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People may think I'm crazy, but this girl changed my life 💜 She shows us endless love and lifts our spirits even on the worst days! I can always count on kisses and her to be my sidekick on adventures #girlsbestfriend #miagirl #wannabestayathomedogmom #keepsmegoing #dogsincreaseyourqualityoflife #soontobe2
Have you ever felt lost? • Like what you do in your regular life doesn’t have the impact you thought it would? • What do you do to get past that feeling? • Do you sit, sulk, and feel sorry for yourself? • Or do you pray so damn hard that God will show you the way? • Do you keep moving because you refuse to sink? • Do you try to find the positive in all situations because you know that it could always be worse? • Instead of coming to a big solid halt, I’ve chosen to keep pushing forward in my journey because I know I’m meant for so much more. • I have faith and trust in the lord that he will show me where my path is. • Because I’m not a quitter and I still have lives to help. #graceinthejourney #aclclub #chicswithscars #gravesdiseasejourney #gravesdisease #gravesdiseasefighter #gravesdiseasewarrior #ivegotworktodo #dogmom #wannabestayathomedogmom #goldendoodlemom #greatdanemom
It was such a gorgeous weekend. The first sunny weekend since April here in NEPA. One of the things Jon and I enjoy doing on such perfect days, is to ride his motorcycles. Even though this one's all repaired and ready he unfortunately hasn't been cleared by his doctor to ride yet. In fact, he probably won't be until summer is over. Just one of the side effects that he/we are dealing with since he got hit by a car, while riding last October. He enjoys anything with a motor though, and since it was his Dad's birthday on Saturday, Jon broke out his '84 mustang (the first car he ever owned as a teen). They went to a local car cruise while I slaved away giving my Jeep a much overdue detailing. Later that night we hung out with our neighbors around their fire pit and today I got some house and yard work done while Jon worked on his truck. I'd say it was a pretty good weekend and I'm not ready for the workweek to start. I'm happiest when I'm getting physical and taking care of our home and i really do want to be a stay at home dog mom. My bio doesn't lie! #beautifulday #bringonthesun #sunshineandhappiness #motorcycle #mustang #antiquecar #weekend #iwishwecouldride #wannabestayathomedogmom #lifeisgood #itcouldhavebeenworse #lovemyhubs
Just a little PSA for anyone interested in following along with the opening of my online store: You can now add your email on my new web page to stay on top of all new things happening ✨ I have select styles that will be tested by some friends here shortly & right after we will start uploading my designs & begin with PREORDERS! Link to the page in my bio 🤘🏼 . . #thisis25 #cuterunsinthefam #clothing #accessories #koozies #popsockets #decals #soexcitedforthisjourney #dogmom #wannabestayathomedogmom #onlinestore #dogmoms #babymoms #workoutmotivation #active #babies #doglovers #eventheoccasionalvegan 😉
Myth: you can’t help others while simultaneously working on yourself. • Today, my girl Rebecca and I took our before photos for our Summer Strong Babes group that starts Monday! And we are PUMPED! • Something that really drew me to my coach is that she was and still isn’t perfect, and she continues to work on herself! This is one huge reason why I joined her! • I would not have wanted to join a team that looked entirely like fitness models. Can you say intimidating? 😱 But I loved that everyone shared the same goals • Be their best while simultaneously helping others become their best. • Which is exactly what Rebecca and I strive for also. • I can’t wait to post my before and after pictures from our June group, but if you wanna see em first, you’ve got to join in on all of the fun we’re going to have. 😘 • There’s still room for you babe. You deserve to be your best self too. ✌🏼. #aclclub #gravesdiseasejourney #gravesdisease #gravesdiseasefighter #gravesdiseasewarrior #goldendoodlemom #greatdanemom #wannabestayathomedogmom #dogmomproblems
