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Can’t wait to hike again 😆 #patientlyexcited
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You are beautiful. I wish you could see as I do. As I have for the past 11 years. Since we were silly high school kids. Lost in the drama and the blinding light of youth, it took us a few years to see what we have. From the beginning to now, we’ve always moved at our own pace, together, always trying to remain on the same page, even when it’s difficult. Now it’s time for the next step together. There’s no need to wait another three weeks for our anniversary. #proposal #love #couple #sweethearts #shesaidyes #zion #outdoors #hiking #camping #optoutside #trailchat #adventure #campingcollective #ourwild #wildernessnation #beatenpathco #leavenotrace #allaboutadventures
Hope everyone gets to kick their feet up a little this weekend!
Camino de Santiago - Day 36 🗓 Astorga to Santa Catalina de Somoza 🗺 340 miles down, 160 to go 👣 The morning we began walking towards Astorga, we had no intention of arriving that same day. There were a few things we wanted to do in the city (hello, chocolate museum!) so we figured we’d stay just shy of it and arrive the following morning with fresh feet and a full day ahead. Unfortunately, the only albergue in the town we had our eye on was awful...a damp dungeon of a room that reeked of bleach and appeared long since forgotten by the bartender that ran it. So we decided to push on. We briefly considered taking a bus the final 3 miles to Astorga. It was getting late, and we knew that last stretch would drain us. But there’s this irrational sense on the Camino that not walking every step is “cheating”. That shipping your pack ahead or staying in hotels or taking a taxi somehow violate the “rules” of the trail. And as silly as those notions are, we couldn’t help but allow them to affect us. So we walked. And sure enough, we arrived exhausted. Unsurprisingly, the albergue had just sold out. We shlepped clear across the city, passed the (now-closed) museum and the (too-tired-to-sit-in) plaza and right into what would turn out to be the worst albergue experience of the entire trip. Lesson learned. There are no rules. Do whatever is going to help you enjoy the day most, not what you think you’re “supposed” to do. We left Astorga the next day having not actually experienced it, covered in bed bug bites, smelling like cigarette smoke, and having been flipped off by a cleaning lady 😱 It’s not all sunshine and rainbows on the Camino 🤣 Fear not, the full story will be coming to YouTube soon (link in bio). Once we get good enough WiFi to share it!
Cocquio Trevisago tappa del #piededoro grande corsa in un percorso molto particolare fatto da saliscendi continui. #running #hill #tree #iocorroqui #trail #trailcam #trailchat #runday #runhappy #it_running #enjoy   #enjoyrunning #enjoyrun #run #instarunner #workout #trainn #happy #happyrunner #runhappy #sunday
the heart aches to draw your map
Ella es muy tranquila o muy loca. Ella toma las cosas muy en serio o toma las cosas como si no tuvieran importancia. Ella es muy sensible o tiene un corazón de piedra. Ella odia con cada fibra de su ser o ama con cada pedazo de su alma. Era todo o nada. Ella no cree en los intermedios.” Ella.. Soy yo!! #trailherospain #speedup #226ers #loves_pyrenees #instagramers #outfits #outfitoftheday #outdoors #byhappy #trailrunning #trail #carreraspormontaña #ultratraining #trail #training #instapirineos #instarunners #trailcyl #runshots #trailchat #ultratrail #ultratraining #titanesmoneytransfer #sporthg #runningfervor
Alps summer 2014. One of the many times I decided to push outside my comfort zone, enrolling on an alpine techniques course in Arolla, followed by a (thwarted) summit attempt on Mont Blanc. I’m no adrenaline junkie and these two weeks really tested my limits at times. It is amazing what our bodies and minds are capable of - so much more than I/we give ourselves credit for. I will draw on this and other experiences when I line up at the start of @comradesmarathon in two weeks’ time. Good luck to all my fellow runners! . . . #sizonqoba #followyourdreams #outdoornation #neverstopexploring #amongthewild #trailchat #comrades2019 #excitedandnervous #womenphotographers #comradesmarathon #mountains #adventure
Our friend and inspirational photographer @oscarsloane captured this outstanding image in #alberta #canada he has just given up everything he had in Tasmania, Australia and moved to the other side of the world (Canada) to follow his dreams and try to make something of his talent of photography. We implore you to check out his page and consider following him on his inspirational journey. To watch your progression over the last two years has been incredible @oscarsloane keep it up mate 😀 . ----------------------------------------------------------------------- . We EXPOSE talented creatives from all over the world 😊 Got what it takes?! ✔️ Follow us @cultureofcreatives ✔️ Tag us in your photos #cultureofcreatives If you really like this photo/video we encourage you to check out this amazing creative and show your appreciation there as well 😀 And don't forget to follow us for more inspiration 😌 🖤 - Jamie @cultureofcreatives / @a_travelers_world  🖤 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Another fall, another turned page - Wallace Stenger⠀ ⠀ Fall in South Africa is just a tiny bit different than I used to know it from Belgium. No different shades of orange or yellow and the streets are not covered by leaves.⠀ ⠀ What we do have in South Africa is the nice temperatures during the day and everything turns yellow. It’s the stunning evening light that I love the most! ⠀ ⠀ The sky is clear and crisp when the sun starts to set and does it’s magic. ⠀ ⠀ No better time to go for a walk #60daystodiscover !
CRISTO REDENTOR : : : Certain places bring special feelings nowhere else can. And those places are experience differently for all. But first light on these areas brings a special type of feeling truly unmatched. The early and special pioneers had a mindset for enjoying the beauty and preserving the moment. Probably none better than John Muir who I hate to quote but gets me thinking that we can experience spirituality and truly be appreciative for what were have and where we are at the same time. "I'd rather be in the mountains thinking about God, than in church thinking about the mountains."
Just a walk in the park, that happens to be flooding
About to crack open a cold one with the boys 🤜🏻🤛🏻
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