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🕉️ #Truth
☆"I act with balance, clarity, confidence + strength." Tiger Eye is connected with -》 ▪Earth + Fire Elements ▪ Root, Sacral + Solar Plexus Chakras ▪ finding balance between extremes effective actions when faced with challenges ▪ grounded physical energy▪ ☆ ¤"I am sovereign. I am connected to my inner guidance." Lapis lazuli is connected with -》Air Element▪ Throat + 3rd Eye Chakras ▪ clear + truthful communication ▪ navigating + becoming aware of patterns that are holding back your life▪ ¤ ⭐for more bracelets and jewlery featuring stones like this search my Etsy shop: EarthandFireCreative 💫💙 #earthandfirecreative #tigereye #lapislazuli #elements #chakras #grounding #balance #truth #healingstones #beads #bracelets #handmade #handmadejewelry #madewithlove #wearyourstones #armcandy #natural #stones #treatyoself
Okay, it’s true. I was a beauty queen. I won Miss Teen Illinois when I was 18. When my first album came out 10 years later, I was totally humiliated by it, ashamed and very upset when asked in the press- which was CONSTANTLY. For some reason, it made me less cool. Whatever. I was the shortest winner in history, recovering from anorexia, and had cystic acne- which made me a total badass. #notsorry #anorexianervosarecovery #beauty #noshame #acne #truth #singersongwriter #musician #pianist
Well said Keanu! I love the last sentence! #truth
My time reading about Jesus has been so different now that I am a mom. The household jobs pile up and my husband and I are so burnt out at the end of the day. It’s hard to not want to just sit and eventually crash on the coach most nights. But I’m reminded that I must make time for the what matters and this includes my time with Jesus. If I am not being poured into, how can I pour into others?! I can’t. Though I’m still figuring out how to live life through a new season he’s still the same in each season. He’s the same God I met my freshmen year in college. He’s never changed. Thankful he’s constant and never busy to listen to my prayers. #BlessedIsShe #Truth #Jesus #NewMommy
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