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Pulling a little adventure out to the water! Incase you were wondering my trailer pulling skills are 👌. . Last nights Wild Women kayaking adventure was SO much fun! Being on the water brings me so much peace. Have you Kayaked? If not you should definitely put it on your summer to do list along with joining in on a #mtwildwomen adventure! (Link in bio)
“You are you-er than you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you” -Dr Seuss . Welcoming this week with a “Truer than true” smile and beautiful quote by this amazing girl. Remember to stay true and happy with WHO you are!!! . . Happy Monday!! Feature 📸 @maddycschmidt #whysheisamazing ⚡️ . . . #motivationalmonday #staytrue #authentic #beyourownpro #beyourself 💕 #staytruetoself #womenwhoblog #womenwhokayak #womenofstrength #womenwhocan #womeninsport #kayakinggirls
#kayaking like a boss! 😂
There’s this fallacy that you have to go far away to see something beautiful. 🌅 But this was off the coast of CT. Still in the waters of my town. Camping for $10 a night. Travel around your state, travel around your city. You don’t have to go far away to see something beautiful. 🌥 Photo by @dee.ess.photo
An old brickworks factory on the north coast of #Anglesey which was an ideal lunch stop on our last day. A beach full of pink and maroon pebbles, a lovely arch and so many beautiful flowers. #northwales #welshcoast #visitwales #womenwhokayak #kayakadventures #seakayaking #kyakint #kayaklife #kayakingadventures #kayaking_is_mylife #kayaking_love #kayaklife #kayaklove #kayaklover #instagood #instadaily #photooftheday
#30thirtywomen Day#16 of 30 days of Movement in June and a bunch of the amazing women from our FB group headed out to Currumbin for some kayaking 🚣‍♀️ Beautiful morning out on the very calm creek with the sun peeking out behind the clouds (it made for some very pretty photos) ⛅️ What I love about the women in our group is that we are so very different yet we all shared the common ground of wanting to connect with other women to live active lives and experiencing new adventures 🤩 And of course after every outing there has to be coffee, cake and chats ☕️🧁 Thank you ladies for joining me this morning. Always a pleasure making time for ourselves to spend with other women 😍
I took a water treatment & stove class a few months ago and it was just what I needed. 💦 Learning something in a controlled environment is a great way to learn. It helped me decide what type of water treatment is best for me and for the area/time of the year I’ll be hiking in. Plus, it allowed me to feel more confident. I took a camping/kayaking trip last week and it was the first time I cooked outside with a camping stove. I’m getting my feet wet & soon I’ll jump into backpacking completely. So remember to do things at your own pace. 🏕 #aTravelingTranslator
Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire, which transcends everything. ⁣ ⁣ Napoleon Hill⁣ ⁣ 📷 @evokeadventure ⁣ ⁣ #rockpoolkayaks #menorca #shepaddles #womenwhokayak #realadventureselfies #outdoorwomen #nature #explore #adventure #adventurequeens #toughgirl #kayak #jastac #sea #holiday #leisuretime #hobby #island #idea #verano #comeon #tikitiki #fish #notraffic
At the CT Women’s Speaker Event on Monday someone in the audience asked about getting gear for the outdoors, so here are my suggestions & feel free to add yours: ➖ Whenever you buy something make sure you look up the return policy. But something that you plan to use ASAP so you can see if it really works for you. If not, being able to return it & getting your money back is 👌🏾 ➖ Have in mind that what might fit you, might not fit someone else. I’m 5’2 & petite so when I reach out for recommendations I’d ask someone about my size to see what works for them. ➖ Online forums. Facebook forums. I’ve joined ones based on specific places & things that I like to do: hiking & climbing. Sometimes people post questions that I had in mind & save them for me to look through later. ➖ Don’t be afraid to ask questions on these forums or in person. ➖ REI Garage sales & garage sales in general. Most of my gear was bought during the REI garage sales. People return things because “it smells bad” (have they heard of washers & dryers?) or because something happened to a zipper. I get them for cheap and fix them with my husband. ➖ Black Friday & Cyber Monday. I literally save up money for these days then buy gear that I’ve been looking at for a while. Take advantage of those sales. ➖ How have you accumulated your camping, climbing and hiking gear over time????
My mom came camping with us on the island this past week and she said she couldn’t sleep because she thought maybe the other people on the island would come and murder us. ➖ (There were about 8 other people camping on other parts of the island.) I’m not gonna lie, at first I laughed. ➖ But then it made me think a lot about: 🔹The concept of safety for PoC and WoC in the outdoors. 🔷The odds of being hurt by someone while camping or hiking. 🔷The fears associated with going camping for the first time. (My family camped once a looong time ago when I was like 10 and we never did it again.) ➖ It was interesting to me because before we went to sleep my mom was excited about setting up a fire and eating marshmallows for the first time. We were also able to see fireworks pop up from the mainland. There were no mosquitoes. We had music blasting because our camp site was far away from everyone else’s. I felt no fear. And while my mom didn’t mention it until the day after, she said she thought about me not being able to hear anything if something went down because I had earplugs. She also said both me and my husband were sound asleep and couldn’t imagine how we weren’t scared. I’m proud of her for still doing it and enjoying it. And sometimes it’s important to hear the fears and concerns of someone that is doing something for the first time because it will remind you that we all started somewhere. ➖ What was a fear related to the outdoors that you decided to take head on?
Sh*t’s about to get real! Testing out an inflatable yak soon!! Lake or river, lake or river.. 🤔 Where’s the drybag?!?! 🏖 🚣‍♀️ 💦 🌞 #kayaking #kayak #kayakingadventures #texaskayaking #texasrivers #watersports #texaslakes #kayaktexas #sportymom #sportymommas #outdoors #outdoorsmom #kayakgirls #womenwhokayak #tandemkayak
The Connecticut Women’s Speaker Series by REI begins today! Throughout the summer across CT, you can attend speaking events by local women where they discuss their relationship with the outdoors. They’ll be held in Hartford, Milford & Norwalk. You will hear from writers, ultra runners, educators, mountaineers and more. Most of all, the speakers are focused on community engagement & getting people outdoors. Check out www.rei.com/events to find a speaking event near you. Today I’ll be speaking at Milford @rei as part of the “The Strength Within” series. Photo of Shea Island (Algonquian Ancestral Land) in Connecticut.
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