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Wow, wow, wow. That's, what I thought when friends and I encountered these fields of poppies on the South Downs Way. With the weather so dismal on Sunday, I worked on Adventure She magazine, editing a couple of articles. The reward, taking the day off yesterday, for a glorious 30 kms training jog hike on the, South Downs Way. #trainingrun #traininghike #adventurewomen #adventurerunning #adventure_time #adventureawaits #adventurephotography #adventurerun #adventure_she #womenwhotravel #womenwhoexplore #womenwhohike #womenwhorun #runningwomen #runningadventure #wildflowers #poppies #natureswonder #occtraining #occ2019 #trainingforocc @adventure_she
I found the cave where the Black Pearl reside... 📍Malansi Cave & Malansi Falls
In between the steps as you listen to the rhythm of your breathe and observe the circle of life that surrounds you, the voice of you subconscious awareness starts to speak....listen...its the clarity & gift #hiking offers. #trailmagic >>SWIPE>>
Me before, during, after hiking Mount Saint Helens for the first time. My friends abandoned me on the trail and went up ahead without me while I made my way up. I was well prepared with my gear, but I wasn't in the mindset to solo hike. I didn't summit because my contacts had absorbed sweat and sunblock and I was mostly blind. I did manage to get between the first high post and the weather station before heading back down. A goal that I set and achieved. My accomplishment and empowerment is marred by hurt and anger at my friends for their shitty behaviour. Thankfully I had some trail angels to help me along the way as I was crying on the way up for being left behind, alone, and confused about my surroundings. I will summit St. Helens in the future with the man I love, and the Mt. St. Helens institute (the leader of the group saw me and gave me a hug and told me the best way to go).
A little peak inside a trail register as well as the trams favorite saying. Also, because it should totally be addressed, yes I am flipping 🙃 After a good and long discussion inside a hotel room in lone pine, then later at a cafe, a good amount of us decided it would not only be safer, but also way more fun to flip this year. I was super heartbroken at the idea of it at first, but honestly I’m pretty tired of being cold and wet, and hiking through slush and then later river crossings as large as me seemed like a sufferfest of epic proportions. Not only do I get to now save the Sierras for later, but I get to jump ahead to the place I was most excited to visit - Washington. @sia_lizard and I have been hitchhiking up to Seattle, and will be there tomorrow and just I’m brimming with excitement. The trail feels like it’ll be sprinkled with magic and I’m so excited to see new and familiar faces. Time to start walking!
After all of our hiking (& trying to sleep on a plane - seriously the spaces I squeezed myself into!!) I’ve managed to score a very sore knee! Lots of swimming and pilates for me before I get back into my usual routine! It made me reflect on how harsh I can be towards my body sometimes & how I should concentrate on how FREAKING amazing it is more often! 🌈✌🏼🧡 this body grew two beautiful humans, it endured the most grueling pregnancies imaginable, it takes me up mountains (like this epic one!!) it can run, swim, & climb, it gives piggy backs and most importantly cuddles. The scars I have show where I’ve been - and I love the stories behind them. My stretch marks are in the places where I grew my babies. In a culture where freckles, cellulite, scars and countless other things are considered to be undesirable, I’m starting to see that they’re the most beautiful 🧡
I just finished a very inspirational book and I would like to cite few sentences I found really strong and motivational. Because I think there are many people who constantly struggle with accepting who they really are. And because I try to learn that acceptance and being in peace with yourself is the key. “Don’t believe in good or bad, or winning and losing, or victory and defeat, or up and down. At your lowest and at your highest, whether you are happy or despairing or calm or angry, there is a kernel of you that stays the same. That is the you that matters.” ✨ - Dočetla jsem teď hrozně inspirativní knihu a ráda bych se s vámi podělila o jednu vlastně dost banální, ale přitom velmi klíčovou myšlenku. Existuje totiž spousta lidí, kteří občas bojují sami se sebou, se svými “neduhy” a věcmi, které by chtěli změnit. Přitom je ale strašně důležitý se naučit sám sebe přijmout, být sobě víc přítelem než nepřítelem a přiznat si, že nikdo nemůžeme být úplně perfektní. K tomuhle přístupu si teď pomalu buduju cestu. A abych teda ocitovala ten úryvek, co mi tolik rezonoval (volně přeloženo): “Nevěřte v dobro a zlo, ve výhry a prohry, vítězství a porážky, v to, že jednou jsme nahoře a jednou dole. Ve vašich nejslabších i nejsilnějších momentech, ve chvílích, kdy jste šťastní nebo zoufalí, klidní nebo naštvaní, jedna vaše část vždy zůstává stejná a neměnná. A to je to vaše JÁ, na kterém záleží.” ✨ #roadwideopen #fjallravenshopcz #girlsthatwander
Fourth weekend in a row I have been fortunate enough to sleep out under the stars, wake up to birds chirping, and cook over open fire. My skin is crispy from to much river time (yay aloe) and I’m covered in skeeter bites... but damn my heart is happy. 💚☀️🏕 • • • #northwestisbest #camping #womenwhohike #pnw #sheexplores #oregongirl #bestillmyheart #isthisrealife #selfcare
Above the clouds☁️ Hike with @philngyn in Nelson🌿
Feeling (almost) on top of the world! Another 300 meters of ascent to go. We really had to earn this summit with 1000 meters of ascent in about 2.5k This was probably our most physical hike yet but it being the 6th of the #jurapeakschallenge we knew it was coming. What motivation kicked in to get us up there? The view. Look at that rocky cirque, greener than green pastures and the yellow, purple, pink wild flowers. And if you squint real hard, you might spot the 6 chamois hanging out on the rocks. The company. This crew just don’t stop laughing. It makes the hills disappear (almost!). And the support if you’re having an off day is nonstop from these women. The homemade chocolate chip cookies in my backpack. Ya, bribed them with the promise of a 🍪 and a ☕️ once we bagged the summit!
The reason #whyihike is hiking takes me to breathtaking view and small amount of people would get to see.❤️ #havasu
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