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And then I realized it didn’t matter when we went... . Let me give you the backstory 👇🏼👇🏼 . Bran and I love adventuring together. There’s just something so rich about experiencing new places with the person you love most. . So when he looked up from his computer last week and told me about these affordable roundtrip flights to Dublin, I knew we had to jump. . “When should we go?” He asked, “Does it really matter?” . And then I realized it didn’t matter when we went. We could go mid-September if we wanted to. Which would have been a NO GO only a couple years ago when I was teaching in the classroom. . So we booked them. Mid September. Just because. YOLO styles. . And I have tears in my eyes as I type this. 😭🙏🏼💕 . I had no idea what I was doing when I said yes to starting an online wellness coaching business. All I knew was I loved health and wellness (I mean, come on, I had Pinterest boards for every workout and meal idea imaginable) + I loved what Beachbody programs and supplements were doing for my health, especially living with an autoimmune disease. . So because I said yes. (And worked my tail off consistently for the last four years), we’re able to go on a spontaneous Eurotrip to Ireland + Spain this Fall. 😍👏🏼 No bosses need calling. No time needs to be booked off. We’re just booking it and going. THIS is my definition of success. . Have you been?!?! Officially taking ALL travel suggestions and tips starting meow 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 . . . #workforwhatyouwant #freetoroam #girlswholovetravel #becausewhynot 💁 #travelireland #travelspain #lettheadventurebegin #travelplans2019 #winetimeallthetime #bringonthetapas #seeyousoonedwardsheeran #theadventuresofmurandbran
beautiful Spanish tones
Shoutout to Spain
I was walking around the farm one evening, and I heard this loud crunching sound. I looked down and sat this huge hedgehog munching his dinner. I had no idea they were so noisy? He didn't mind having his picture taken either.
Recapped our day trip to Alella, Spain on the blog. It was the perfect little getaway from Barcelona. While in Alella, we toured the beautiful @bouquetdalella winery, learned about Catalan culture and ate delicious tapas. It was such a great experience and towards the end we felt like locals! If you’re traveling to Barcelona, I’d highly recommend visiting the town! The link to my travel guide is in my profile . . . . . . . . #foodblog #foodblogger #instafood #travelgram #spaintravel #travelspain #barcelona #barcelonafood #barcelonaeats #eatingfortheinsta #marinamakeseats #barcelonagram #barcelona_turisme #barcelonaspain #alella #spainwineries
Recognize this photo from the @spain account? This photo of mine was featured there when I posted it on my personal account. Nonetheless, what a gorgeous day in Cudillero! ☀️😍🇪🇸
These palm trees in Valencia almost make you feel like you’re walking around Beverly Hills in Los Angeles! 🌴☀️🇪🇸
Love this church we stumbled upon in Granada! ☀️😍🇪🇸
This view in Granada was 🔝ísimo! ☀️🇪🇸🏔
A church in the mountains...one of Asturias’ (many) hidden gems! ⛪️🏔
The greenest green you’ll ever see. 💚
Living abroad in Oviedo felt like a dream to both Peter and myself and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have had such an opportunity! Our favorite part about Oviedo was this view from Monte Naranco. Sitting up here for a little while always put life into perspective! ☀️🌳🏔
Hi! 👋🏻 I’m Kaitlin and this is my boyfriend Peter. Peter and I are from opposite sides of the world but share a love for both Spain and travel. We were lucky enough to live abroad in Oviedo, Spain for 2.5 years and cannot wait to return someday. In the meantime, enjoy some fotos of our European adventures! 🇪🇸
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