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Beach vibes 🤙🏖
Cañon Tuta Wallpa, located in Bolivia-Cochabamba, imprective and aluscinante the formations that nature can offer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cañón Tuta Wallpa, ubicado en Bolivia-Cochabamba, es impresionante y alucinante las formaciones que la naturaleza puede ofrecer. #travelling #instagramnature #waterfalls 💦 #canon #amazingrockformations #lifeofadventures #adventurerig #videoofnature #fascinatingnature #travelgram #instadailyphoto #instavideo #travelingourplanet #worldtravelcaptures #bolivia 🇧🇴
warm weather should be as mandatory as attendance at work, it’s only fair
Years ago, when we was driving with our RV across Florida. #tbthursday #mum #daughters #usaroadtrip #lovemygirl
Glaciar Perito Moreno. El Calafate, Argentina. #glacier #peritomoreno #glaciarperitomoreno #elcalafate #argentina
Today We are Featuring our Favorite Post by @ paula_traveling - Today we are Featuring our Favorite post by travelandleisure - Our digital director has voyaged across the pond for 10 days. Her hotel in Amsterdam? The magnificent . (Yep, this is what 10pm looks like in July in Amsterdam.) - -
The beach In Mosteiros was absolutely stunning 🌊 it’s charcoal like sand combined with the winds and foggy cloud cover made for an EPIC moody atmosphere! I went exploring a bit on my own and kind of stumbled onto the ground - my first view was of these rocks, superposed perfectly. As i got the flour like textured sand off me, i took my camera out and captured the moment. Sometimes you can find beauty when you least expect it! Have you ever stumbled onto something incredible by accident? • • • • @azoresgetaways @azorestravel @azoreslovers @azoreswhatelse @portugal.now @discoverazores @lonelyplanet @azores_travel @natgeotravel @visitportugal
“I still make mistakes, but not nearly as many as I once did, I am not where I need to be, but thank God, I am not where I used to be. I do not do everything right, but I do know that the attitude of my heart is right.”
Today We are Featuring our Favorite post by @ strangersabroadpodcast - I am E👏LAT👏ED TO BE FEATURED IN blog! Check out my post “ Introverts Abroad” on the blog! * * Here is a little quote from it. * * “Personally, I find that my most joyful experiences are when I am meandering through a city at my own pace. This allows the place to open itself up to me organically. I like to take in the unique milieu of a city or landscape without the influence or perception of someone else. It keeps me present and being present leads to happiness.” * * Thank you so much and for the opportunity to contribute to the community! Photo is taken from the DameTraveler website. * -
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