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Just realized I haven’t been camping in 3 weeks 😳 I think I’m having withdrawals! #throwbackthursday to my last trip out to el dorado n.f. ______________________________________________________ #wanderthewest #firstgentacoma #outfitandexplore #tacoma #trd #adventure #roadtrip #mountain #camping #overland #tacomahub #liftedtacomas #tacomabeast #4x4 #lifted #explore #overlandbound #rubicontrail #loonlake #vanlife #camplife #homeiswhereyouparkit #outdoorcooking #campfire #campfirecooking #nature #outdoors
Hi we are the owners of @arctichiveak - @seanbusby and @mollieofthenorth. We have been exploring the arctic regions of the globe and even the Antarctic by the means of backcountry skis and a snowboard. We have discovered a pull to these polar environments that has finally plopped us down with being able to share this love with others - 63 miles above the arctic circle at our property in the heart of Alaska’s Brooks Range. You may follow our build here later this month of a sustainable off grid retreat and lodging center for fellow skiers, photographers, hikers, rafters, yogis, northern light seekers, and other like minded individuals. We look forward to sharing this beautiful part of Alaska with you all. Arctic Hive Alaska 🥶 🐝 🤙 #arctichive
“Less WiFi - more high fives.” Dipnetting for sockeye salmon with @coldwaterak and @ak.adventurer. This is what it’s all about....Great neighbors helping each other out to fill the freezers for the winter 🐟. Alaska living. 🤙 @686
🥚 🐣 🐓 🥚 🍳 Remembering who used to really run the yard 💯🐔💪 RIP Survivor 🍗
All smiles on this dog run with @robinfarmer in the Brooks Range. Alaska is finally getting back to its beautiful night sky and I have personally been enjoying seeing the moon and more stars appear each evening through my cabin windows as the midnight sun becomes a distant memory of this past summer.
Looking back at one of the greatest weeks of living in Alaska. Let’s do it again soon @manann12 @j.l.inman 🤙💯⛷🏂
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