My two babies 😭 . Jameson is one month old today! He is still learning all about this world and how to sleep through the night. . Brady will be six in August! He is still wondering when this nugget is going to do anything but cry and sleep. . And I can’t wait to watch them learn to love each other and go on adventures! . . . . . . . . . . . . #onemonthold #aboyandhisdog #newmomlife #mommingainteasy #mommingishard #newboymom #boymom #newmom #newbaby #babyboy #myboys #dogmom #dogmomaf #dogmomlife #wannabesahm #wannabesahdm #wannabestayathomemom #wannabestayathomedogmom
My bubble for the next 10 hours 😳
How can I ever measure up? • This thought frequently rattles around in my head when I think about eventually being a mom. And I constantly think, how can I ever measure up to how amazing my own mom is? • But then I remember how truly blessed I am. She will be there with me throughout becoming a mom myself. • She has also taught me that motherhood means continuously learning and evolving. • When in doubt, turn to your momma. She has the best advice and the best recipes. 🤗. #wannabestayathomedogmom #aclclub #greatdanemom #gravesdisease #gravesdiseasefighter #gravesdiseasewarrior #goldendoodlemom
Real f*cking life...almost✌🏼 (In real real life, I might not have pants on🤷🏽‍♀️😬) . . . Back from vacation got me working my business, doing laundry, getting in my pd and even, still eating all my snacks🙌🏼 #foodisbae . . . Remember, you’re right where you need to be..right now.🙌🏼Today I was reminded to have hope, believe in myself and just do the things👏🏽 and things will come together JUST as I hope that they would! 🙌🏼 So just wanted to pay it forward..you can do it, frandsss💕 . . #workfromhomejobs #laundryday #postvacation #justdoingit #dailyhope #havehope #dreambigger #payitforward #ihatelaundry #veganfitnessgirl #vegansnacks #anappleadaykeepsthedoctoraway #livingproof #imjustkidding #butforreal #eatmoreplants #youdoyougirl #wannabestayathomedogmom
Healthy - ish recipe share 😍😍 So glad I still get to eat all the goodness with my meal plan 🎉 ✨ 🍪 1 cup almond flour 🍪 2 tsp salt 🍪 1/8 tsp baking soda 🍪 2 tbsp pure maple syrup 🍪 2 tsp almond milk 🍪 1 1/2 tbsp coconut oil 🍪 1 tsp vanilla extract 🍪 peanut butter 🍪 1/2 c chocolate chips . *Mix dry ingredients in a bowl * Mix liquid ingredients in a bowl * Blend together * Roll in balls & make flat then place on wax paper in the freezer for 20 minutes * Put peanut butter on top of each cookie * Melt chocolate chips and drip over top . Bookmark for later & enjoy 🤗 #wannabestayathomedogmom #healthyrecipes #proudofmyself #chocolatelover #plants #enjoy
Raise your hand (or glove or paw) if you indulged this holiday weekend!? 🖐🏼👶🏻🐾 . This girl did. So did this baby and this dog 😜 We all ate and drank a little too much, and certainly didn’t have enough veggies 🍅 🥦 . BUT THAT’S OK! . We are allowed to LIVE and enjoy ourselves. For me that means saying yes to dessert every night this weekend, saying yes to another margarita, and saying yes to staying out just a little later. . Because I know what works for my body. I know what I need to do to reel it all back and in get on track to FEELING better inside. . Start with superfoods. . Get some personal development in. . Move my body. . Meal prep. . The steps are so simple. Following them makes my body feel almost instantly better. When that happens, my confidence boosts and I can conquer my day/week/month! . So it’s perfectly ok to have treated yourself this weekend. In fact, you better have! And now it’s time to dial back to good nutrition and wellness for the body and mind. . Do you need some help? That’s ok too! Reach out to me if you’re ready for a healthy jumpstart but need a little assistance along the way. I’ve got a 30 day money back guarantee that days you’ll see results 😉 . . . . . . . . . . #newmomlife #dogmomlife #dogmom #dogmomaf #newmom #boymom #newboymom #3weeksold #postpartum #postpartumjourney #breakfast #healthybreakfast #wannabesahm #wannabesahdm #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabestayathomemom
