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Now that the hype surrounding Captain Marvel has died down and everyone heavily anticipating Avengers: Endgame in the coming days I feel it's safe to talk about spoilers regarding the movie and thoughts now all the toxic fanboys have crawled back into their internet caves realising they can't flush out their pointless hatred towards Brie starring in Endgame. So this post is gonna be a spoiler heavy review if you haven't guessed already. Going into Captain Marvel everyone had a variety of questions they wanted answered, for example who was Jude Law playing, who in the MCU are actually Skrulls, would there be a Winter Soldier or a Stark cameo and finally how Fury lost his eye which we've been looking forward to since The Winter Soldier. Out of these four, 50% worked out for me, Fury's "I trust you don't eat me line" comes shortly before a fan favourite Goose scratches his eye out in an underwhelming but funny manor, before this we were all like how Coulson was at the end of the film, expecting it to happen brutally but to be honest Goose scratching it was the right decision in some aspects. and Jude Law was the character Yon Rogg, not much to say there. Before the film I had read a post regarding some likely cameo appearances from secondary characters, Winter Soldier was one of those and the time would've been fitting but it wasn't in the film or a credit scene. The film actually lacked these cameos that were stylised brilliantly within the GOTG Movies, (especially on a cosmic level which Fiege said they're going to be exploring) and many have lived up since, other than Stan Lee there weren't any? A tad disappointing really. Though what did show up (we thought we'd seen the last of it) was the bloody Tesseract! I honestly wasn't expecting it, we've had the Infinty Stone saga and it's come back in which could see as confusing. Following The First Avengers when Cap crashes, the Tesseract falls into the sea, 40 or so years later it's fished out by a Stark and given to Wendy Lawson or Mar Vell to work on light speed tech, it then ends up back in space in a surprise reveal then is left on Earth for many years until it's the focus of Avengers Assemble and is hunted down
MCU drink coasters. Perfect for the gallons of tea I drink. Which one do I use first? #mcu #avengers #totalfilm #shawarma
Avengers Endgame ๐ŸŽฌ Already booked the double bill for the day of release.. cannot wait! ๐Ÿ˜† #avengers #endgame #totalfilm #infinitystones #excited #doublebill #infinitywar #captain #marvel #film #movie #collector #future #cosplay #captain #america #coming #soon @totalfilm
ATTENTION AVENGERS: ENDGAME WATCHERS: Please keep in mind those who may not be in a position to see the MCU's grand finale as soon as you. Please withhold from sharing spoiler-filled reviews, memes, or heavy-hinting character posters. Don't let your emotions get in the way of another person's personal experience. That said, here are my much-deliberated Top 10 Domestic Summer Box Office predictions. Of course Endgame will crush it financially; I just hope it delivers in terms of quality too. 10. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 9. MIB: International 8. Godzilla: King of the Monsters 7. Hobbs & Shaw 6. Spider-Man: Whatever It's Called 5. Aladdin 4. The Secret Life of Pets 2 3. Toy Story 4 2. The Lion King 1. Avengers: Endgame Yes, I've dropped a couple of big swingers, but each summer is always full of surprises. I'll be happy with another 8/10! Thoughts? #TotalFilm #AvengersEndgame #MarvelStudios #Disney #ToyStory4 #LionKing #Aladdin #Godzilla #QuentinTarantino #Cinema
-REVIEW- Blu-Ray Watch. #AvengersInfinityWar (2018) directed by #JoeRusso & #AnthonyRusso starring #RobertDowneyJR #ChrisHemsworth #BenedictCumberpatch #MarkRuffalo #ScarlettJohanson #ChrisEvans #ChrisPratt #ZoeSaldana #KarenGillan #SebastianStan #TomHolland and #JoshBrolin - RATING: 4.5/5๐ŸŒŸ - Normally when watching an MCU movie I go n see it twice in the cinema, the first time is to watch it, experience what happens etc then go back, gather my thoughts and read up about it then go again. With Infinity War I only went once. At the time it was a harrowing film, a whole lot of stuff that had happened that left me and many others in silence; it was a strange experience but also left me shaking, scary stuff. I didn't watch it again until the blu ray came out months later and that's when my opinion to the film had changed massively. Weeks, days after the film was released it had turned into a massive, global sensation that caught up online especially, a lot of memes and jokes came out and being surrounded by this daily had shaped what was in my head, the fact the film pretty much became a joke for no reason was another reason I didn't want to go back, also I didn't have the time. 51 years on, everyone's heavily anticipating Endgame and all this stuff has died down, well some bits float about still and to be honest I've been looking forward to rewatching it. The 3rd entry to the Avengers series is certainly an epic scifi adventure, with our favourite heroes all pitting it against one baddie with a political, villainous agenda by saving the universe by wanting to kill half of the population, randomly. It's the biggest team up film also, so many characters all with one motive are split into multiple story lines that span the galaxy and time. Surprisingly it all works out quite well, the pacing too is done astonishingly well and I keep saying this but the whole film moves so quickly it does not feel like a 2 and a half hour film at all, but when we reach the end it's feels a bit disjointed. Many arcs all come together for two separate battles, one on Titan and the other on Wakanda but by the time we see both of these taking part side by side it doesn't feel right?
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