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#Repost @the_parthsamthaan (@get_repost ) ・・・ And here it is ! #jwmussoorie #traveldiaries ... thankyou @jwmussoorie for giving the best hospitality and treatment 🙏😇 🤓 to be honest .. one of the best Hotels I have been to 😍😍😍😍😍 #memories that will stay for long :):):) #traveldiaries #travelblogging #travellifestyle Shot by @thegreydot 😘
📸 @yongi_olney 📍Great Western Tiers Conservation Area We are here to feature instagrams most talented Adventure, Landscape & Travel Instagrammers. @yongi_olney is one of those lionhearts who is out there living that dream, so please check out their account for the full story behind this image. Sharing the stories that happen out there on the streets, away from the reach of traditional media. We hope these images and stories inspire you to share your own story, and add it to the #adventuregit
Reposted from @the_parthsamthaan - And here it is ! #jwmussoorie #traveldiaries ... thankyou @jwmussoorie for giving the best hospitality and treatment 🙏😇 🤓 to be honest .. one of the best Hotels I have been to 😍😍😍😍😍 #memories that will stay for long :):):) #traveldiaries #travelblogging #travellifestyle Shot by @thegreydot 😘 - #regrann
The good thing about travel is that you met lot of people,and some of them became your friends even if you live in different country♥️🌏 @babsea 😘♥️ . View from the Pena palace 🏰 📍 Sintra, Portugal . . . #penapalace #visitsintra #sintra #portugal 🇵🇹
Imagination Pavilion 🌈
Have you traveled through Canada yet? I have lived here since I was born and have only been to 5 out of the 10 provinces and none of the territories in Canada. Needless to say, Canada is a HUGE country with so many amazing things to see. One of the main reasons I haven't travelled the country more is because it is so expensive to fly from one place to another within Canada. So, if you're planning on coming to Canada and are wanting to stay on budget follow a couple of these tips: ▪use trains and busses to get around, instead of flying ▪know that one province or territory in Canada is larger than most countries, so only choose one or a couple to explore instead of them all ▪use Airbnb or VRBO instead of booking hotels to save some money ▪the more north you travel, the cheaper things will be! Hopefully this helps! And enjoy your trip. #adventureseeker #wanderlust #doyoutravel #goexplore #travelmore #lovetotravel #wonderfulplaces #roamtheplanet #travellifestyle #travelbloggers #travelblogging #bloggersofinstagram #tblogger #thattravelblog #bloggerslife #bloglife #travelpreneur #nomadiclife #workabroad #responsibletravel #momentsofmine #postcardsfromtheworld #travelgirl #thesomewhereblonde #travelcouple #beachbum #foreversummer #backpackerlife #budgettravel #followme
Happiness blooms from within. 🌹
Exploring the cute #village of #Murren on a nice and breezy day ☁️ #switzerland #europe #swissalps #outdoors #explore #travel #vacation
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. @terkclothing
This photo was taken in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, also the biggest mosque in the state. Perfect light on each and every corner for the photography. I have managed to stay on this place perhaps one minute before the guard came and sent me away since there are marked areas for the tourists taking photos, and this was not one of those areas. This minute was enough though to catch one photo away from the selfie crowd. The women need to completely cover their bodies and hair during the visit. At one point my hood slipped by accident – two men, guards of the mosque approached to me immediately to warn me; that I am in a holy place and that my hair needs to be covered. After we left the mosque, it was 40 degrees outside and I was soooo happy that I can finally take that thing off of my head. And yet…. I still couldn’t – came another visit from the guard saying: “You are still in a holy place!” Anyhow, great experience, amazing building – though overcrowded. As a tourist, you can´t actually enjoy more that just a few moments in selected area because of too many people passing by. •••••• Die Sheikh Zayed Moschee ist die größte Moschee im Land (und schönste in der Welt). Definitiv eine Sehenswürdigkeit, allerdings viel zu viel Besucher (man kann nicht länger als zwei-drei Minuten auf einem Platz verbringen). •••••• Ova fotografija je uslikana u dzamiji Sheikh Zayed u Abu Dhabiju. Prekrasna gradevina, savrsenog osvijetljenja za fotografije. Zene pri posjetu moraju pokriti kompletno tijelo I glavu. U jednom trenutku mi je slucajno skliznula kapuljaca; odmah su mi prisla dva zaposlenika kako bi me upozorili da sam u svetoj kuci te da mi se kosa ne smije vidjeti. Svakako gradevina vrijedna posjeta, iako je preeeeeekrcata turistima. Ne moze se boraviti na jednoj lokaciji duze od svega dvije-tri minute zbog prevelikog broja posjetitelja (naravno, ukoliko ne zelis da te netko zgazi 😊 ).
Ich liebe meinen Job... dadurch komme ich an die schönsten Flecken ... hier in Bayern im Klosterhotel Seeon | #deinbayern
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