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Australia New Zealand Indonesia Caterpillar Safety Conference 2019 • Talking about occupational health and safety in Indonesia, it is seen a technical major or science. Safetyman in most companies come from Occupational Health and Safety Engineer background. They are talking about calculation of weight and height, ergonomics condition, hand finger injury, etc. Other companies have Occupational Health Doctors to take care of employees' health issue from medical background. A few years ago, Leiden University came up with a quite new major in Psychology world. We talks from behavior perspective, on how we can shape employees' safe work habit, healthy at work, as well as work life balance. As someone with occupational health psychology background in Indonesia, where psychology is oftenly seen as pseudoscience Indonesia, having the chance to be a notulen & time keeper in ANZI Safety Conference is such an extremely precious experience 😭 For these past 3 days, 2 years after graduated from Leiden, I had the chance to hear again about human factors, fatigue management, mental health issues at work, etc from these gentlemen/ladies expert in safety *cryyyyy* 😭😭😭😭 💕 Hopefully one day, I will have the chance to represent Occupational Health Psychology, stand together with people from technical and medical field, collaborate for a better safety practices in Indonesia. #dreamfirst As wise man say, if your dream doesn't scare you, it's not big enough 💕💕💕 • #occupationalhealthandsafety #occupationalhealthpsychology #ohp #leidenuniversity #trakindoutama #caterpillar #safetyconference #psychology #humanfactors #dreambig #daretodream
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