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Zwischen all den Geburtstagen, die wir aktuell in der Familie feiern, wurde unsere kleine Luzia gestern schon wieder 3 Wochen alt. 🌿
Ganz liebes Mitbringsel aus der Türkei meiner Freunde #türkische Spindel #kreuzspindel #handmade #woolspindel #instagram #follows #woolcreations #woollove #wooldyingfun
I eat yarn for breakfast. How else am I suppose to get through Monday? @thefarmersdaughterfibers Juicy DK is one of my favorite yarns ever. And this Camp Tolt colorway is just how I like my yarn; beautiful with a touch of moodiness. #hellomonday
Knitted woolen beanie hats • Stwierdziłam, że najwyższa pora zabrać się za czapki, brakowało mi czegoś miękkiego na drutach 😊
. this is our T-shirt no. 15 that is rather large and long . it is knit top-down in an easy knit/purl stitch pattern to add texture . we have used two colors . but you can choose a single color if you prefer . it would change the design radically and why not ? i’m knitting my 4th version of it, this time in the very light blue and grey brown ; i just finished the yellow mustard and grey brown which we have sent to @stringsattachedyarns in the US for their Biches & Bûches trunk show in August . together with 12 other of our designs . and a bunch of color samples for our Petit Lambswool . head over to Strings Attached Yarns if you have the possibility . it will be a lot of fun . 🌲🧡 xx astrid FR . notre T-shirt no. 15 est assez long et large . il est tricoté de haut en bas . pour la texture nous avons choisi un point en mailles envers et mailles endroit . tout simple . nous l’avons tricoté en deux couleurs . mais vous pourriez le faire en une seule couleur si vous préférez . le modèle serait complètement différent et pourquoi pas ? je suis en train de terminer ma 4e version du T-shirt . cette fois je le tricote en bleu très clair et gris brun ; je viens de terminer notre version en jaune moutarde et gris brun et nous l’avons envoyé à notre revendeur Strings Attached Yarns aux États-Unis pour leur Biches & Bûches trunk show au mois d’août . avec 12 autres de nos modèles . et pleins d’échantillons de couleur de notre Petit Lambswool . si vous avez l’occasion de visiter Strings Attached Yarns vous pouvez tous les voir . 🌲🧡 xx astrid . . #bichesetbuches #bichesetbuchesno15 #lepetitlambswool #slowfashion #handknit #strikk #instaknit #knitstagram #stricken #knitting #woollove #ourmakerlife #strikkekit #livethelittlethings #simplelife
CW: Eating disorders, depression, suicide ideation. . Some of you may know that I used to be a classical pianist by training. A smaller number of you may know that during that time, I was also grappling with a lot of issues relating to mental illnesses (I still am) and eating disorders. In this photo from seven years ago, I look confident and happy but I wasn’t. I was a hundred pounds, but I was convinced I was obese, ugly, and undeserving of love or attention. I frequently fasted and counted calories, I skipped lunches at school because it was the easiest way for me to get away with not eating and not have my parents notice (even though I was constantly told by my mother that I wasn’t small enough for “Korean standards”), and I wanted to die, everyday. . This post isn’t about me, though. I’ve left the conservatory lifestyle behind, I’m forty pounds heavier and MUCH happier for it. It’s about what happens when large companies with followings in the tens of thousands publish posts joking about knitwear having “fewer calories than drowning yourself in ice cream.” . Posts like this that are heavily laced with value judgement ARE harmful. They perpetuate notions of what it means to be “normal” or “good”. “Drowning yourself in ice cream”? That’s the same language as people being blamed for any and all health concerns because they happen to be larger. Despite science illustrating that size doesn’t consistently and always correlate to physical fitness, we are still pushed this idea that to be skinny and small is to be successful, fit, desirable, even loveable. . Continued in comments.
Neue Soldotna Kits sind im Shop. 🍭✨ Darunter ist auch die Farbkombination, die ich für meinen heiß geliebten Sweater verwendet habe. New Soldotna Kits are available in the shop. 🍭✨ Among them is also the color combination I used for my beloved sweater. #soldotnacrop #boylandknitworks #sweaterkit #dkyarn #strandedknitting #indiedyedyarn #knit #yarn #wolle #stricken #yarnaddiction #knitspiration #sockyarn #indiedyedyarn #indieyarn #sweater #sweaterknitting #slowfashion #wolle #tricot #yarnporn #yarnoholic #woollove #yarnlove #yarnaddict #knittersofinstagram #dyersofinstagram #indiedyersofinstagram #speckledyarn #knitspirit #yarnaddiction #stricken #kathienchen #kathienchenyarns
4 socks made with yarn from my stash .., that feels really good as my stash is kind of out of control 😒 so much yarn and so many planned projects ... a bit stressful !! Do you know the feeling? The good thing is that I have finished two pairs of socks 😄 using yarn dyed by @cleogarn
This is why I always have cat hair in my projects. Lol she was grabbing my hand to pet her. Haha #crochet #crochetersofig #crochetersofinstagram #wool #woollove #yarn #yarnlove #kitty #cat #kittycat #calico #catsofinstagram #catsofig #bratcat #helpercat
🐑❤️this #baablehat makes me crave cooler weather! ❤️🐑
Have to make a locks garland for a sheep! Which colourway to use? #handdyed #woollove #Teeswater #locks #sheep #crueltyfree #fleece
Needing a bit of colour after all the beige and greys. This tweedy fluff will be my grand daughter’s cardigan. Pink rules.💗💗💗 . Was a mystery purchase from BWM; I know it’s wool because it took to acid dyes, but have no idea what breed or blend, only that it’s definitely superwash. Ideal for kiddies’ handknits😉 . #handspinning #handspunyarn #handspunstagram #handspinnersofinstagram #handspinner #fiberista #yarnspinnersofinstagram #imakeyarn #makingyarn #yarnmaking #woollove
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