Get really comfortable being by yourself. • As the wife of a paramedic, I spend a decent amount of time alone. And like today, I went to the grocery store alone...and I LOVED it! • Not to say that I don’t enjoy spending time with my husband, family or friends, but I have really begun to enjoy my alone time. • We all need that. Time to just sit in your own thoughts and have your own agenda (or not) for just ourselves. • I honestly use to avoid being alone because I wasn’t comfortable in my own body and I didn’t fully love myself either. I also didn’t completely know myself. • But life, marriage, and lots of personal development has brought me to where I’m at now mentally. Thank.the.lord! • My fitness tribe hasn’t just given me the support to love myself, or the push to read personal development, but also workout programs that really freakin work! • So now, I’m crushin’ the grocery unload game all by myself! 💪🏼 Wanna guess how many trips back to the truck I made? Hint-there’s about 10 more bags not pictured. #takeyourselfonadate #getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable #wannabestayathomedogmom #aclclub #greatdanemom #gravesdisease #gravesdiseasefighter #gravesdiseasewarrior #goldendoodlemom
Yes buddy, I would love to stay home and play with you all day but there’s this thing called work... . . . #wannabestayathomedogmom #lovemylab #labsofinstagram #instalab #blacklab #laboftheday #blacklabsofinsta #blacklabsrule
And that’s a wrap! • Tonight I finished my last session of coaching until the fall. • I honestly think these kids have taught me more than I’ve taught them. • Thank you to their parents for getting them involved. • Thank you to my sweet friend @stockholmstrom for giving me the opportunity! • And thank you God for presenting this when I needed it most. • What’s my next adventure going to be this summer? 🤔. #neversitstill #wannabestayathomedogmom #aclclub #greatdanemom #gravesdisease #gravesdiseasefighter #goldendoodlemom
My life in one snapshot 📷 . For 2-3 hours a day I plug in to the online world and make connections, new friendships, and follow up with people from all over. People who are curious about what a “coach” is, people who have health goals but are struggling to see them through, and people who are inspired by my own transforms and progress. . For 2-3 hours a day I’m not a #dogmom or a #newmom . I’m a leader, a motivator, a helper, a consoler. I give tough love, lend an ear, offer advice based on experience, and LISTEN to others. All from my phone. . These two nuggets are my world, and giving up 2-3 hours a day to build an online business is soooo worth it when it means longer walks, more play time, and lots of snuggles. I’m working from home so I can STAY at home with them. #lifegoal . . AND YOU CAN TOO. . Did you know you can help others get fit and healthy WHILE working on yourself? In just a couple hours a day, you can earn some side cash (or pursue this full time like me!). . “But I’m not fit! How could anyone want to work with me if I’m not fit!?” . People will trust in you when they SEE you putting in the same hard work you require of them, boo. Trust me. I was over 200lbs when I became a coach. . It’s time to stop scrolling and start DOING! Whether you want to work on yourself or work on a business, I won’t know until you let me know. So drop a DM or click the link in the bio to fill out an application. Let’s get you started on your health/fitness/finance journey! . . . . . . . . . . . #myworld #newboymom #dogmomlife #newmomlife #firsttimestayathomemom #dogmomaf #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabesahdm #wannabestayathomemom #wannabesahm #workfromhome #mypurpose #mywhy
See the hard things and do them anyway. • Being fearful when you’re doing something new and hard doesn’t make you weak. It makes you strong 💪🏼 • Because honestly, trying new things will cause you to fail yes, but no one ever got anywhere by doing the same thing. • You got this girl! Do the hard stuff and do it well! #aclclub #gravesdisease #wannabestayathomedogmom #gravesdiseasefighter #gravesdiseasewarrior #goldendoodlemom #greatdanemom
Learning when to not be sorry it equally as important as truly being sorry. • Listen friends, my whole life regardless of who is at fault, I’ve always been the person to apologize. Because I hate conflict. • Yesterday after I apologized for something that absolutely wasn’t my fault, I asked aloud, “why the heck am I apologizing?!?” • As women, we often apologize for plain and simple being ourselves. • I’m here to put my own foot down and make a promise to you that I’m done apologizing for being myself and done apologizing for things that are not my fault! • Be strong babes. Be yourselves. And be kind, always. 💕. #wannabestayathomedogmom #aclclub #greatdanemom #gravesdisease #gravesdiseasefighter #goldendoodlemom #girlstopapologizing
