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The emotional highs and lows are so extreme on this trail. Yesterday was mostly terrible, and so was this morning. Once we got moving the sun came out and we hiked ten miles to a road where we hitched to Manchester center. We resupplied, ate dinner, and got milk shakes. We hitched back to the trail (about 5 miles each way) and climbed three miles to Bromley Summit. We watched the sunset with some other hikers and a group of ladies who hiked up the mountain just to watch the sunset. This evening was a 180° turn around from this morning, starting the day with almost no food and putting on cold wet clothes and muddy wet socks from the day before. I never guessed I would be so elated to watch the sunset and see a full moon. #atthruhike #atthruhike2019 #flipflopthruhike #optoutside #hyoh #coupleswhohiketogetherstaytogether #backpacking #hikertrash #adventure #explore #flipflop #AT #appalachiantrail #tarahandpathiketheAT #trektheAT #lighterpackclub #ATflipflop #thetrek #atclassof2019 #teamzpacks #burgersandbeer #beer #vermont
I was so excited and it didn’t disappoint. I mean common I couldn’t pass this up! 😍🙌🏼🍻 🚶🏻‍♂️ 🏕 🌲 ⛰ #summitforsoldiers #veteran #nobo #appalachiantrail #ATclassof2019 #TrektheAT #thetrek #hike #hiking # #thruhike #at2019 #withguthooks #guthooks #pennsylvania #getoutside #live #love #behappy #iphonex #mountain #photography #osu #gobucks #hikerhunger #thermarest #hmgtribe please #like & #follow
June 17: 23.7 miles - a long day, but good miles were covered. I got to spend lunch at a Shenandoah wayside with some friends:) the best part of the day however was that dispite threatening clouds all day I only got rained on for a few minutes! The Shenandoahs have been so beautiful and I am praying for one more day of good weather to get some more miles in tomorrow.
day 69 - 16 june 2019 - Wilson Creek shelter campsite to Bobblets Gap shelter to Bryant Ridge shelter campsite - 21 miles - Views from the Blue Ridge Parkway, around Mills Gap. Cove Mountain shelter for late lunch, and Bryant Ridge shelter for the end of the day. Not many campsites here, possibly three and all uneven. #at2019 #thruhike #trektheat #atclassof2019 #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019
day 69 - 16 june 2019 - Wilson Creek shelter campsite to Bobblets Gap shelter to Bryant Ridge shelter campsite - 21 miles - Signs and views along our path bouncing the Blue Ridge Parkway. Bobblets gap shelter for a cup of coffee and snack, neat stone fire pit. #at2019 #thruhike #trektheat #atclassof2019 #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019
day 69 - 16 june 2019 - Wilson Creek shelter campsite to Bobblets Gap shelter to Bryant Ridge shelter campsite - 21 miles - Amanda packing up in the morning, trying to head out early for our longest day. Trail views and finds upon a knob. Signs and Vistas. #at2019 #thruhike #trektheat #atclassof2019 #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019
Pretty clouds and NYC in the distance! #hikeny #at2019 #appalachiantrail #choosemountains #trektheat #hikeon
DAY 50- June 17th Miles- 13.7 Total miles- 630.4 Our 50th day on trail was rough at first because of all of the mud. But with a nice flat section and a quick hitch into town- it turned into an amazing day. We got groceries, ate burgers, and drank milkshakes at Ben and Jerry’s! Then climbed 3 more miles to the top of the mountain just in time for an amazing sunset and full moon. It was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. We set up our tent right on top of the mountain. . . #atthruhike #atthruhike2019 #flipflopthruhike #backpacking #hikertrash #takeahike #withguthook #adventure #explore #ATflipflop19 #appalachiantrail #tarahandpathiketheAT #trektheAT #atclassof2019 #altrarunning #appalachianhikers #hikerfeed #lighterpackclub 🥾🌄🏕🎒
AT DAY 90 - Hiker trash lunch sesh. #vivalamaine
