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Had to cut this mornings run a bit short as my left knee just gave up on me 🏃‍♀️ Felt it first around mile 6 but decided to try and push through it, and it seemed to ease for a couple of miles, but then around mile 9 it basically said eff you, and I had no choice but to stop (it hurt, a lot, and was seizing up, I was basically dragging it along) 🏃‍♀️ So I decided to be sensible and call it quits before I did any serious damage that risked putting me out of action 🏃‍♀️ I still technically did 10 mile's though, as I hobbled another 0.85 miles (took me 20 mins) back to my car! 🏃‍♀️ Was hoping to do a quick 3 miles in the morning, but will have to see how it is 🤞 🏃‍♀️ #marathontraining #marathongoals #marathon #marathonrunning #marathonrunner #running #runnerlife #runningtips #runninggoals #runningmama #runnersofinstagram #runnersofinsta #runningcommunity #womensrunningcommunity #garmin #yorkshiremarathon #yorkshiremarathon2019
5x1 miles repeats with goal pace of 7:55-8:05 with 1 min rest btwn reps. . . Didn’t know what to expect from this run because the humidity was at 98% by the time we started at 5:45. I decided for the run I would just take it one mile at a time. . . Felt great the first four reps. The last rep I had @fourbitrunner be my rabbit to keep me on pace as I chased him down. Didn’t enjoy the uphill climb for the last half mile but got it done.💪🏾I also put the positive self talk to use which helped me also stay on pace. . . Happy Wednesday everyone! . . #cantstopsweating #soakedfromheadtotoe #humidashell #summerrunning #chasingboston #chicagomarathontraining #seawheezetraining #optoutside #blackrunners #blackgirlsrun #motherrunner #runnergirl #womensrunningcommunity #runnersofinstagram #igrunner #teamrun4prs #diversewerun #melanininmotion #runhappy #coupleswhotraintogether #blackgirlsfit #senitaathletics #garminfitness
I was tagged by @greenbodymary to share my #runningstory , so here it is! . I was always super active and would roam as far as I was allowed (and even further) on my bike and legs as a kid, however I was never athletic in a traditional sense. No hand-eye/foot coordination and afraid of the ball. I was miserably bad at other sports like basketball and volleyball and would sometimes cry before games because it was so embarrassing and NOT fun. . In 7th grade, I was old enough to join the middle school CC & track teams, and my luck with organized sports changed! Finally something I was good at and I was hooked. I ran throughout HS & was on varsity all 4 years, was the top 1/2 runner after my freshman year, and team captain the last couple years. . I loved the training & worked really hard cross training, running & lifting in the off-season, but had pretty bad performance anxiety. I got several stress fractures those years & spent a lot of time in our school’s basement on the elliptical and at the Y pool-running. . By my junior year, negative body image issues that I’d kind of struggled with since middle school got much worse, & my running goals had shifted from performance based to a means for burning calories. I was restricting what I ate & becoming obsessive with the number on the scale. I continued to run decently, but was physically & mentally struggling a lot. . Going into my senior year, I‘d put in a lot of work over the summer & was running my fastest times/placing really well at big meets. At sectionals however, I totally lost it- after the gun went of, I just kind of jogged. I panicked, & was “throwing” the race. I snapped out of it & tried to get back to the lead pack but ultimately just gave up & ran my slowest time of the season. Not only was I not going to state, I knew I didn’t even try. It was a failure that crushed me. . I trained with the track team that spring, but refused to compete. Running had lost its joy for me & I was just too burnt out from it to entertain the idea of racing, and especially of running in college. I don’t think I ever reached my potential in HS, & thought that was basically the end of my running “career.” (Cont’d in comments)
Big track workout for me this morning! Mile repeats seems so basic when you follow them with 90-second recovery and a 400 sprint (x3).🤪 It felt good to push myself on the track again - it’s been so long! I’ve been sharing my Garmin splits from my Wednesday workouts in my stories each week, so you can take a peek there if you’re into that stuff.⌚️🤓 After this 10-mile morning and a workout at @_instaphysique at lunch later today (I schedule these leg/core workouts after my hard-effort runs), I think I’ll be treating myself to a luxurious epsom salt bath tonight!💆🏼‍♀️🛁 109 days to NYC... #traininglog #workoutwednesday
These Wednesday morning workouts always end with me having a full heart ❤️
It was storming this morning so I had to do my run inside. It’s been a long time since I had to use the treadmill! 40 minutes arm strength training + 15 minute run 🏃🏻‍♀️. . . Week 5 Day 3. . . . #womensrunningcommunity #runstagram #instarunners #runnersofinstagram #irunthisbody #runlikeagirl #runnerslife #runningcommunity #runner #run #running #fitness #fitmom #workout #halfmarathontraining #runallthemiles
One of my favorite quotes. #morelovelesshate ❤️
Christmas in July 5k & Little Elf Run 2019 in Corolla, NC. Yup...they had Santa! The weather was far out of my ideal running comfort range: 81 degrees (RealFeel 89) with 84% humidity. This is the first 5k that I have run in a long time. It’s interesting, to me, that I have “forgotten” how to race a shorter distance. A fun way to get some vacation miles in. ————————————————— #irunthisbody #mybodyinprogress #5k #trainlikeamother #trainingtobeabadass #badassmotherrunner #runningonvacation #womensrunningcommunity #runnersofinstagram #crossfitmotherrunner
One small dry patch during @oamato ‘s 45 min 90s Fun Run. 😂🤣😂 Will try harder next class to soak my whole shirt! #momswhorun #womensrunningcommunity #onepeloton #nordictracktreadmill #beyourbestself #makeithappen
the first five minutes of this run were excruciatingly meh, but then things clicked and I felt awesome. even though it was about ~45% humidity, UNHEARD OF in Tucson (except, like, during monsoon season, which is now). plus I finally ran past the castle in my neighborhood when it was light out! they’ve got a turret and a real live pomegranate tree in their yard! Bix and I are moving in next week. don’t tell the current tenants.