Being a #dogmom has taught me so many life lessons and has really prepared me some for when motherhood to a human happens. • It’s taught me that nurturing is equally as important as being disciplinary. • Even on ruff days like today (for my big boy), you’re never fully stuck. Tomorrow will be a totally different day. • And, when you least expect it, obstacles in life happen. For Diesel, it was getting his tail stuck in a door and then a portion amputated AND THEN getting fixed too. • Most importantly, my puppers have taught me true unconditional love that never waivers. The kind of loyalty you hope to find in loved ones. • No wonder God is Dog spelled backwards. He knew that we as humans needed them and needed to be taught these important things. • I’m so glad I’ve been able to be your dog momma Yogi, Ranger, Diesel, and Shiner 💕. #wannabestayathomedogmom #coneofshame #coneofshameblues #aclclub #greatdanemom #gravesdisease #gravesdiseasefighter #goldendoodlemom #gravesdiseasewarrior
Gotta love a slow Saturday. The weather is warm, the sun is out, and we are enjoying the longer days. . My mom stayed with us for a week, but she’s on her way back to New Hampshire now, which means this mamma needs to learn how to do all the things solo. . I’ve got a dog and baby to make sure are fed, clean, and loved. I’ve got an online business to build of helping others find their passion and love for themselves again. And I’ve got a husband who deserves so much more credit and love than I know I give him, especially since becoming a father. . To some, that may sound like a lot since I’m handling a newborn, but to me it’s exactly what I pictured my life to be right now. My vision board is coming true, piece by piece, and I’ll listening to the universe. . And right now it is telling me to enjoy the moment. So I’m going to be sitting right here until the sun disappears behind the tree line and the sparkles between the leaves fade. . . . . . . . . . . . #slowsaturday #weekendvibes #saturdayvibes #saturdaynight #dogmom #wannabesahm #wannabestayathomemom #wannabestayathomedogmom #boymom #newmom #dogmomaf #firsttimemom #firsttimeboymom #newboymom #frontporch #frontporchvibes #porchswing #boppypillow
Baby steps. . Getting back in a routine is going to take time. Learning how to mom while still being a devoted dog mom and coach will take time as well. . I’ve been getting a lot of advice about what’s worked for other moms out there, and I appreciate so much the love and support from this (new to me) community. The most common thing I’ve been told is to rest. . As much as I understand the sentiment and purpose behind that advice, it just ain’t me. I know my body. I know what gives me clarity and helps with my mindset. I’ll rest when I feel it, but don’t think it’s something I’ll do often. I’ve got too much fire in me for it! . Just try and stop me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #postpartum #newboymom #postpardum #postpartumbody #pregnancyjourney #newmom #boymom #boymomlife #dogmom #dogmomaf #wannabesahdm #wannabesahm #wannabestayathomedogmom #wannabestayathomemom #postpartumfitnessjourney #justtrytostopme
Sometimes you have to do the things that fill your cup. End of story. • Lately I’ve needed that additional fulfillment and happiness from work. • So, when the opportunity arose to teach an Adaptive sports class once a week, I knew that God was speaking to me. • A “job” that I’m excited to do, and could really not call it a job because of how fun it is, not only is it making a huge difference in my life, but I know it’s creating an impacts in these kids lives too. • That’s the biggest reason why I fell in love with Parks and Rec life. • No matter the money or the additional hours, sometimes you’ve just got to do what makes you happy from time to time. And it doesn’t make you selfish for doing so! #wannabestayathomedogmom #greatdanemom #gravesdisease #gravesdiseasefighter #goldendoodlemom #aclclub #parksandreclife #fillyourcupfirst
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