In 2016, I walked away from my job, my friends, my incredible (and affordable) apartment, and my dog. I intended to hike the entire length of the #AppalachianTrail , the same as I’d intended the year prior. ——— 750 miles later, I walked off the trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, less than halfway into my flip-flop #thruhike attempt, due to overuse injuries in both of my feet. For a second year in a row, foot injuries squashed my dreams of finishing the trail. I felt defeated and discouraged. Worse than that, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t hike once I left the trail. It would be months before I could pick up a backpack again. Now, three years later, I’m still fighting chronic foot pain due to the injuries I sustained on trail. I still can’t do the mileage I’d like to do - and a heavy pack isn’t helping matters. ——— This is my story, and this is why I want to join the #lighterpackclub . I’ve tried unsuccessfully to win a @hyperlite_mountain_gear pack during their Trail Days giveaway every year for the last 4 years to replace my 4.5lb pack 😳. I could use a lighter weight sleep system from @thermarest to cut a few more oz. Maybe just maybe if I can get fully onto the #ultralight bandwagon, I can start to enjoy backpacking again, with less pain. . . . . . #girlswhohike #womenwhohike #peoplewhohike #optoutside #forceofnature #sweatydirtyhappy #longdistancehiking #thetrek #trektheAT #thruhiking #backpackinglight #meetvirginia #takemebackpacking #wildeast #hikeinadress #hikelikeagirl #adventurelikeagirl #hyperlite #hikemoreworryless #outtherepodcast #getoutthere #getoutmoretour #gooutsideandplay #thermarest #neverstopexploring #takeahike
Day 30: In Which it Pours I wake up to quiet, I am deeply tired. But I slept on trail, which in and of itself is a miracle! I roll over and David tells me it's about to start raining. "And it doesn't really stop for three days," he says. Gross. Normally I would be sad about it and push to town, but my feet are macerating badly. I don't think they could handle a full day of rain if I'm being honest with myself. "We should probably go to town," he says before I even mention it, "your feet aren't up for this." Which is unfortunately probably true. I wait for the guilt to set in, over more zeros, but miraculously it doesn't. While frustrating, there's no time limit. The Shenandoah are next. It'll be ok. . . . Immediately after our conversation it begins to dump. We are both tired, so we go back to sleep for a while. Maybe the rain will break later and we can dash for the brewery. I wake up in a pool of water. I'd pushed my backpack against the foot of my tent which allowed water to siphon in. David has collected three liters of water off his tarp. So much water. "I think... I'm gonna call us a shuttle to meet us at the bottom of the Priest. Cause. I'm not climbing up the other side in this." My quilt is soaked at the bottom, as are my shoes and pack and sleeping pad and half of my clothes. Wonderful. We pack up and begin the steep descent down the Priest in the pouring rain. Excellent. 3000ft down. We manage to do a great job though and get down quickly and safely. Our shuttle is waiting at the bottom, we are both early. And then we're driving the Blue Ridge Parkway in dense fog on our way to Waynesboro. The place that seemed so far away. Checking into a motel, drying things out, eating Chinese buffet, and doing two loads of laundry. Then drinking strawberry lemonade and sleeping. . . . #virginia #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #at2019 #trektheat #longdistance #backpacking #thruhike #thruhiker #hiking #hikelikeagirl #womenwhohike #forceofnature #optoutside #nature #mountains #teampixel
“There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, its charm.” -Teddy Roosevelt
AT, Day 79: Maybe this is obvious, but we spend a lot of time surrounded entirely by the forest—ferns that seem to glow and stately old trees that tower, a floor of rotting leaves and crumbling logs and a canopy of interlocked greens and browns. It is wonderful and warm and peaceful, offering the kind of daily embrace that people spend vacations looking to find. Pennsylvania has been no different—picturesque if overcast, with idyllic streams and trickling cascades and forests that seem to hold you slightly aloft as you dash over the rocks that wind through them. But because we spend so much time in that sylvan cuddle, we don’t often step into epic views, those stereotypically beautiful places where photographers camp for dawn or that gets painted on a postcard. We spend most of every day enjoying something more subtle, a patchwork marvel that unfurls in ten-mile bolts of rare