVER – NEWS Take a seat, fasten your seatbelt because this Thursday we have something special for you. @jambybutch @tabonetenor and @dannywhitehead_ will take over our Instagram to show you behind the scenes of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s record-breaking musical masterpiece (now at its 31st year!) @phantomlondon Triple trouble = triple fun! #londontheatre #londontheatrereviews #thingstodoinlondon #theatrelife #musical #theatrelove #musicaltheatre #theater #theatrekid #musicals #actor #theatrearts #theatrekids #theatres #drama #theatretime #theatrelover #theatregeeks #music #theatrenight #theatreland #theatregeek #westend #thephantomoftheopera
Не едиными выпускными альбомами жила я два весенних месяца 🥴 Были и просветы в моём сумасшедшем графике📚📚📚 ⠀ Я провела потрясающий день в театре «Школа драматического искусства» ❤️ @sdart_theatre благодаря очередному приглашению @theater_pluggedin. Ровно месяц пролетел, а руки только сейчас дошли с вами поделиться. ⠀ ⠀ Сначала мне посчастливилось окунуться в атмосферу генеральной репетиции моноспектакля "Иностранец"📸 Это, конечно, непередаваемые, ни с чем не сравнимые, ощущения 🎭⠀ ⠀ После репетиции Юлия Замятина @theatroholic встретилась с Андреем Финягиным @finyagin , чтобы поговорить про "Иностранца", а я в свою очередь дебютировала в новом для себя жанре. ⠀ Конечно же, в процессе съемки, разговор пролетел мимо меня, но я восполнила этот пробел, прочитав интервью, уже после его публикации 🤓 ⠀ ⠀ По традиции, в шапке профиля я прикрепила ссылку, пройдя по которой и вы можете его прочесть ;) ⠀ Кстати, на этом мой день в театре не закончился. Уже после съёмки, в качестве зрителя я очутилась ещё и на спектакле OPUS №7. В общем, мои ощущения были настолько мощными💥, что возвращаясь домой мне показалось, что я побывала в какой-то параллельной реальности 🙃 #ШколаДраматическогоИскусства #шди #режиссер #хореограф #choreographer #ЛевШелиспанский #artist #художник #КириллФедоров #Моноспектакль #Иностранец #АндрейФинягин #рассказ #РусскийПисатель #ЛеонидАндреев #ГдеИскатьВдохновение #ходитевтеатр #play #theatre #inspiration #theatrelove #photo #50mm #canonrussia #canonru
This year’s Tony Awards was full of spectacular performances and memorable moments. Watch them all, free for a limited time, at CBS.com/tonyawards . . . #TonyAwards #Broadway #Theatre #TonyAwards2019 #musical #musicals #BroadwayShows #TonyWinner #theatrelove
Every once in a while you feel blessed with the team you put together. We certainly do with Conner Bustamante (@thestagemanagement ) being our amazing stage manager. . A Relic from a bygone age, this opera lover is still kicking around. Despite his old sould, he i still hip with the kids an up on dank memes. When you first meet Conner you will be amazed by the care with which he attends non-theatrical exploits. You will marvel at his automobile, the antique Toyoto Sienna, complete with the obligatory transmission squeal and progressively dividing windshield. . oh, and he's also a killer stage manager. Ride or die, Baby! . Written by: Alastair MacIntyre . . Photo by @truffles.jpg . #decayingtongue runs through July 3rd to 14th 2019 @toronto_fringe . . . #TOfringe #startedatthefringe #torontotheatre #toronto #fringeTO #theatregeek #theatrecanada #theatreworks #theatrekid #newplay #theato #theatre #theatrelove #crew
Went to see Shakespeare’s “Much ado about nothing” What brilliant acting by this group of actors from Halifax🙌 and this place. Rebuilt the Globe theatre here to get even more atmosphere. And finally they admit.... I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest ❤️ #shakespeareslovequotations #verybritish #inlovewithshakespeare #mustbetheyoungestaroundhereandidontcare #theatrelove
Auditions for our original musical. 18 June 3-6 pm, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, Lecture Hall A . 19 June 5-8 pm, Von Melle Park 9, Room S08 . 21 June 3-5 pm, Audimax 1, Von Melle Park 4 . . . #uphh #unihh #theatrephotography #hamburg #theaterhamburg #kulturhamburg #theatrehamburg #studenttheatre #theatrelife #theatrelove #theatrefun #hamburg #splashinginbetween #somewhereinbetween #featsfestival #acting #amateurtheatre #auditions
Next stop on the #SweatboxThePlay tour ...? Clean Break studios! So Londoners get booking your tickets now, as they won’t be around for long!
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