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PCT 2019, 2350 miles of thru hiking and 300 miles of winter mountaineering. But man some of the views are gorgeous
Post 2 of 2: Shenandoahs in Five Days- Good Weather. Saw several bears on some big mile days total 101 on these five days- 971 total. Front Royal, VA for a Nero and then back at it to head into Harper’s Ferry by the end of the week! #instaadventure #georgiatomaine #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #atclassof2019 #nobo #instahike #thruhike #thruhikers #appalachiantrailthruhike #instacamping #gatomaine #appalachianhikers #trailfamily #instahikers #at2019 #at2019thruhike #trektheat #trekking #trekker #hiking #instahiking #instaadventurer #atthruhike #thetrek #whiteblazes #atnobo2019 #atnobo #virginia #hikertrash
Post 1 of 2: Shenandoahs in Five Days- Good Weather. Saw several bears on some big mile days total 101 on these five days- 971 total. Front Royal, VA for a Nero and then back at it to head into Harper’s Ferry by the end of the week! #instaadventure #georgiatomaine #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #atclassof2019 #nobo #instahike #thruhike #thruhikers #appalachiantrailthruhike #instacamping #gatomaine #appalachianhikers #trailfamily #instahikers #at2019 #at2019thruhike #trektheat #trekking #trekker #hiking #instahiking #instaadventurer #atthruhike #thetrek #whiteblazes #atnobo2019 #atnobo #virginia #hikertrash
An assortment of photos from the incredibly challenging section between Kearsarge Pass and Mammoth. Rivers are running dangerously high, snow is turning into slush earlier and earlier every day. The next section from Mammoth to Sonora Pass will be filled with more challenges and more beautiful sights. I can’t lie that I’m ready for dry trails and less excitement.
Wasn’t to excited about this stretch due to heat and long water carry but it turned out to be pretty great ❤️ also ended up night hiking for the first time on trail and cowboyed the whole stretch #thetrek #pct2019 #trekthepct #thruhike #californiaaquaduct #windfarms #nighthiking #cowboycamping
Day 74 On The AT: Zero At Middle Creek Campground. Exactly a year ago from today I decided that I was going to hike the Appalachian Trail. Crazy how the time flew getting everything prepped and ready for the big hike and now I’m 3 months into it. A lot has happened in this year that I have so much to be grateful for. So blessed to be here and thankful to have met everyone I have met so far. I really want to thank everyone that has supported me along the way. It means everything! Thank you @outdoordonkey for taking a chance on some guy from the beach who had only went backpacking twice before I contacted you seeking sponsorship. Figured instead of the usual daily pics I would post some of my favorite moments and people before I started the AT and during my time on the AT so far. It’s been a hell of a year and a hell of a hike but The Champs still here doing it! Happy Trails!!! #japhethsjourney #thechamphikes #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #thetrek #trektheat #hikersofinstagram #hiking #hikers #hike #hikes #hiker #hikertrash #backpacking #optoutside #wonderlust #dudeswhohike #hikerlife @themissjanet @eepup @aligilli @theconcretehiker @spottedwildben @tinacurrin @patrickduperrieu
Gang, gang. 🍉 🤙🏻🍉
I live in a wonderful community with incredible neighbors. Today I had the pleasure of hiking to this secluded waterfall. When I asked it's name, Bud told me it was Bud's Falls. Nestled in Suches this beautiful treasure remains off the maps and undisturbed. #suchesga #suches #appalachiantrail2019 #appalachiantrail #thetrek #whiteblaze #gawhiteblaze #athikershuttle
I was feeling good after my summit of Mt Whitney, so I took this day slow to prepare to cross Forester Pass the following morning. The camp fire pancakes offered to me by other hikers sort of made me delay my hiking start, but I ain’t mad.
I’ve been slacking big time on posting. Honestly, the past few days have been exhausting and all I’ve done (or wanted to do) is sleep. Right now I’m on Doxycycline for possible Lyme Disease or whatever Tick-Borne Illness I have. Currently having various tests done for the illnesses that can be found along the east coast. I was originally going to be hiking a PA section of the AT this week with one of my tramily members, but that’s been shot to shit. Not having the energy to even get up and grocery shop is brutal. Basically, this last week has been filled with 90% sleep. From now on, I’m making sure to use @sawyerproducts Permethrin as a first line of defence, because I don’t want to deal with this situation ever again. If you have good movie or tv show recommendations, feel free to comment below. I might fall asleep within 20 mins but 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’ll be nice background music.
We’re going home. One of us is hurt so we are both hurt. Neither of us could imagine going on without the other. We’re a family. We came here together to be together. What matters is that we are safe now, not why we have to leave nor why we were here. In 300 years we will be together in the light when all the castles made of sand have long slipped into the sea. Everything we have done will pale to the love we shared. The why of each wrong turn will matter not.
