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#Repost from @officialmicahstampley ・・・ God designed you for greatness. #Receiveit #Claimit #Walkitout #TapIn2It and in the words of @nowthatsmajor “Lock In” ✊🏾
You gotta push for what you want! Faith without work is dead! Stop talking n start walking #motivation #morningwalk #cardioworkout #walkitout
Happy Tuesday 🙂 Two sick kids, no sleep for ANYONE, germs everywhere, laundry to be done. A nap would have been wonderful but I chose to move instead. Breaking a sweat helps me deal with stress, it makes me feel good, and it allows me to have a little alone time. No one needs a sick mama in the house......a healthy, less stressed mama? That sounds better 😉❤
I will say, hearing and seeing how bad my neck and back are really took a toll on me. I thought I was pretty “fit” but there is a lot more to fit I am finding out. Plus, my children look exactly like me on the inside too! That scares me even more Please stop over training, over cardio-ing (is that a word? #jenisms ) stressing over the scale, stressing over being “fit” whether you call it meal prep, dieting, fasting, or whatever other buzz words there are, slow the F down. I thought I wanted tone abs, arms and legs, all I want now is a healthy spine, save my discs & better flexibility I’m 41. I’m not an “athlete” anymore, but I can probably still pitch a ball like a mutha 😂 My point, it all starts on the inside. Inside the mind, inside the skin, inside the gut. What you put in daily shows on the outside in all different ways Take care of you, you are worth it xo, jc
God designed you for greatness. #Receiveit #Claimit #Walkitout
Quick walk before work! Beautiful View #walkitout
I will be 🔥LIVE & LIT🔥SUNDAY April 29 @ THE 🎸⚡ ROCK N TACO ⚡🤘 in The G STATE ✡ Atlanta Ga ✡ Bring'N Va Home the WIN.. A💰BAG💰 and feature from the BiG Homie @dj_unk Himself! #hiphop #showcase #talent #vaornoplay #bigbank #BIGOLDRIP #walkitout #WinningTeam #victorylap #foreverhussle #themarathoncontinues #rapcontest #independentartist #unsignedartist #unsignedrapper #unsignedmusician
#turtleneck #irunphilly I actually walked today cause my body was like #whoa #recovery #naturelover #walkitout #runrunningnope 🤷🏽‍♀️ #getintoit #❤️🤟🏽
It’s a beautiful morning to have a beautiful day ☀️ Mindset is EVERYTHING!!!!! I have been pretty down in the dumps about endometriosis flaring back up in my body. After surgeries and a hysterectomy {which was a hard pill to swallow, no more babies} this disease is a bitch and doesn’t really care if you take all of your damn organs out, it will find it’s way to wreak havoc on your body. It literally sucks the life out of you #endowarrior . I have started a medication that has shitty side effects but I have been pain free for the most part. But i have had a “why me?” Attitude. I have let this disease effect every aspect of my life. Today I am taking MY life back. Will I have days that suck? Yep. But we all do. We all have a journey that we need to walk. So I literally walked it out this morning. Leo rode his bike and Zoey and I walked to school. I have been back for 5 minutes and feel like I can breathe again. Get out and move your body. Enjoy nature! I promise you WILL feel better. You can also peep 👀 my stories to join me in this taking life back journey ❤️ I hope you all have an amazing day 😘 #momofboys #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #dailylife #labsofinstagram #labradorretriever #walkitout #beauty #beautifulday #springingeorgia #ptcstyle #flyfitnessnation
Ways to make exercise more exciting? Take a walk and listen to a podcast! This morning I found a little field full of the sweetest wildflowers at the end of my walk. Maybe morning podcast walks are my new thing?? 💐 #fitness #fitsa #walkitout
Oh that SWEET SWEET life living by the S A L T Y sea 🌊💙
Morning time to get these steps!!! #walkergirl #movesomething #10k #10ksteps #walkitout
#TuesdayThoughts : Let’s play a game. Everyday, Once a Month or Never Again; Walk, Ride or Push Cart? #walkitout #ridingdirty #pushitrealgood #twittertuesday
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