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Spiral staircases allowed cheating husbands to sneak out of the shophouses when the wives arrived with a knife. NOT. They were a means of fire escape and for night soil carriers to collect buckets of human waste from each floor. Most importantly, they also saved space.
🇬🇧 But I think it's in the spirit of the times, but I know that above all, while caring about the environment and everything, it was not, it wasn't necessarily a point I was putting in the centre and now I'm thinking more "if we want a future, if we want to be able to do things, if we want to see things, we still have to keep it in mind because if we destroy everything, there's no more future, so it's useless". But that, after that, I think it's also an observation that many of us are making, especially of my generation. After that, is it Strasbourg or not, that... . Did attend to one of the climat marches in your town ? Did you see an impact on the city? . Have you read this student's interview on @voyagechezvous website yet? . 🇫🇷 Mais je pense que c'est dans l'air de temps mais je sais qu'avant tout en me souciant de l'environnement, tout ça, c'était pas ça, c'était pas nécessairement un point que je mettais au centre et maintenant je me dis plus “si on veut un avenir, si on veut pouvoir faire des choses, voir donc prévoir, faut quand même le garder en tête parce que si on détruit tout, il y a plus d'avenir, donc ça sert plus à rien”. Mais ça, après, je pense que c'est aussi un constat que beaucoup d'entre nous on est en train de faire et particulièrement de ma génération. Après, est-ce que c'est Strasbourg ou pas, ça .. . Est-ce que tu as participé à une marche pour le climat dans ta ville ? Est-ce que tu as vu un impact sur celle-ci ? . Tu as lu l'interview de cette étudiante sur le site de @voyagechezvous ? . #voyagechezvous  #discoverplaces #discoverpeople  #digitaldrawing  #strasbourg #france  #travelmagazine #indiemagazine #webitorial #indiependentmag #revueindependante #indiepress  #cityforpeople #sociology #urbananthropology #localpeople #humansideoftravel #walkwithlocals #urbansociology #theprettycities #walkablecity #publicspace  #climatechange #climatejustice
You never need an excuse to treat yourself. ☀️🍦
The pastel colours of Prague 🇨🇿 European architecture gets me so inspired 🏗
🐎 Me pulling up in front of the bakery to get that cake 🍰 * Blog post about my visit to London’s lavender fields 💜🍃 is now live on my website - link in bio 🤭
Trust simply means that whatever happens we are with it, joyously. Not reluctantly, not unwillingly - then you miss the whole point - but dancingly, with a song, with a laughter, with love. Whatever happens is for the good. Existence cannot go wrong. If it does not fulfill our desires, that simply means our desires were wrong. #OSHO #worldcaptures #prilaga #destination #nice #worldplaces #traveladdict #picoftheday #worldunion #traveller #amazing #adventure #ig_worldclub #theprettycities #instacool #nature #sky #best #lifeandthyme #beautiful #worldingram #featuremeinstagood #great #greatday #traveler #cool #memories #amazing_pictures #summer #passionpassport
I found a vegetarian restaurant. I don’t eat enough vegetables so should probably try it out sometime. 🍴🥦🍆🥒🍠🌽🍅
Breakfast can wait...first, pool time! 💦 Tag someone you want to swim there with. Have you been to Palm Springs before? It is one of my favorite places in California! We loved our stay at @parkerpalmsprings ! It is such a unique place with lots of cool designs. Can’t wait to show you more! #palmsprings
Munich, 2019.
Can't get enough of these Berlin apartments 😱
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