24 miles under a pouring rain and rock climbing activities. Apparently tomorrow the same things are included in the program... 🌧 🧗‍♀️
Sometimes the AT is like a gracious fairy that bequeaths you with beautiful gifts you didn’t even know you needed. On the other hand, the AT is a horrific sledgehammer that breaks you into a thousand smitherines then spreads your broken pieces to a thousand islands lost at sea never to be found again. . Not to be dramatic or anything. . #appalachiantrail #atthruhike2019 #adventurenthusiasts #appalachiantrail2019 #adventurenthusiasts #wildernessculture #liveoutside #hiking #backpacking #atthruhiker2019 #trektheat #thetrek #optoutside #fairies #fog #mist #waterfalls
If I weren’t gridding, I don’t know how often I’d be up in the Roans. The ease of access, gentle climbs, and spectacular rhododendron displays attract large numbers of hikers in the spring and summer months. @foxtrot.at and I decided to begin on the most popular trail to Roan High Bluff and Grassy Ridge Bald while it was still early before retracing our steps to Carver’s Gap and eventually the wooded summit of Roan High Knob.⁣ ⁣ We heard the buzzing sound before we saw it. The National Park Service restriction 36CFR 1.5(a) (1) prohibits the, “launching, landing or operating of unmanned aircrafts from or on lands and waters administered by the National Park Service within the boundaries of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail”. Foxtrot and I looked at each other and sighed. I decided to take one for the team and try to talk to the person flying the drone. I’ve had many of these conversations in the half decade I’ve been a wilderness guide and this was by far the most pleasant.⁣ ⁣ Most of these conversations are far more unpleasant. I’ve been both ignored and called a host of unflattering names on Max Patch, at Shelters, and on Chimney Tops in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There’s been a lot of talk lately about the impartiality and efficacy of Leave No Trace regulations. Whether or not Leave No Trace applies, please adhere to common sense in the wilderness. Please do not have open fires on Max Patch. Please don’t leave food out at shelters. Please do not go beyond the gates at Chimney Tops, risking your own and first responder’s lives. Please think of the wilderness experience of others when and where you choose to fly a drone.⁣ ⁣ In addition to National Parks and National Scenic Trails, drone use is also illegal above the Blue Ridge Parkway, Wilderness Areas (including Linville Gorge Wilderness and Shining Rock Wilderness), and North Carolina State Parks, although there is a Special Activity Permit application for State Parks.⁣ ⁣ What have your experiences with drone use in the wilderness been? Do you love getting those aerial shots or do you hate that telltale buzzing? What are your thoughts on drone use in the outdoors?
June 18, 2018 one year ago, somewhere in the 100 mile wilderness #appalachiantrail #sobo #2018 #thruhike #memories #thetrek #at2018 #maine #100milewilderness
PCT Day 76 (10/06/19) Miles 807.2 - 815.7: Though sleeping on a mountain pass is cool, it wasn’t the most comfortable of sleeps. I spent most of the night with my face pinned against the tent door as I uncontrollably slide off my pad every ten seconds. Early morning several groups summited Pinchot, it was funny hearing their surprise to see us all sleeping among the rocks. Eventually we descended making good use of the still frozen crust on the snow. After collecting some water the trail took us down steep slopes along pine forests and down towards the infamous kings river southern fork. On arrival we saw how raging it was and were thankful for the by-pass which guaranteed that we wouldn’t have to attempt a crossing. We followed the river keeping it to our left and slowly climbed rolling snow covered hills. The ascent towards Mather Pass was long and a slog despite only being a few miles. We would camp just under a mile from it’s summit, but as we gained elevation finding water became a struggle. Near to camp Molly and I found a frozen river we could access using our ice axes, and once loaded, we summited the hill to camp which consisted of a rocky island overlooked by Mather. Zack, whose original group had summited the pass earlier that day, decided to go up and over in the evening providing us (Funk, Cricket, Ribbit and Nelly included) with entertainment while we ate dinner. In the dull evening light he missed a traverse and ended up climbing 150ft further than he needed up the mountain side before realising his mistake - we all thought he had some genius idea at the time and were fixated on trying to figure out his next move. Getting back on track he passed over Mather without an issue giving us a good idea of what we had in store in the morning. #pct #pct2019 #pctclassof2019 #hikethepct #thetrek #trekthepct #thruhike #thruhiker #hikingadventures 👣 #choosenature #choosemountains #campswithaviews #mountainpass #traillife #hikertrash #trailanderrors #podcast @antjoshpct @vagabond.tom @nelliealice
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