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I was the king of living halfhearted. I thought in order to appear acceptable to others I had to hide away all my “bad parts” Then I convinced myself that the secrets were fine and not hurting anyone. Nope! It took me 40+years and having to be proverbially smacked over the head, to come to know how damaging this fallacy is. Without integrating all our parts, both good and bad, we are living a lie. This will never have a positive outcome. We tell ourselves that it will, that hiding parts is of no consequence and is actually helpful. This is a common confabulation. - A confabulation is commonly used to describe someone with a medical condition making up a story that isn’t true or is partially true. Jonathan Gottschall contends that this is an everyday human issue, and I think he is right. Our brains are wired for self preservation and protection, and also for storytelling. As a result are brains are literally wired for confabulation- lies honestly told. All in the name of self protection. Be careful what you believe that your brain tells you! #becarefulwithyourstories 😍 #wholehearted #bewareofhalftruths
The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. ~ Alice Walker ~ . . You have more power than you think and know. And with that, your choices can make a difference and can make an impact. . . You have the power to change your situation. You have the power to change your results. You have the power to influence someone else for the better. You have the power to change your relationships. . . You have more power than you think. It’s sometimes just a matter of believing that. . . #thepowertochange #changeyourlife #beyourbest
Life is an obstacle course in letting go. Whether it is of a relationship, a career, a child, a dream, or anything and everything in this life the work of learning to let go is how our hands and heart will be open enough to receive. It doesn't get easier; we get more seasoned. I've let go of many dreams, of my three, of my clients, of expectations, of certainty, and of more lies than I can count. It has only been in the wrestle, struggle, fight, acceptance, and truth of the art of letting go that I've been able to honor what is being set free and to walk into and accept what is. It has only been in the space of what is different, not ever truly gone, that enough light was able to get in for something new to grow. Letting go doesn't mean it never existed; it simply means redefining, reclaiming, and rewriting. Dark to light. Buried to grow. Death to resurrect. Undone to fly.🦋 Brave friends, what do you need to bury, what needs to die,what must you let go of for the space to free, the light to enter, and to grow new? . . . . . #SelfCare #mentalhealth #infertility #grief #loss #faith #surrender #author #speaker #recovery #happiness #happy #courage #authenticity #vulnerability #wholehearted #brave #resilience #leadership #emotionalintelligence #enough #daretolead #shame #shameresilience #worth #brenebrown #daretoleadwithJustine #lettinggo
Smoking, negative self talk, stimulants for weight loss, abusive actions to others, too much alcohol in one sitting, gossip, processed foods: all of these produce negative internal states. While they eventually catch up to our exterior, these are immediately internally problematic and don’t show externally. What if our thoughts and actions were immediately externally visible? Being especially attuned to awareness in our own bodies and others energy is one way to help bridge the gap. #health #energy #noquickfix #wholehearted www.mothershipwellnessinc.com
As summer ☀️ slows down, do you anticipate the return of 🍂 autumn? I guess when ❄️ winter arrives, I might wait for a little bit of 🌻 warm days. However, 🍁 autumn is my favorite season.
Whatever you choose to do, to be great at it you have to love it and make small sacrifices for it. #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #love #sacrifice #wholehearted
Chocolate and roses are the way to some people’s hearts… just give me kale and my love tank is full... well… chocolate is great too. 😉 #gardening #garden #growth #vegan #veganfood #risingstrong , #daringway , #brave , #courage , #counseling , #ilovetherapy , #resilience , #wholehearted , #drmarybethcovert , #psychology , #counseling , #counselorlife , #counselingpsychology , #counselorsofinstagram
Continuing our look at the 9 Enneagram Types, today it’s all about Type 5. Referred to as the Investigative Thinker or the Observer, the 5 is driven by a Core Desire of being capable, self-sufficient, and knowledgeable. These individuals are some of the most brilliant scholars and experts, and we all benefit from their great wisdom and innovative minds. 🧠⠀ -⠀ Since Type 5s value privacy and practicality, the world can often feel like an overwhelming place to them. Their core fear is being invaded or having their energy depleted, making navigating relationships a sometimes difficult task. They often withdraw and minimize their emotions to protect themselves from being disturbed or dependent on others. 🔎⠀ -⠀ In stress, Type 5 moves to the low side of Type 7, becoming impulsive, distracted, and unreliable. But when they move toward wholehearted growth, they take on the positive qualities of Type 8, becoming more self-confident, assertive, and decisive. 💪⠀ -⠀ Fun Fact: Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Isaac Newton, and Bill Gates are all said to be Type 5s. Let’s hear it for our Type 5s., who bring great vision and intuition to our world! 🌎⠀ -⠀ Type 5s, want to learn more about your personality, emotional well-being, and steps for growing into your best self? Visit https://buff.ly/3293AfS and schedule your complimentary coaching consultation today! ⠀ .⠀ *Sources: Your Enneagram Coach, The Enneagram Institute⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #Enneagram #Enneagramcoach #lifecoach #wholehearted #wholeheartedliving #selfcare #soulcare #transformation #emotionalwellbeing #emotionalhealing #emotionalfreedom #growthmindset #selfawareness #spiritualgrowth #personalgrowth #intentionalliving #essentialoils #youngliving