fabric. Indeed, some of the most striking overlooks on the trail are human-made, the results of scars through the woods left by railroads or gas lines or power transmission lines or a flight of graffitied concrete stairs. Today, I walked under or on all four, stopping to marvel the ladderback of the next ridge line or the lives and thoughts of the people on the valley floor down below. Our relationship to nature is always mitigated by the choices we make, rather individually or collectively; it allows us to drive to the tops of some mountains and stare out from on high or walk above the ocean on a pier and fish. Just as the stunning but troubling dams of the West provide an unintentional jolt of beauty in deep canyons, the infrastructure of the East provides sightlines in a timber-lined forest, breaks that offer you a moment to see your own world, to imagine what the scene looks like to someone staring back at you. So, cheers to the infrastructure of southern Pennsylvania, which today occasionally replaced one type of pervasive beauty with another rare strain. Gorgeous. Also: We entered Pennsylvania this morning from the south near Waynesboro, crossing the Mason-Dixon in humidity I could have sworn was Southern. AT: 1081.3 (1090.1 total) #thruhike #appalachiantrail #trektheat #atclassof2019
Day 73 on the AT. Wilson Creek Shelter to Middle Creek Campground. 10 Miles. Really wanted to push forward but I have a couple packages going to Glasgow which is a couple days away and I need to kill time. I figure it’s cheaper to Nero and Zero hammocking here than there. Yesterday I made it halfway thru Virginia. Trail Days started exactly a month ago and that means I have been in Virginia a little over a month. With it being mid June that means it’s about that time to kick it up a notch. Decided to come up with some sort of weekly plan after I resupply in Glasgow. So far I have come up with 3 days out of the week doing 20 milers. And 2 nights out the week do a little night hiking. Not too late but longer than I usually hike. Here in the past week I have noticed my legs getting stronger so why not kick it up? Had a scare when I picked a little tick off of me. It wasn’t on long but he was latched on so we shall see what happens. Now everything that touches me and itches wigs me out #japhethsjourney #thechamphikes #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #atthruhike #at2019 #hiking #hikers #hike #hikes #hiker #hikertrash #hikersofinstagram #thetrek #trektheat #backpacking #optoutside #wonderlust
The climb out of LeHigh. I was really nervous for this section of the trail for some reason, but today while scrambling up these huge boulders I found myself with a big goofy grin on my face. I sure do love a good challenge.
We’ve climbed a few mountains and hiked seven hundred miles, but who’s counting? #MtKatahdin #700miles #flipflop
6/15-6/17 Day 62, 63, 64 // Miles: 15.9, 15.5, 14.8 // Total Miles: 675.8 Never skiied Bromley Mountain but definitely hiked it. We can also say now that we’ve skiied and hiked Killington as of today. 💣 Vermont has had its challenges for sure. Mud, evil bugs, generally shitty weather. Yesterday was super nice when we got out of the rain for a couple of hours to have lunch in Wallingford with friends. Then today the weather was gloriously nice and the bugs were slightly less irksome than usual. Pics in order: Bromley ski lift, Bromley trail we hiked up, old portion of a lift(?)on Bromley, Chicken of the Woods! (though we were too chicken to eat it), 2 pics of the rock garden in the fog, waterfall, random trail magic from a woman driving by 🥰, Pico warning and Killington sign #atflipflop #appalachiantrail #atflipflop2019 #thruhike #vermont #backpacking #whiteblazes #trektheat #hikerfeed #hikertrash #atthruhike2019
50 days on trail, we’ve set up camp on Bromley Mountain Summit. It’s not bad up here, we’re watching the sunset and we’ll get so see the sunrise tomorrow morning. #atthruhike #atthruhike2019 #flipflopthruhike #optoutside #hyoh #coupleswhohiketogetherstaytogether #backpacking #hikertrash #adventure #explore #flipflop #AT #appalachiantrail #tarahandpathiketheAT #trektheAT #lighterpackclub #ATflipflop #thetrek #atclassof2019 #teamzpacks #burgersandbeer #beer
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