When your post ultra toes get infected..... 🤢. I’m actually amazed at my post Stones recovery as I’m faring pretty well other than 7 out of 10 toes of minging-ness (I’ll spare you pictures of the actual monstrosities themselves!). I was able to walk up and down stairs unaided by the end of Monday, and if it wasn’t for a really annoying and quite nasty pain on the outside of my shin (trying to work out what on earth it could be!), I’d have managed a short recovery run today. Although that would have meant squeezing my swollen trotters into my trainers, so maybe not 😳. I hope everyone else is recovering well after their weekend adventures, whatever they may have been! #myfeetwillneverbethesameagain #runnersfeet #postultrablues #ultragirl #rtts2019 #ultramarathon #runnergirl #thismumruns #run #runner #running #trailrun #trailrunner #trailrunning #lovetorun #runhappy
Yes...that is sweat. And if I’m being honest, most of it dried already ☀️😳! We’re under heat advisory 🔥 so I took it easy today! 3.1 miles 🏃🏼‍♀️with a .5 mile walk followed by a SLOW 🐢 1.1 mile run and ended with a 1 mile walk. Stay safe out there! Happy Wednesday! Now continuing with the worlds busiest and stressful week!
Mr #runliftmom dislikes #running 🙅🏼‍♂️ . That feeling is SO strong that even now, as a 40 year old man, when he does cardio he refers to it as “heart health”🤣 . He won’t even call it #cardio but knows he needs it . Fact: you can’t lift heavy weights quickly and expect your heart to remain healthy❤️ . Pssst- if your #CrossFit coach disagrees, please point them to PubMed or have them read The Cardio Code by Kenneth Jay, PhD. . What’s your heart health exercise of choice? 👇🏻
Today’s message: It’s okay to be SELFISH sometimes! . . I know that may seem a bit weird but hear me out. If I wasn’t selfish from time to time I’d NEVER run. We (especially Moms) tend to put everyone else first, but we often forget our own needs. To be the best wife, Mom, and simply ME I need most days to take an hour to run. 🏃🏻‍♀️ It doesn’t make us bad people or mean we love our kids or families any less - it simply means we know that a happy Mom or just person in general makes everything better! You have to take care of yourself even while taking care of everyone else 😊 . . So today I’m celebrating 6 miles with less hip flexor pain but even more importantly 6 miles for ME! Also, how cute is this newest @fabletics haul? I haven’t been able to wear my Fabletics in a while due to pregnancy but I’m so excited it’s fitting again because it’s always important to feel good about yourself ❤️ #moveinfabletics . . How do you make time for yourself?
Remember why you started, remember why you started!! That was the mantra I repeated over and over again during today’s workout. It was hot and humid, I was tired, the AC felt so nice, but I knew I needed to move. I knew today was important. *** I got up and I crushed my 1:00:00 workout going 6.05 miles with an average pace of 9:55. I ran for those who can’t, just like I will on race day. Today wasn’t about me, today was about all of the people I am hoping to help by running this marathon. *** I am running the #hartfordmarathon on October 12 for a charity called Cherish The Children. I raised money for my half marathon last year and I am here to do even more for those children and families this year! The link for more info is in my bio, but I’ll be going live soon to talk about my interested and reason for fundraising this race. But for today, I ran for #teamcherish and I will keep crushing training for everyone who doesn’t ever get that opportunity! *** #ashleysracetothefull #marathontraining #futuremarathoner #teamcherish #werunforthosewhocant #brooksrunning #brookswomen #runhappy #keepshowingup #ravenna10 #runningmotivation #inspiringrunners #runnersofinstagram #runningmotivation #inspiringwomenrunners #womensrunningcommunity #optoutside #runner #run #runbun #runnergirl #irun #runlikeagirl #hmf #hartfordmarathonfoundation #fundraising #strongwomen
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