"Our culture made a virtue of living only as extroverts. We discouraged the inner journey, the quest for a center. So we lost our center and have to find it again." Anais Nin And the church said...Amen. . . . #muse #afro #wholistichealth #wholehearted
#MindsetMonday Let’s talk about the split second that can change it all. That moment, that tiny brief moment between what happened and what will happen. In that tiniest of moments, we have two options: one is to react and the other is to respond. ⠀ ⠀ Ego is all about reaction. Ego is the one who yells, and lashes out. It’s the one who punishes or who wants to run away and avoid it all. Ego reacts towards everyone and anything, but most often it reserves its most hurtful reactions for ourselves. ⠀⠀ And while sometimes in the moment reacting feels so good, it ultimately leads to hurt and pain. Because when we react we are no longer in control; we are no longer in our power. We know that it isn’t us who is calling the shots, but something deeper within us. ⠀ You see all of our reactions are rooted in our past. Every single reaction we have begins with a painful memory. And there’s nothing that ego loves more than painful memories. ⠀ Ego takes all of our hurt and trauma and creates an inventory. This inventory is what dictates our reactions. And while the purpose of this inventory is to protect us, it ends up causing more harm than good. ⠀ ⠀ And then there’s our highest self, who sees the present moment through the lens of the present. Through the lens of right now. ⠀ When the highest self faces a trigger, she knows that she has a choice in how to respond. She takes a moment, a split second, and responds in a way that is best for her. ⠀ ⠀ Now this doesn’t mean that people can walk all over us. No. It means that we assert our boundaries with fierce wisdom. It means that we speak our truth with passion and conviction. It means that we don’t operate from guilt, fear or shame, but instead with integrity and heart. ⠀ ⠀ Being able to respond is the culmination of time, patience and so much self-work. And even with all of that, in the best of moments we will find ourselves reacting at times. ⠀ But in those moments, we have the gift of trying again. Will we respond to ourselves as our highest selves or react from our ego? ⠀ It’s a never ending practice. A practice that is so worth it.
Sowing is hard. ⁠ It's dirty, hands-on, and full of aches, pains, and dying to self. There is dirt to be plowed, delicate seeds to be planted, and months of watering, weeding, and waiting to endure before the harvest. ⁠ Those of us who live in Western culture typically struggle with impatience and a need for measurable returns regarding our work in God's Kingdom. We want numbers and we want them NOW. So we desperately try to fill our annual reports and weekly newsletters with as many measurements as possible, trying to prove to others and ourselves that God is working through our labor. ⁠⠀ As someone who grew up on the mission field with dozens of generous supporters backing our work, this is something I understand all too well.⁠ ⁠ But this isn't how a harvest works, and it's not how the Holy Spirit operates.⁠ ⁠ God's eternal timeline cannot fit within our spreadsheets. Some fields of ministry wont bloom within a lifetime. Some conversions require years of relationship and patient investment.⁠ ⁠ Our God is a long-term God working in a long-term field. With this in mind, we ought not to look for quick, alter call decisions in order to simply get people into heaven and on the pages of our ministry reports. The Kingdom of Jesus is SO much bigger than this.⁠ ⁠ Rather, we labor in obedience for as long as it takes, knowing that our God is the Lord of the harvest, and the fruit is in His hands. ⁠ Those who know the painful toil of patient sowing will shout for joy on the day of harvest. This is God's promise to His workers! Until then, we settle in and put our hands expectantly to the plow. 💕⁠ ⁠ - Naomi Vacaro⁠
More time outside.
⁣Guess who is teaching at the @milehighconjuregala ⠀ Me that’s who lol 😆I’m so excited to teach Astroherbology ⠀ ⠀ Yes Astro Herbology is a thing ⠀ ⠀ Lol 😆I know, I know you are so tied to your sin sign (I mean sun sign ) and pop astrology. ⠀ ⠀ But you are more and it is here to heal not get tied up in what the sign is but to reveal things about ourselves that we need to heal. ⠀ ⠀ Not today is going to be a good day for Libra ♎to be nice to the lady in the cubicle next door and it’s your lucky day. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Astroherbology is the art of using astrological wisdom so that we can be bettered informed on who we are and how to better influence our lives and what medicinal and magickal herb and wellness choices to use to enhance our earthly experience. ⠀ ⠀ So join me in Colorado at ⠀@milehighconjuregala ⠀ I’m so excited 😆I’m so excited.✨✨✨✨✨🌈Did I mention that I was so excited to teach something I love 💕 ⠀ ⠀ One more time I’m so excited 😆see you in Colorado ⠀@ritualcravt @milehighconjuregala
Abuzz at Colour Run!!🌈🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️💨
Ever feel like you need a bit of adult SHHH time?⁠ ⁠ When then there is so much talking happening around me and in my head, I need to a bit of quiet time. Heading to the corner of the room with noise cancelling headphones! ⁠ ​⁠ ​Anyone else having one of those moments?
nubeleaf’s Organic Beet Root Powder has a slightly sweet + earthy flavor that can be used in smoothies, gravies, sauces, soups, or to provide color in any recipe. One of the most common applications for using it as a natural colorant is in cakes and (red velvet) cupcakes - PERFECT for the fall recipes to come!🍁🍂🍠💜
Forgot how good #cooking can be.❤️ Tasted this on the weekend at Yeshe Ling where we had gathered to listen to (and communicate with 😊) the venerable @robinacourtin Gratitude to Nina for wonderful food, to Justine for bringing us all together, to Robina and @ottolenghi for your talents. . . #cauliflower #food #delicious #karma #launceston #tasmania #yesheling #wholeheartedlife #courage #wholeheartedliving #wholehearted #imadethis #create #give #live
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