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Happy Engineer's Day! Sharing the story of an engineering feat we saw on our travel to Corsica! Made famous by the movie 'Tamasha' ofcourse :) The Staircase of The King of Aragon (Escalier du Roi d’Aragon, in French) is a stony staircase carved into the vertical side of a limestone cliff in the commune of Bonifacio, in Corsica, France. It cuts across the face of the cliff at a near 45° angle and is comprised of 187 steps. From the side of the sea, it appears like a dark slanted line, and from near it appears as a tube scooped out of stone. According to legend, the staircase was dug by the troops of the King of Aragon Alfonso V in the course of a single night during the unsuccessful siege of Bonifacio in 1420. In reality, the staircase descends to a natural spring and a cave located at the bottom of the stairway, and is believed to have been dug by the Franciscan monks long before the troops of Alfonso V set their feet on Bonifacio. Some people say the first steps were carved in Neolithic times, and it has been constantly improved since. #corsica #france #francetourisme #beautifulplaces #wonderful_places #beautifuldestinations #engineering #natgeoyourshot #lpfanphoto #lonelyplanet #bbcearth #natgeotravel #iamatraveler #worldnomads #touroftheworld #phonephotography #shotononeplus #tamasha #wonderfulglobe #photooftheday #instatravel #wanderlust #traveldiaries #europe #island
Find your rainbow 🌈 It may sound simple and even silly but make the time to find out who you are, what makes you happy in life and stay true to yourself. Do things for the right reason. Not to please or impress others, not for recognition or validation, but because it makes your soul joyful. #betruetoyou #bekind #bangkok
I just love all the cute little boats with colorful ribbons on them in Thailand!! Honestly they were one of the reasons I chose to go there (and elephants of course). Have you been to Thailand yet?
How far out does the indigo go?
I am thankful for the nights that turned into mornings, the friends that turned into family and the dreams that turned into reality ✨
Once upon a time when I was 30lbs lighter. Before I ever began lifting weights I did calisthenics religiously.
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